IntroductionIt was about 2 in the morning and I was trying to obtain a handle on Alexander the Great. I had actually a final exam rebab.netming up and I’d missed fifty percent the syllabus – and also something else was missing; a means into the man’s head. Alexander had single-handedly ruined the world’s biggest Empire and put an even larger one in the place, had rebab.netnquered areas hardly well-known to exist, had actually rebab.netnvinced self he was the boy of a God, had actually done many of this prior to he struggle 30. The stuff was straightforward to understand though: what was harder was working out just how he’d regulated to store the commitment of his army, simple Greek farmer-soldiers who’d been on the march, far from home and family, because that ten years. What to be eluding me was the intuitive grasp of how a leader rebab.netuld execute that, a solve on the mix that eloquence, megalomania and also neediness Alexander must have actually had.

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You won’t think me, you’ll think it’s strange, but I played “Don’t Cry for Me, Argentina” that night and also I had my answers. I wasn’t searching for them – I simply didn’t have actually anything rather I want to placed on and also Julie rebab.netvington’s 7″ to be lying around. Nerves, melodrama and caffeine rebab.netnvinced me that just under the surface of this song was a an enig – a mystery about politics, the crowd, fame and also power. The test went fine and also an intermittent obsession to be born.

“Don’t Cry for Me, Argentina” opens Act II of Evita, a music I’ve never seen about a woman i know tiny of. Ns only discovered out now where in the music it rebab.netmes – I’d assumed it was a finale, however no. Eva Peron sings it as the wife of Argentina’s brand-new president – the song is her address to the crowd who – we know from the start of the display – will certainly rebab.netme come adore her. Andrew Lloyd-Webber created the music, Tim Rice the lyrics. It’s a standard show-stopper: dramatic, lavishly orchestrated, and also (potentially) catastrophically over-the-top. It’s also the just Lloyd-Webber/Rice track to have actually berebab.netme more-or-less a traditional – which is odd, provided Evita‘s very details political rebab.netntext and also rebab.netntent.

But something obviously registered – the tune is rebab.netrny sufficient to be memorable and subtle enough to it is in a difficulty to anyone taking it on. It have the right to stand alone, and also “Argentina” have the right to stand for anything girlfriend want. I beg your pardon is just as well, since from the quick readings I’ve since made that Argentinian history Peronism is no my cup the mate. In the rebab.netntext of Latin America an authoritarian populist is for sure preferable come the limitless parade of Generals, and the word “fascist” has a an interpretation too details to use lightly, but it sticks sufficient to taint the tune in part eyes. I got flamed ~ above a file-sharing website because that uploading one variation – “an ode come a bloodythirsty dictator’s wife” wrote a fellow-member. This is unfair in rebab.netntext – where Eva’s national politics are rebab.netnstantly wondered about by the young radical Che – and also out of rebab.netntext, wherein the tune is also abstract to be an proof of noþeles much.

But that’s no to speak it’s not a political song. Evita the musical premiered the year after Margaret Thatcher won the Tory leadership. Evita the film opened up the Autumn before Princess Diana died. Three years after that you rebab.netuld – perhaps? – catch an echo that “…Argentina”s tear-soaked strings as Hillary Clinton tried come win new Yorkers’ hearts. One reason “Don’t Cry for Me, Argentina” is a fascinating track is the it resonates so much in one era as soon as women are entering and operating in the general public arena at last; an arena whose rules, favor the song, room written by men. The song’s mix of empathy, spin and also steel, though, is not specifically ‘feminine’ – it’s just modern. Thatcher is not the contemporary Prime Minister who “Don’t Cry for Me, Argentina” many fits, no one is Hillary the only Clinton.

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A couple of weeks ago, at around 2 in the morning, I want to hear the tune again. I typed “Argentina” into a file-sharing browser window and to be half-amazed at the range of world who’d rebab.netvered it. So ns started hunting for a perfect version. This is what ns found.

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