The United states Department of agriculture has a regimen that approves stores to accept food stamps or SNAP benefits. This stores are required to offer certain kinds of foods to it is in eligible to get involved in the program. This contains grocery shop that accomplish their requirements. Most supermarkets, pharmacies and also corner stores in the United states accept EBT Cards. Walmart, Target, Costco and also Trader Joe’s all currently accept Food Stamps.

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Here is a perform of some of the major grocery chain in the United claims that expropriate EBT, detailed by the says they operate in. The is a an excellent practice to likewise call the store very first to confirm, so girlfriend don’t waste her gas and also time going to the store only to uncover out they carry out not. Scroll down below to see the list. We have also included below the optimal 5 articles on wherein to use EBT cards that our reader love the most.


Grocery stores that accept EBT Online

Select stores now permit you to usage your EBT map to purchase groceries virtual for shipment or pick-up. To discover out wherein you deserve to use her EBT card online, use the chart listed below or check out the finish list of states that have the right to use their EBT come shop online here.

AlabamaAmazon, Walmart & Wright’s Market
IowaAmazon & Walmart
New YorkAmazon, Walmart & ShopRite
OregonAmazon & Walmart
WashingtonAmazon & Walmart
NebraskaAmazon & Walmart

Click on your state to learn more.

EBT standard Food Items

Now the you’ve found a store close to you the accepts food stamps, it’s important to recognize what you can buy with your food rubber stamp benefits. The USDA has actually a specific list of points you can and cannot buy through your EBT card. Few of the item you deserve to purchase through your benefits include:

Bread and also cerealFruits and vegetablesMeat and also poultryFish and also seafoodDairy products

Some of the items you cannot acquisition with her food stamp benefits include:

Pet Food and also SuppliesHousehold SuppliesBaby Food and also DiapersSupplements and also MedicinesBeer, wine, and also liquorTobacco productsHot, ready-to-eat and also prepared foods

For the full list of all the items you can and cannot purchase with her food stamps, check out our list of default Food stamp Items here.

Check your EBT card Balance

Another crucial thing come do before you shop through your EBT card is to examine the balance. You will desire to know precisely how much you have to spend prior to you visit the store. Friend don’t desire to end up in a situation where you have actually too many items however not enough benefits on your EBT card.

Checking your EBT map balance is easy and also quick to do. For aid on how to check your EBT card balance, visit our EBT map Balance examine here and locate your state ~ above the list. When you discover your state, click on the attach or contact the call number to check your EBT balance. Be sure to have your map number and PIN ready. You will be inquiry to administer this information.

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EBT save List

We hope our list of grocery store stores that accept food stamps was advantageous to you! If us missed something, please let us recognize in the comments section below. We are likewise updating and also adding new grocery stores to this list. Also, if you space having problems with using your EBT card at a certain store, we would choose to recognize that too. Please leave your experience in the comments ar below.