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If you have a hard time saying Quararibea cordata, you might prefer to call this fruit by one of its other names: the South American sapote. This fruit is a bright orange color, and it’s juicy and sweet.

3. Queen Anne Cherry


Queen Anne cherries, as you might have guessed, are a particular kind of cherry. Although these cherries are full of healthy antioxidants, you might want to limit your intake of them, because they’re also full of sugar!

If you do happen to have some Queen Anne cherries, though, why not give our beet, kale, cherry, banana & ginger smoothie recipe a try?

4. Quenepa


Quenepa is a fruit in the soapberry berry family and it comes from South America. It resembles small green cherries. You can eat them raw or can them.

5. Quinault Strawberry


You might not know this, but there are tons of strawberry varieties in the world today. One is the Quinault strawberry, which was born in the Washington State University in 1967. They’re essentially extra-large and sweet strawberries, with the added bonus that they resist diseases other strawberries are vulnerable to.

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Want to try combining two different fruits on this list into a recipe? You can use your cherries and strawberries in our Vitamix “chocolate covered” cherry & strawberry ice cream recipe!

6. Quince


The quince fruit tree is so beautiful, that it’s often planted by landscapers for decoration. Beyond its ornamental uses, however, it does grow an edible fruit that you can eat raw.