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Joe Manganiello starred as Alcide Herveaux on "True Blood." CBS Brad and also Marshall became closer after their girlfriends broke up through them. ~ above season two, they visited brunch together and Marshall was teased by Ted and Robin because that his newfound bromance.

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Heidi Klum won a Primetime Emmy in 2013. CBS

Klum met Barney in ~ a Victoria"s an enig after-party, and also gave him part love life advice.


Enrique Iglesias is an award-winning singer. CBS

All the females at MacLaren"s were drooling end him.


Lucy Hale starred together Aria Montgomery on "Pretty little Liars." CBS

She first appeared ~ above season two and returned for Robin"s wedding throughout season nine.

Ashley Benson starred as Hanna Marin on "Pretty small Liars." CBS

She play 20-year-old Carly, that briefly date Ted — and also turned out to be Barney"s half-sister.

Wayne Brady is a comedian. CBS

James determined as gay and also went top top to acquire married — a milestone that at first disappointed Barney.

Lin-Manuel Miranda is the creator that Broadway's hit music "Hamilton." CBS

His character, Gus, encountered Marshall and baby Marvin if on a bus to Farhampton.

Jennifer Morrison starred together Emma Swan ~ above "Once upon a Time." CBS

She was an activist who regularly protested around new York City.

Kyle MacLachlan is finest known for his duty as Dale Cooper ~ above "Twin Peaks." CBS

The Captain was married to Zoe before she left him because that Ted.

Katy Perry's real name is Katheryn Elizabeth Hudson. CBS

Ted and also his friend couldn"t mental the surname of Perry"s character, therefore they referred to her together "Honey" as soon as they later on told the story of how they met.

Fans might recognize john Cho for his function as Sulu in "Star Trek." CBS

Shortly ~ joining, Marshall resigned because he didn"t agree with the company"s ecological policies.

Kal penn is most recognized for the "Harold and also Kumar" franchise. CBS

Kevin to be Robin"s therapist-turned-boyfriend. The two damaged up end Robin"s desire to not have kids.

Ted obtained drunk v a girl named Amy — played by Mandy Moore — and woke up the following morning with a butterfly tattoo top top his back.

Mandy Moore stars as Rebecca Pearson on "This Is Us." NBC

Throughout the episode, Moore"s personality mocked and made funny of Barney.

Carrie Underwood obtained her big break top top "American Idol." CBS

Tiffany was in a facility relationship with another guy, however asked Ted come "be patient" since she didn"t want to lose him.

"Dawson's Creek" star James valve Der Beek play Robin's very first boyfriend Simon, from she days as a teen pop sensation in Canada.

James valve Der Beek starred as Dawson Leery on "Dawson's Creek." CBS

Simon and Robin met on the set of she music video for "Sandcastles in the Sand."

Jennifer Lopez landed her an initial role in the '80s. CBS

She do an appearance on "Come On, acquire Up brand-new York!" and also helped Robin occupational through she relationship issues with Barney.

David Burtka also appeared ~ above "A collection of regrettably Events." CBS

He to be Lily"s old high school boyfriend and repeatedly make the efforts to success her earlier on several episodes.

Morena Baccarin starred as Vanessa in the "Deadpool" movies. CBS

Barney and Ted warned Marshall the Chloe had actually "crazy eyes" and said he have to be cautious.

Taran Killam was a cast member ~ above "Saturday Night Live" for number of years. CBS

His character, Blauman, was component of the legal room at Goliath nationwide Bank, whereby Barney and also Marshall likewise worked.

Britney Spears guest-starred together Abby, a receptionist at the dermatologist office where Ted's future fiancée worked.

Britney Spears also guest-starred top top "Sabrina, the Teenage Witch." CBS

She ditched her glasses and dressed up in an effort for Ted to an alert her.

john Lithgow has won number of Emmys in the past. CBS

They to be estranged for 30 years, but reconnected.

Katie Holmes starred as Joey Potter ~ above "Dawson's Creek." CBS

When Ted lastly reconnected v her year later, he was disappointed to find out that they didn"t have actually chemistry.

"Crazy Ex-Girlfriend" star Rachel Bloom had a cameo as a drunk passenger ~ above a train top top season seven.

Rachel Bloom is a gold Globe-winning actress. CBS

She threw a drink in Ted"s confront when that approached her.

"Growing Pains" gibbs Alan Thicke guest-starred as another character from Robin's pop star past.

Alan Thicke guest-starred on "Murder, She Wrote" in 1993. CBS

He played her father in a music video, and they operated together on a display called "Space Teens."

Scherzinger to be the command singer that the Pussycat Dolls. CBS

Glitter and Robin thrived apart after she had actually a baby, however the two rejoined years later thanks to Marshall and Lily.

"Orange Is the new Black's" Laura Prepon play Ted's snobby university girlfriend named Karen.

Laura Prepon climbed to fame for her role as Donna top top "That '70s Show." CBS

Lily and Marshall hated Karen"s proud attitude.

Bob Barker, hold of "The Price Is Right." CBS

Barney believedBarker to be his father, and went on "The Price Is Right" to confront him.

Alex Trebek is one Emmy-winner. CBS

He appeared on a display called "Million Dollar heads or Tails," i beg your pardon Robin auditioned to be the "currency rotation specialist" for.

Regis Philbin to be the original hold of "Regis and also Kathy Lee" and "Who wants to it is in a Millionaire." CBS

He left his hosting gig top top "Million Dollar heads or Tails," to test the product.

Rachel Bilson starred together Summer Roberts ~ above "The O.C." CBS

Cindy and also Ted also dated, yet it didn"t critical long.

Jorge Garcia starred as Hugo "Hurley" Reyes ~ above "Lost." CBS

He met Ted and also Marshall in ~ Wesleyan University.

Abigail Spencer's personality was simply referred to as "Blahblah" — because Ted couldn't remember her name.

Abigail Spencer has showed up on shows like "True Detective" and "Grey's Anatomy." CBS

She and also Ted briefly dated after meeting online.

Maury Povich is the long-time organize of "Maury." CBS

One the Marshall"s coworkers confused Povich for Woody Allen.

Tim Gunn is recognized for being a producer and also mentor top top "Project Runway." CBS

He proved up ~ above short notification to assist Barney through suit-related emergencies.

jane Seymour has actually won two golden Globe awards. CBS

She went through a divorce, and Marshall was convinced that to be the factor why she to be a harsh grader.

Bryan Cranston winner a golden Globe for his duty as Walter White on "Breaking Bad." CBS

Lily tried come teach Hammond a lesson by stealing one of his prized possessions.

Cranston isn't the just "Breaking Bad" cast member who confirmed up ~ above "HIMYM." Bob Odenkirk additionally appeared on a few episodes.

Bob Odenkirk stars top top AMC's "Better contact Saul." CBS

His stormy disposition and also the means he cure his coworkers (including Marshall) earned that the nickname "Artillery Arthur."

Jayma Mays played Emma Pillsbury on "Glee." CBS

Ted bonded v her, yet forgot come exchange phone call numbers.

Dave Coulier played Joey Gladstone on "Full House." CBS

He showed up on a documentary about Robin"s previous singing career.

Danica McKellar played Trudy on one of the series most puzzling episodes — "The Pineapple Incident."

Danica McKellar starred together Winnie Cooper ~ above the '80s and also '90s present "The Wonder Years." CBS

Ted spent the entire episode do the efforts to piece together details native a night when he gained drunk and couldn"t psychic anything.

Philipps starred ~ above "Freaks and Geeks" and also "Dawson's Creek." CBS

They were sorority sisters who Ted may or might not have had actually a threesome with.

Billy Zabka starred as the villain in "The Karate Kid" franchise. CBS

While world who watch "The Karate Kid" love Ralph Macchio"s character, Barney has a special location in his heart for Zabka.

Ralph Macchio obtained his begin as the hero of "The Karate Kid." CBS

This was component of sophisticated prank executed by Robin.

Judy Greer has been in several movies, including "13 walking on 30" and also "The Descendants." CBS

Royce was a fan of "The Wedding Bride," i beg your pardon Ted did not care for.

Kendra Wilkinson is ideal known because that being a Playboy bunny. CBs

Wilkinson, and also several various other reality stars, do the efforts to talk Marshall through his battles to go "number two."

Spencer Pratt and also Heidi Montag room realty stars. CBS

Luckily for Marshall, the trouble didn"t last as well long.

Kim Kardashian is a truth star and beauty mogul. CBS

Marshall admitted come not discovering why Kardashian was famed — a question numerous asked in ~ the time.

Sarah Chalke starred as Stella, the woman that would break Ted's heart and leave him at the altar.

sarah Chalke ended up being a household name after certification on "Scrubs." CBS

She left Ted to be with her ex-husband and the father of her daughter, Lucy.

monster Al is a musician recognized for his clever parodies. CBS

It was later evidenced in a flashback starring the singer.

will certainly Forte has appeared on "SNL" and "Last guy On Earth." CBS

Randy ultimately quit his job to pursuehis enthusiasm for unavoidable beers.

Keegan-Michael crucial and Casey Wilson guest-starred as Calvin and also Krirsten, a couple that Robin and also Barney encountered when on a dinner date.

The actors appeared on season eight. CBS

The two pairs ended up being arch enemies, and also Robin and also Barney hatched a arrangement to shot and break them up. It backfired and the pair ended up acquiring engaged.

Ted asked a student named Penelope, played by "The Gifted" star Amy Acker, to help him carry out a rain dance.

You could recognize Amy Acker indigenous "Alias" and also "Angel." CBS

Penelope was studying native American culture. Ted hoped that if castle made it rain, the would protect against Robin from going top top a trip with her coanchor, Sandy Rivers.

Actor Martin short played a an elderly partner named Garrison Cootes at an environmental law firm referred to as Honeywell and Cootes.

Martin quick starred as Jack Frost in "The Santa clause 3: The escape Clause." CBS

Cootes available Marshall a position at the firm, however the last was worried the he wouldn"t pass the company"s elevator check since of one old video clip of himself streaking.

Robbie Amell played Robin's dog-like boyfriend Nate Scooberman, who desired the nickname Scooby.

Robbie Amell play Ronnie Raymond top top "The Flash." CBS

Robin met him at a park, shortly after Ted refuse her inquiry to gain a dog. Their partnership didn"t last also long.

Tracey Ullman winner a gold Globe in 1988. CBS

Robin was surprised that her mom made that to her wedding to Barney, given that she"s scared of flying.

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Candice King on season 2 of "How ns Met your Mother." CBS

She played Lily"s cousin called Amy, who was in beauty school. She gave Marshall frosted tips shortly prior to his wedding come Lily.

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