MY APOLOGIES, IAM late (STILL) v the promised collection of ar­ti­cles top top the yellow Stan­dard Se­ries of Elvis records. And asecond, much more con­tro­ver­sial ar­ticle of­fers are­vealing look at ahighly sought-after col­lec­table v adu­bious pedi­gree. Iam still working on tech­nical as­pects of mine blogs and also still have actually ob­sta­cles in the route of having them up-to-date and also run­ning quickly and also smoothly. So, below is alittle piece simply to fill the time up be­tween majorposts.

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Once again, it’s mine an­swer come aques­tion on Quora. The ques­tion is “Why carry out many people think Elvis walk Crazy small Thing referred to as Love?” Al­though my an­swer has actually two parts, it’s rather brief and can be discovered be­tween the 2 hor­i­zontal linesbelow:

1. Iliked Crazy tiny Thing dubbed Love the an initial time Iheard it in 1979. It re­mains one of my fa­vorite Queen records.

2. Ican’t imagine anyone who is re­ally fa­miliar through Elvis Presley’s music thinking that Freddie Mer­cury sound re­motely prefer Elvis. The does cap­ture few of the soul of ol’ Swivel Hips, though.

That’s it—those 2 num­bered currently con­sti­tute my en­tire answer.

I had actually the damn­dest time set­tling top top atitle because that this piece. Iwanted the to it is in hu­morous but every­thing Icame up can have sounded con­de­scending to­wards Freddie Mer­cury or his fans or also Elvis! (For ex­ample, “Don’t Freddie perform Ol’ Elvis right Proud top top Crazy little Thing called Love“?)

The title Iset­tled on doesn’t have the popular music or pizazz that Iwanted.

But it’lldo.


Crazy small Thing referred to as Love was in­cluded on Queen’s album THE GAME. The covering of that album fea­tured ablack and white photograph of the team taken throughout the ses­sion for the video clip they made for MTV. The photo has actually an in­ten­tion­ally blurred look—an al­most am­a­teurish look.

Elvis left his jumpsuit in ~ Freddie’s

Most that the an­swers to the ques­tion have tendency to be on the op­po­site next of the po­si­tion Itook (and Ias­sume they space from younger people). An ext in line through my at­ti­tude but much an ext clever and also en­ter­taining to be this an­swer left through Tim Boomsma:

“Elvis left his white se­quined jump­suit at Freddie Mercury’s house one night. As soon as Freddie placed it on, his voice gained deeper, making him sound alittle much more Elvis-like.“

To check out Tim’s an­swer and also those of others in your en­tirety, click HERE.

To see the Queen video of Crazy tiny Thing referred to as Love, click HERE.

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To watch Dwight Yoakam also do the track as an Elvis tribute, click HERE.

To hear agood if un­cred­ited Elvis sounda­like perform the song, click HERE. (And he is one of the better Elvis tribute artists the Ihave heard, sounding and even feeling nat­ural while most sounda­likes sound forced.)

Fi­nally, over there are additionally other Elvis im­per­son­ators law Crazy tiny Thing dubbed Love ~ above YouTube, in­cluding a “duet” be­tween Freddy and Elvis. Over there are likewise sev­eral videos the Queen per­forming the song live through theyears.