There are plenty of foods items that begin with U the we understand you’ll love. Cooking with the letter U is much simpler than food preparation with foodstuffs that start with X. So enjoy this letter when you’re on it!

We have gathered together 22 foodstuffs that start with U. Part you may have actually heard that while rather you might not have. They room all worth a look though. Which foodstuffs that begin with U will certainly you shot first? Let’s get started.

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List of foods that begin with U

1. Ugli Fruit

The an initial of the food that begin with U is the Ugli fruit. Ugli fruit is a Jamaican tangelo the is in the citrus fruit category. The is a clean hybrid that a tangerine and also an orange with a grapefruit tang added in. Ugli fruit is likewise often called a uniq fruit. Whether it is being dubbed ugli or uniq, the name stems indigenous the no so appeal appearance the the fruit. The bumpy, rarely often rare surface makes it look at unappetizing. However, one bite and also the sweet citrus taste will readjust your mind!

2. Umbrella Fruit

The next fruit that starts through U is the umbrella fruit i m sorry is also often dubbed ambrella. This small, green fruit is get an impressive in tropical areas across the world. When the fruit beginning to rotate from eco-friendly to yellow, the is prepared to eat. The meat is a bright yellow color and also has a flavor comparable to mango and pineapple. Umbrella fruits deserve to be supplied for sauces, soups and stews. Lock can also be sweetened and made into preserves.

3. Udon Noodles

Udon noodles room thick wheat flour noodles the are very common in Japanese cuisine. The noodles are best when offered hot and also paired with shredded vegetables. Udon is additionally often provided in miscellaneous kinds the soup made v scallions, soybean beans sauce, and kakejiru broth. Girlfriend may find a couple of cold udon recipes too since the slippery wheat flour noodles can be tasty as soon as made into a salad-like dish.

4. Uthappam

The following food the starts with U is Uthappam. It’s a thin, crepe-like pancake the is made in south India. The external of the uthappam is crispy when the within is light and spongy. That is often consumed as a breakfast and made with rice, lentils, herbs, and also spices. That is also reasonably low in fat for this reason it’s an excellent for human being looking to stick to a low-fat diet.

5. Ugali

Ugali, or ugali pap, is a maize flour porridge that is found on tables around Africa. Ugali is usually offered as a side dish and has been referred to as the African version of polenta. The is make by mix water, maize flour, and also salt. Then, you chef it end the stovetop to kind a thick paste. The mix is then scooped or rolled into balls and also served. The straightforward flavor profile goes well with countless foods which is why the dish is so common in this region of the world.

6. Utah Scones

This deep-fried, swollen sweet bread might look much more like a donut 보다 a scone. However, once in Utah, this sweet fried treats space topped through powdered sugar and called a scone! The main flavor friend will find in many Utah scones is honey, buttermilk, and butter. The scones have the right to be stuffed v fruity fillings as well. Utah scones are definitely sweet enough to be consumed as a dessert however they are most frequently fried up in ~ breakfast time.

7. Upma

Upma is a food made in southern India and also Sri Lanka. It is a slim porridge that is made utilizing semolina or rice flour. Because that breakfast, it is regularly paired v fruits. In addition, it can additionally be make savory and served through vegetables prefer onions and also ginger.

8. Ube

Ube is a bright violet yam the imparts its remarkable purple shade on anything it is make with. You deserve to use ube to do purple muffins, purple cake, or also purple ice cream cream! that course, you have the right to enjoy ube top top its own as well. At its core, ube is a starchy vegetables with health benefits. That tastes comparable to a sweet potato and can it is in cooked like any kind of other potato or yam.

9. Ugni Fruit

Ugni fruit is popular in new Zealand. It’s likewise referred to as Chilean guava, strawberry myrtle, or a tazziberry. The little red berries prosper on shrubs and look like a cranberry-sized pomegranate. The berries are sweet and taste almost like noodle candy. The structure is comparable to a ripe pear and they occupational well when offered in desserts or consumed plain.

10. Upside down Cake

Next on the list of U foodstuffs is a standard cake made well-known in phibìc America and also Britain. It’s referred to as upside-down cake. The cake is made by layering fruits in the bottom that the cake pan and then pouring the cake batter end the fruit. When baked, the cake is flipped over so the the caramelized fruit is on top. Pineapples, bananas, and also berries are often the fruit options for this tasty cake.

11. Urchin

Sea urchin is the following food that starts v u and also what an interesting food the is! over there are much more than 900 type of sea urchins in our oceans today but only a few of them make the cut as delicious, edible foods. Sea urchins are challenging to harvest and also only a small part of the meat inside is edible. Once cooked, the urchin is thick, creamy, and buttery. It have the right to be consumed plain, mixed right into a sauce, or spread on bread like a affluent butter. Urchin is likewise called uni which means urchins are double u foods!

12. Ume

Ume is component of the plum and also prune family. It is firm, green, and very common in oriental cuisines. In fact, it is additionally known together Japanese plum, Chinese plum, or plum blossom. Ume is most frequently used to make wine or various other fermented beverages. Ume is not very good when consumed raw together it is sour and really bitter. Ume wine, however, is sweet and really fragrant. So include ume wine come our perform of foods items that start with u together well!

13. Umeboshi

Umeboshi is a pickled variation of the ume fruit. Umeboshi is typical in Japanese cuisine wherein it is offered as a condiment or next dish. The brined ume becomes really salty and sour as soon as made into umeboshi.

14. Urfa Biber

Urfa biber is a dark, burgundy-colored pepper that’s used regularly in Turkish cuisine. The pepper is dried and also then ground into pepper flakes to use as a seasoning. Urfa biber has a salty-sweet and smoky taste the is very an effective in any kind of dish the is made with the pepper. The letter u surname stems native the Urfa area wherein the pepper is grown.

15. Urda Cheese

Urda cheese is originally from Romania yet is now well-known in Siberia and Hungary. The is a very soft, whey-based cheese the is comparable in texture to ricotta. The sweet and salty cheese is made from sheep, goat, or cow’s milk and also often molded right into the form of a half-sphere.

16. Urad Dal

Split black color lentils are also known as urad dal. This small bean-like ingredient is renowned in Indian cuisine. It is often used to make a spicy curry food made v lentils, ginger, garlic, and also garam masala seasoning. A soup made through urad dal is very comparable to a warm lentil soup. Friend may likewise hear urad dal being called mung bean as soon as prepared in Indian foods.

17. Umble Pie

Next ~ above our perform is umble pie i m sorry is not only a very traditional dish but also a well-known expression. Umble pie is one age-old dish that originated in France. The is a savory pie dish made utilizing the extra parts of an animal like the heart, lungs, and also kidneys. Umble pie is cheap to make because it provides the less preferable parts that the animal.

18. Ulava Charu

The next u food ~ above the list is Ulava Charu i beg your pardon is a thick equine gram lentil soup. This food originated in southern India and is typically served v fresh cream, butter, or rice. Mustard seeds, cumin, and also fenugreek are frequently used come season the stew. Peas, carrots, and green chilies are sometimes added vegetables as well.

19. U-No Bars

The Annabelle Candy company was the creator the the U-No bars. These delicious cacao bars were prefer a truffle. A slim layer of coco was wrapped approximately a fluffy cacao center. U-No bars also came in mint and almond flavors yet both have because been discontinued. You can still discover the iconic silver-wrapped U-No chocolate bars in select stores today!

20. Urgelia Cheese

Next increase on the perform of foods items that begin with U is a soft, creamy, and also aromatic cheese. Urgelia cheese is made in north Spain. The rind of the cheese is infused through a yeast brine prior to the cheese is cured. It is slightly salty and perfect for melting, grilling, or making use of as a cheese spread.

21. Ubatzda

Ubatzda is the critical of the foods that begin with U on our list. However, friend may additionally find the spelled Obatzda yet both the U food and also the O food are the same! Ubatzda is a bavarian cheese and beer dip. The is commonly made v cream cheese, brie cheese, camembert cheese, and also a dark german beer. The emboldened is served warm and paired with pretzels, crackers, rolls, or tiny toasts.

22. Unsweetened Chocolate

Most coco that girlfriend buy in the store has sugar included to it. Unsweetened chocolate is purely cocoa solids and also cocoa butter. Over there is no sugar added which provides the cacao taste much more bitter. Unsweetened chocolate is used generally in baking whereby sugar is added as a different ingredient in the recipe.

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Can you believe how plenty of amazing foods items that start with the letter U there room in the world?! From vegetables dishes to sweet treats and also everything in between, you now have plenty of letter U foods to try. Allow us understand what her favorite foods that start with U are and if you know of any kind of other amazing U foods. We’d love to hear native you! Now, walk finish food preparation through the alphabet with one or more of this U foods!

If girlfriend really are working to cook your way through the alphabet, we also have an short article on foods items that begin with an X. Be certain to examine out our foods that begin with X as it have the right to be a tricky letter come find.