Hyaline cartilage covers the end of lengthy bones as articular cartilage, giving springy pads that absorb compression at joints.

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When chondrocytes in lacunae division and form new matrix, it leads to an expansion of the cartilage organization from within. This procedure is referred to as ________.

interstitial growth

Interstitial growth occurs as soon as chondrocytes division and type new matrix, thereby widening the cartilage organization from within. (Note: words inter method between, and stitial way space; these are common roots for anatomical terms.)

sesamoid bone

The patella, kneecap, is a sesamoid bone, a special kind of brief bone that forms in tendons. It features to alter the direction of traction of the tendon.

glycogen production

Glycogen production (glycogenesis) is not a duty of bone; it takes ar primarily in muscle and also liver cells.

Which the the following refers come a bone disorder uncovered most regularly in the aged and resulting in the bones coming to be porous and also light?

rickets osteoporosis osteomalacia Paget"s disease

From start to finish, a fracture is repaired by: (1) formation of a hematoma, (2) development of a fibrocartilaginous callus, (3) formation of a bony callus, and also (4) bone remodeling. Use the pneumonic HFBR (His Femur much better Repair!) to assist you remember the order. H = hematoma, F = fibrocartilaginous callus, B = bony callus, R = remodeling.

Which of the following hormones is at this time thought come decrease plasma calcium levels in pregnant women and also children?

Which of the following would no be a way that parathyroid hormone (PTH) could transform plasma calcium levels? (Which one of the following is FALSE?)

Correct. This prize is false. PTH would NOT increase osteoblasts. Osteoblasts keep calcium on bone, therefore lowering plasma calcium levels.

Which hormone works directly in the intestine to boost plasma calcium levels?

calcitonin calcitriol parathyroid hormone (PTH)

Yes, parathyroid hormone (PTH) activates Vitamin D into calcitriol in the kidney. Calcitriol then increases absorption that calcium in the intestine.

development hormone

during infancy and also childhood the solitary most important stimulus because that bone expansion is growth hormone. It directly stimulates expansion of the hyaline cartilage that creates the epiphyseal bowl in long bones, bring about the bones to lengthen.

The epiphyseal plate is ________.

the site of red bone marrow production where yellow bone marrow is created where long bone lengthening wake up the lengthy axis that a bone

where long bone lengthening occurs

Long bones elongate from growth at the epiphyseal plate, a great of hyaline cartilage in between the epiphyses and also diaphysis of lengthy bones.


are the bone-forming cell that create the necessary bone matrix, the osteoid. Tires bone is produced once the not natural matrix forms approximately the cells and collagen yarn of the organic matrix.


is the organic component of the (extracellular) bone matrix and also includes soil substance, created of proteoglycans and also glycoproteins, and also collagen fibers.

In adults, yellow marrow is situated ________. in the medullary cavity of lengthy bones in the epiphyseal plates of lengthy bones generally in level bones in the central canals of osteons

Functional category of joints is based upon ________. whether a joint cavity is existing the location of the joint the amount of movement enabled by the share the size of the joint

Using the structural classification, what kind of share is the epiphyseal plate? synarthrotic joint amphiarthrotic joint fibrous share cartilaginous joint

cartilaginous joint

The epiphyseal bowl is a cartilaginous joint-a hyaline cartilage "growth plate" between the epiphysis and also diaphysis of a long bone.

What is the most crucial stabilizing aspect for many synovial joints? the dimension of the reinforcing ligaments the form of the articular surface synovial liquid muscle tone

muscle tone

For most synovial joints, especially the knee and shoulder, the muscle tendons that cross the joint space the most vital stabilizing factor. These tendons are preserved taut at every times by muscle tone, constant, partial convulsion of their muscles.

Which the the complying with is no a element that contributes to share stability? quantity of synovial fluid in the share cavity number and positioning that reinforcing ligaments form of the articulating surface amount the muscle tone used to tendons the cross the joint

amount that synovial liquid in the share cavity

The lot of synovial liquid in the joint cavity is not a factor that contributes to share stability. The significant role the synovial liquid is come lubricate the share surfaces of openly movable (synovial) joints.

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If a take it anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) is not properly repaired, the consequences could incorporate the inability to avoid ________. medial rotation of prolonged knee lateral rotation of an extensive knee forward sliding of the tibia on the femur forward sliding of the femur

forward sliding of the tibia ~ above the femur

The ACL extends native the anterior intercondylar notch of the femur come the anterior intercondylar eminence of the tibia. This ligament prevents the tibia indigenous being thrust too much anterior family member to the femur.

To realign one anteriorly dislocated Temporomandibular joint (TMJ), a physician should push the mandible inferiorly and posteriorly in bespeak to move the mandibular condyle previous the temporal bone"s ________. mandibular fossa articular tubercle articular capsule articular disc