flavor Of Love: What occurred to 'Deelishis' Chandra Davis after ~ Winning Season 2 Deelishis aka Chandra Davis winner Flavor the Love season 2, and the fans room curious to recognize what she"s been up to because dating flavor Flav ~ above the show.

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The at an early stage 2000s to be incomplete without the chaotic energy of a date competition such together Flavor of Love. This present was so successful that that was provided as a formula for subsequent fact shows the followed, choose Rock of Love and A Shot at Love through Tila Tequila. The cast of Flavor of Love to be crazy entertaining, and the show gave fans the queen of truth TV herself, Tiffany “New York” Pollard. In spite of the display ending end a te ago, it has had a huge cultural impact. Memes from the show continue to be used on a continual basis, and people tho quote the series.

Flavor the Love is an unforgettable display that is regularly intertwined through memories the nostalgia even though Flavor Flav never ever actually ended up dating any of the winners. His season 1 winner Hoopz aka Nicole Alexander announced the she never actually liked Flavor in a romantic way, and that they broke up. Nicole went on to day basketball player Shaquille O’Neal, yet that ended. The is safe to say the the present didn’t assist Flavor discover everlasting love, as he likewise did no last with season 2 winner Deelishis, aka Chandra Davis. Alas, many fans don"t know what taken place to Deelishis since showing up on the show.

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Over the years, Deelishis did uncover herself a soulmate as soon as she acquired married to one of the exonerated main Park 5 men, Santana Raymond, after getting engaged to him in 2019. However, before her marriage, she to be a music video model, prefer Natalie Mordovtseva from 90 day Fiance. She showed up in Busta Rhymes’ video for "Touch that Remix" and also Lil Wayne’s music video for "Lollipop". Deelishis ventured right into music herself and released a couple of singles over the years. Those releases incorporate "The Movement" and also "Set the Off".

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Outside of the entertain industry, Deelishis and Raymond both have youngsters from your previous relationships. Deelishis’ older daughter, Jasmine, attends Spelman College. They have been a solid couple thus far, and also it’s good to watch them find love with one another. They’ve both had actually relationship difficulties, therefore it’s impressive to see people get a second chance at love and totally embrace it.

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Deelishis has challenged backlash native fans regarding her face, as some assume she’s been under the knife. However over the years, she has refuted those claims many times. She also went together far as to show fans her makeup routine, so they could see her contouring tricks. However, regardless of the negativity on social media, Deelishis is in a happy, committed connection with a man who loves her, and also she has an excellent children. She may have won Flavor that Love, yet she yes, really won in ~ life.