In last Fantasy III, there space extra pursuits to unlock extra content, such as the legend Smith and the Onion items job. To access these quests, you should send 7 mail to one more player. When you perform that, you have to send mail to NPCs.You deserve to send mail end WiFi to another WiFi-connected DS. This is referred to "sending mail to a much away friend." friend can likewise send it with the DS Wireless system with the same an approach they use with PictoChat.

If I have actually a friend through a DS and also a final Fantasy III video game card, can I send 7 mail to him end the wireless and also still get the quests, or execute I have to use WiFi?

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The surrounding Friend option uses the same technique of communication as the chat room in the DS mechanism so friend shouldn"t require a wireless internet connection to use it

As because that the sidequest, the would describe sending mail to the other ingame characters, you have the right to see which ones offer you an can be fried Weapon sidequest and also which one gives you the Onion items sidequest (Ultimate class and tribute to the base course "Onion Kid" indigenous the original last Fantasy III)

EDIT: i need to note the these pursuit shouldn"t require a connection to do due to the fact that you attain them from the ingame personality mails


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