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"Doin" it and doin" it and doin" it well. Doin" it and doin" it and also doin" it well. Doin" it and doin" it and also doin" that well. I stand for Taco Bell Dorito shell Taco. (Scream)"


Taco Bell Dorito Taco Review is a 21 2nd long YouTube video clip featuring Aaron Fink reviewing american fast-food-restaurant Taco Bell"s "Dorito Taco" in a weird an inspiration and singing a remade part of LL Cool J"s song "Doin" It" prior to eating it. After that ate it, the screamed non-sensually. This video inspired YTPoopers to do it a source for YTPMV remixes.


The original video was uploaded come YouTube by Aaron Fink, together "AAFinkle", self on in march 10, 2012 and it obtained over 65.000 views together of September 14, 2012.

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The singing part was pointed out in the 40th monitor of Renard Queenston"s Album Full Techno Jackass, which was released top top July 18, 2012.


On September 12, 2012, YouTuber ColinKochevar made a YTPMV incl. Aaron"s video.

The YTPMV was well-known by YouTuber user "notsandvichhobo" and he it is registered his own creation entitled "PLATINUM TACO", which attributes the 3rd Opening theme called "Platinum Disco" of the anime Nisemonogatari. The received, together of September 14, 2012, an ext than 42.000 views and this influenced other YouTube Poopers to do their YTPMV by likewise fitting the brief funny message to the win of the elevator Music and pitching his scream. It isn"t submitted together a video clip response.

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Notable Examples

Left: Neon Genesis Evangelion Opening design template | Right: Professor Pumplestickle by Two actions From Hell

Left: PONPONPON through Kyary Pamyu Pamyu | Right: 4th Opening layout Renai Circulation of Bakemonogatari



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