In case of lost code because that a ford keypad door lock you deserve to recover the in less the 5 minutes simply follow ours instructions or look at the videos.

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We have accumulated much info to assist you get your keyless password back.

If you have actually Ford Ignition key

If you have 2 keys good its walking to it is in easy. Insert very first key right into the ignition switch rotate the move to run position (do not start the engine) for 5 secs the turn off and also remove the key. Currently insert the second key into the ignition switch rotate to the run position do not begin the auto wait around 5-10 seconds and also the code will appear on the dashboard.

Ford clever key

When you have actually 2 prox.

For proximity key you will require to discover the programming slot each ford model and also year is various location. Check out owner manual or if you don’t have actually it google it. After girlfriend have uncovered the programming slot place take the an initial prox put it in the programming slot, press the the star button and also do not press the brake wait 5 seconds then rotate the auto off. Now take the an initial fob out obtain the second fob placed it in programming slot wait for around 5-15 seconds and also code will must shows on the dashboard.

In situation you have only one key there’s 3 options. First check owner manual case it should be there.

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Second A locksmith can read it with a programmer.

Third find a sticker that have the code on it sticker location have the right to be in couple of locations in your vehicle depending on you model and also year. 

Here’s part videos to assist you to find your keyless keypad code


2009 to 2014 Ford F150 Crew Cab

Ford explorer 2008 and also sport trac 2007

Mercury mountain 1999

Also 03 Lincoln navigator 

2008 2013 lincoln navigator 

Ford exploration 2007+

1998 mercury grand marquis

1990 Lincoln mark 7

How come erase or routine a password for your ford keypad 


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