At the mid-point in his career, now 40 years strong, George Thorogood created an i can not qualify hit.

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In 1993, throughout an era conquered by grunge, v plaid flannel shirts and long, greasy hair the signifiers the a new rock generation the same way paisley print and also bell-bottom trousers (and long, greasy hair) had actually been that of the ’60s, there was little room for a blues-rock anthem.

Yet, obtain A Haircut became Thorogood’s new calling card, a tune as beloved currently as the other big hits in his catalogue — negative To The Bone, and also his standard reboot that Bo Diddley’s residence Rent Blues/One Bourbon, One Scotch, One Beer — and also one that, unlike plenty of of his hits, the penned himself.

“We simply got exceptionally lucky v the timing,” Thorogood stated in a recent phone interview. “The grunge rock/garage point was big at the time. Ns said, ‘Eventually, Neil Young is walk to write a song prefer this. And he’s walk to give it to Nirvana or Alice In chains or someone like that.

“Actually, the song is the same song together Crosby, Stills, Nash and also Young once they sang, ‘I almost cut my hair.’ Sometimes, other is therefore old that new. But what really thrilled me is that as soon as we did it, the tune went come No. 1 requested and No. 1 many played song in Canada ~ above FM radio. Not in sales, however you take it a No. 1 because that what it is. ‘Well, Canada is our place! We’re going to play Haircut because that the remainder of our stays up there.’”

Get A Haircut is evidently featured on George Thorogood and also The Destroyers’ brand-new ICON compilation, a bargain arsenal of Thorogood’s most renowned cuts that consists of live version of Who carry out You Love? and also One Bourbon ... And a recently recorded (and fairly excellent) cover of Howlin’ Wolf’s carry out The Do.

Although the song has actually been component of his live arsenal because that decades, there is a an excellent reason why Thorogood hadn’t placed the tune to tape till now.

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“I’ve been to sing it since 1970,” he said with a laugh. “But I’m not a flat-picker, that layout that hubert Sumlin and also Eric Clapton play. Ns a finger picker — I have the right to never obtain that lick down. Actually, it’s a variation of the entirety Lotta Love lick. I could never beat that.

“But alongside Howlin’ Wolf, nobody deserve to do Howlin’ Wolf like I can.”

Although Thorogood is slinging an unlikely gold Gibson Les Paul ~ above the icon album cover, ~ above the ago he is reflecting off a classic semi-hollow human body Gibson ES-125, the guitar on which he constructed his signature sound. (Thorogood has two that these that have come to be legend, White Fang and Blacktooth.)

“There ns am looking like a hard inner-city absent punk,” he said with a chuckle. “That to be the energy I was trying come portray anyway. It is the rock thing, no it?”