You might think the if you gain given any kind of letter, you will certainly easily have the ability to reel off foodstuffs which begin with it.

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But when you in reality sit down and think around it, it can be challenging to recall more than probably 5 various foods all attached to one details letter.


This is made also harder when you come throughout the letters that score highly on the scrabble world, because that example, K. You could know a grasp of foods that begin with the letter ‘k’, however there is a great chance the your knowledge might be limited.

That’s entirely okay though, since we’ve placed together this in depth list filled v 31 different foods, all of which begin with the letter ‘K’.

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So if you desire to brush increase on your expertise of food, or want to prepare a ‘K’ themed party then keep on analysis to uncover out about a whole load of foods items which begin with the letter ‘K’.

1. Kiwi Fruit

First things first, let’s kick it off with an easy one, and also that is Kiwi fruit. Kiwis are a small fruit which are notable for their eco-friendly color and health benefits.

These small fruits are packed with different vitamins which promote an excellent health, and also are also a great source that antioxidants and also fiber.

Kiwis come v a furry rind, however remove this, and you will uncover a glowing eco-friendly fruit that is packed with goodness.

2. Kale


Next, you have actually kale. Again, this is more than likely something the you will have heard of as kale is frequently included in dishes due to the fact that it is an extremely healthy.

Kale is a leafy eco-friendly plant which, as with kiwi, is packed through vitamins, calcium, and fiber which can have great benefits for her health.

You can gain things such as kale chips, and also can also put kale right into salads. But, most commonly, kale is added to smoothies to make a healthy and balanced drink.

3. Kaffir Lime

Following on, an additional food start with ‘K’ is the Kaffir Lime. This is a citrus fruit, favor a constant lime, i m sorry originates in southerly China.

While these fruits aren’t that typical in western cuisine, you will certainly often discover them in asian dishes together both the fruit itself and also its leaves have the right to be used in cooking.

As you will most likely expect, this fruits have a strong tangy odor that improves the ingredients in several dishes.

4. Kiwi Berries

Next up, you have actually Kiwi Berries. As you more than likely expect, this fruits are very similar to regular kiwi fruit. Because of the ‘berry’ in your name, this fruits room basically prefer a hybrid of a kiwi and a grape.

They are high in vitamins, and great for your cholesterol, do them simply as healthy and balanced as kiwis. Therefore if you an intricate a smaller sized version that a kiwi, climate a kiwi berry might be a yummy treat.

5. Key Lime Pie

Moving away from fruit, and onto the contempt less healthy and balanced options, us have vital lime pie. Vital lime pie is a timeless American dessert make of crucial lime juice, condensed milk and egg yolks.

It is a tasty treat that is very yummy, yet definitely no a great option if you room watching what you eat.

6. Kettle Corn


Following on, we have actually kettle corn, i m sorry is a very sweet type of popcorn. This popcorn is sweetened using refined sugar and also was traditionally made in cast iron kettles.

It is currently made in pots and also pans, however it still has that exact same sweet yet braided flavor.

7. Kit Kat

If you desire to take a break v a sweet treat, climate a Kit Kat is another an excellent choice which begins with the letter ‘K’.

Most people will have actually heard that this popular coco bar, yet if girlfriend haven’t then a Kit Kat is a coco bar consisting of wafers and chocolate.

They are most famous for your bright red packaging i m sorry is a trademark the Kit Kat and also the far-fetched idea the you might share it.

But as anyone who’s ever consumed a Kit Kat will certainly tell you, the chances of the bar being shared are slim.

8. Klondike Bar

Another sweet option start with ‘K’ is the Klondike bar. This sweet treats make a great dessert because they combine ice cream and also chocolate.

From their polar bar branding to their vanilla ice cream interior, Klondike bars space a good treat no issue what period you are.

There space 14 different flavors the Klondike bar available meaning there is the perfect an option for anyone, but the original vanilla option is a total classic.

9. Krispy Kreme


Another yummy takeaway act that begins with ‘K’ is Krispy Kreme. This American agency traditionally began off developing donuts, and also have since branched out right into other species of food and drink, every one of which they serve in their countless stores.

But nothing will beat the standard glazed donut indigenous Krispy Kreme, not also the wide range of variations the they have produced over the years.

Whatever your order is indigenous Krispy Kreme, these are one more food that start with the letter ‘K’.

10. Krackel Bars

The final sweet alternative on this list start with ‘K’ is Krackel Bars. These bars were created by Hershey’s all the method back in 1938.

Unlike part other products by Hershey’s, Krackel bars space only accessible intermittently transparent the years as an independent treat, but the smaller choice of these bars are always available in Hershey’s miniatures selection.

These treats space made of a mix of chocolate and rice pieces which develop the crackling structure which the act is named after.

11. Kidney Bean

Moving ago onto part healthier options, you have actually kidney beans which begin with a ‘K’. This type of legume was originally uncovered in Mexico, but you deserve to now acquire them anywhere the world.

One point that puzzles part people about kidney beans is why they are given their name, yet kidney bean are called kidney beans due to the fact that they look prefer kidneys.

These make a yummy addition to any type of meal, but ensure you cook them thoroughly prior to eating, otherwise castle could reason an uncomfortable stomach.

12. Kim Chi

Travelling across from main America, the following food start with a ‘K’ comes straight from Korea, and that is Kim chi. Kim Chi is a staple dish in oriental culture, and it is composed of fermented vegetables, largely cabbage and also radish.

These ingredients space then jug to develop something the is packed v vitamins and also incredibly healthy and balanced for you.

13. Kenchur

The next food on this perform is something the is actually typically used to add flavor come dishes and also that is kenchur, or as it is occasionally otherwise known, fragrant ginger.

This ingredient no something that you might eat alone, but it is found in a lot of of different dishes, even some which you could not realize the it is a component of. That is only an ingredient, yet Kenchur is one more food that begins with the letter ‘K’.

14. Kumera

Moving ago onto vegetables, you have actually Kumera, i m sorry is another name because that a sweet potato. Many commonly, sweet potatoes are described as Kumera in new Zealand, but if you room stuck because that foods start with ‘K’ then this is one to include to the list.

Sweet potatoes are a hugely functional vegetable, and they can be supplied as a standalone food or in a variety of others.

15. Kombu

Next, stop talk about Kombu i m sorry is the name offered to seaweed in part cultures. This form of seaweed is largely used in Japanese cuisine and cooking, and it is rare the you will uncover it in any kind of dishes that aren’t that Japanese origin.

If girlfriend do ever before encounter kombu in any other varieties of cuisine, you will certainly not hear it dubbed by this name, instead it is described as dasima in korean culture, and Haidai in Chinese culture. But every one of these names are linked with this one specific form of seaweed.

16. Kalettes

Some civilization might watch this next enhancement to the list as a little of a cheat answer since Kalettes space actually a hybrid form of kale.

Unlike kale i beg your pardon is commonly leaves, kalettes are rather kale sprouts, which space made using breeding techniques come mix the kale plant with the brussels sprout plant.

This type of vegetables is exceptionally nutritious and packed with things that do it a healthy option, and also coincidentally, it additionally begins with a ‘K’.

17. Kohlrabi

Another vegetable start with the letter ‘K’ is Kohlrabi i m sorry belongs come the wild cabbage group of vegetables.

Sometimes you could hear this vegetable referred to as German turnip, due to the fact that these two names are used interchangeably. This vegetables is really nutritious and also tasty, however it is rather tedious come prepare.

To be consumed this vegetable have to be trimmed and also peeled completely which permits you to access the within of the vegetable.

Once you acquire inside you can then part or grate this vegetable and then cook or prepare that in a range of ways before enjoying it.

18. Koshihkari Rice

Now you may not have heard of this form of rice, but there is a an excellent chance that you can have consumed it at some allude in her life. This is because koshihkari rice is just one of the main ingredients in among America’s favorite dishes, sushi.

This type of rice is most commonly used to create fresh sushi as result of its capacity to retain moisture and also the shape of sushi. So currently only is the a food start with the letter ‘K’ but it is additionally likely one that you will certainly have consumed before.

19. Kokam

Moving onto another food i m sorry you can not have actually heard the before, we have actually Kokam. This is a fruit which is not only supplied for cooking purposes, but is also widely used for medicinal functions too.

It is discovered in sap trees and also has a shining red/pink appearance and also there is a good chance that you might never encounter Kokam in her lifetime. But if you want an obscure food beginning with the letter ‘K’, climate Kokam is a great choice.

20. Kudzu

Sticking come the category of fruit and also natural foods, we have actually Kudzu.

Kudzu is a kind of plant, and almost every solitary component the this plant is edible, this includes the leaves, roots, flowers, and also vine tips. But the vines room not edible, and also you must never attempt to eat them.

If you want to compare this vegetable to miscellaneous a bit much more well-known, then spinach is probably the closest that you will gain in regards to taste and consistency.

21. Kidneys

Moving onto the meat choices that begin with the letter ‘K’ we have kidneys. You deserve to eat the kidney of pretty much every pet that meat is usually harvested from, and they space actually very an excellent for you.

Some human being struggle v the concept of eating organ meat, but it is very healthy due to the fact that this form of meat is full of omega fat acids which have the right to support a healthy lifestyle.

22. Kangaroo

The following meat on this list start with ‘K’ is kangaroo, and also again, that is very much an gained taste.

Some civilization are unsure around eating kangaroo since it is not taken into consideration one that the typical meats that you can eat in America, but in nations like Australia, eating kangaroo is generally accepted and reasonably common.

So if you desire to shot a brand-new meat beginning with ‘K’ then kangaroo is always an option.

23. Kipper

Sticking to the category of meat, let’s take a watch at part fish beginning with ‘K’, starting with kippers. Kippers are small fish i beg your pardon are really oily, and also they are sometimes served as part of a breakfast meal in some united state states.

They space smoky and salty which makes them really flavorful, however they are likewise very great for you together they save on computer omega fatty acids i beg your pardon will assistance a healthy and balanced diet and lifestyle.

24. King Crab

Another kind of fish that starts with a ‘K’ is King Crab. Crabs are, of course, a crustacean fairly than a fish, yet generally castle are embraced as part of the same food category.

Unlike part other species of fish, king crab is perceived as a delicacy because of its affluent taste and also texture, and also for this factor it can expense a lot if you eat it the end in a restaurant. But it is a healthy and balanced meal that deserve to take her dinner party to the next level.

25. King Fish

We’re walk to call this food King Fish, yet you might likewise sometimes check out it described as King Mackerel. Yet either means it starts with the letter ‘K’.

This fish tastes its best when the is seasoned then grilled or cooking on a short temperature together this can enhance the flavor and make it very yummy. However be cautious when cooking this form of fish due to the fact that it have the right to dry out an extremely quickly.

26. Kabobs

Next, stop talk about kabobs, or kebabs together they are occasionally known. Kabobs room made making use of pretty much any type of meat the you want and also skewering the onto sticks.

Once secure, you have the right to then flavor this meat and also either grill it or pan fry it. You can also include vegetables come the sticks as well if you wanted to.

But no matter what variation the you choose, kabobs are guaranteed to it is in a success in ~ your next barbecue.

27. Kung Pao Chicken

Another good meal beginning with the letter ‘K’ is Kung Pao Chicken. This is a dish of Chinese beginning that is renowned for its spicy flavor and delicious taste.

To have the ability to enjoy this enjoy the meal you certainly need to have the ability to handle your heat because it is frequently made with chili peppers and also Sichuan peppercorns.

This is a famous takeaway food from most Chinese restaurants, but it can additionally taste amazing as soon as you do it at home. It"s my favorite recipe.

28. Kedgeree

The final dish that we are including on this list, prior to we move onto drinks, is Kedgeree. This is a timeless dish which includes flaky fish (like haddock), hard-boiled eggs, rice, and lots more.

This is a an extremely versatile dish together it can be served both cold and also hot, and also you have the right to slightly tweak the ingredients to ensure the it suits her taste buds. Traditionally, this was an Indian dish, yet now it is much an ext commonly took pleasure in in great Britain.

29. Kvass

Finally, let’s wrap increase this list with some drinks that start with the letter ‘K’. Starting with Kvass. This drink is the Slavic and also Baltic origin and is made by fermenting rye bread.

It is technically an alcoholic beverage v a portion of roughly 1.5%, however in some cultures this drink is still spend by children.

This is mainly because kvass isn’t created for its alcohol addict tendencies, instead it is produced because of the wonderful health benefits it deserve to offer.

30. Kirsch

Next ~ above the perform is Kirsch, i beg your pardon is an alcoholic beverage of the brandy family. It is traditionally make by fermenting Morello cherries, yet now there are a wide range of various other cherries offered in production.

This isn’t a sweet drink, by any type of means, and it is certainly a distinctive taste, but it does start with the letter ‘K’.

31. Kahula

Finally, we concerned number 31 which is going come be an additional drink, referred to as Kahula. This alcoholic beverage is the Mexican origin (so placed it in the mexico food category), and also it is a type of coffee liquor comparable to Bailey’s.

It is made making use of rum, sugar, and coffee to create an alcoholic percent of 20%. Because that the best experience with Kahula we would recommend drink it ~ above the rocks, yet there are a range of means in i m sorry you deserve to enjoy this beverage.

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In conclusion, over there you have actually it, a finish list of 31 different foods and drinks that start with the letter ‘K’.