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Billy name his two coon hounds "Old Dan" and also "Little Ann". 

together Billy renders the lengthy journey home with his two pups, the goes end a totality list of names in his mind, trying to discover just the appropriate ones. Because that the boy, the considers "Red", "Bugle", and also "Lead", and...

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Billy name his two coon hounds "Old Dan" and also "Little Ann". 

As Billy provides the lengthy journey home with his 2 pups, the goes end a whole list of name in his mind, make the efforts to discover just the appropriate ones. Because that the boy, that considers "Red", "Bugle", and "Lead", and also for the girl, "Susie", "Mabel", "Queen". None of the names seem come fit. Climate suddenly, together he is resting awhile at a spot near the river, the notices

"...carved in the white bark of a sycamore tree...a big heart. In the center of the love (are) 2 names, "Dan" and "Ann". The name Dan (is) a small larger 보다 Ann. It (is) vast and bold. The scar (stands) the end more. The surname Ann (is) small, neat, and also even".

Billy looks in ~ his pups, the young outgoing and also brave, the girl smart but much more reticent. The names space perfect, and also Billy christens his pups "Old Dan" and "Little Ann" (Chapter 6).

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Billy"s pups space his pride and also joy. Starting when that was eleven year old with only twenty-three cents, the had begun saving come buy them, painstakingly putting aside the pennies, nickels, and dimes he earned in a tin can hidden in the loft in the barn. For two long years he had spent any free time he had in the summers capturing crawfish and also minnows and selling them, along with vegetables and also corn, come the neighborhood fisherman, and gathering berries for which his Grandfather offered him ten cents a bucket to sell in his store. In the winter he trapped through "the three little traps (he) owned", and his grand sold the hides to the fur traders who came through the store. Finally, as soon as he is thirteen, Billy has sufficient money, fifty dollars, conserved in his can. He bring his savings proud to his Grandfather, who has promised to order the dogs because that him (Chapter 3).