United Parcel company – long for UPS – boasts of gift the biggest and also most successful shipping and logistics company, globally. Thousands of project seekers use to this company for openings – even if it is part-time, full-time, or seasonal employment.

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However, one common question among job hunters is – go UPS drug test package handlers?


Interested project seekers can start their application procedure by opening an account and also completing the develops provided.Read more: how to apply for a job At UPS

Wondering the sort of questions execute they ask?

Here are typical questions to expect throughout the interviews

Did you get involved in sporting activities in college/school?Can you lift a 70-pound weight?Do you know the task you’re applying to is physically demanding?

For Drivers

Typically, vehicle drivers are asked concern tied around:

Following directionsComputer skillsCustomer organization skillsPast driving experienceMap interpretations

Likely prompts

Are friend conversant with the area? exactly how well?Discuss one time you yielded a package or journey in a poor weather

For managers

Expect situational and also behavioral inquiries like:

In the event you have actually a depression employee on your team, just how well have the right to you motivate them?Have you ever before had a conflict on a decision with optimal management? just how did you handle it?How would certainly you deal with a strained relationship between workers on her team?

When comment questions, try to be an exact and concise.

Read Also: UPS Background inspect Process.

Additional tips

Dress Code

If friend are applying for hand-operated job positions prefer package handler and also driver helper, appear business-casual when showing up for the interview in ~ UPS. Due to the job nature, arriving for the interview in an too many formal dress code might not boost – nor alleviate – your possibilities of employment.


Show part interest and enthusiasm when taken on a tour around the facility. If you get a opportunity to, questioning questions. A little of suffer would help a good deal. Talk about your previous experience to prove her competency.

Let your responses hover roughly the that company values, customer service, and also employee morale.

Be calm, relaxed, and also patient v the UPS rental process. In the end, you may want to say give thanks to you come the hiring personnel – in ~ least, because that the opportunity provided to prove you yourself for the job.

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Getting the Job

After the whole process, the employee employee will hold a meeting to take the final decision. ~ the decision, the rental manager contacts applicants v the decisions arrived on via telephone. He climate schedules for orientation and also final interviews – albeit, for effective applicants only.