Bubble tea has actually come a long way from where it offered to be. Initially Thai iced tea was enjoyed in Taiwan and Hong Kong. No it is extensively consumed and found in virtually every country. Bubble tea shops room popping up anywhere the world, each with their own take ~ above what bubble tea is!

Despite new boba flavors invented, over there is no doubt the Thai iced tea is still among the most popular.

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In this article, we are going to explain how to make your own restaurant-style Thai iced tea in your own kitchen! the much an ext cost effective and just together delicious.

Before we gain into the recipe, we’d favor to provide some background expertise on Thai iced tea.

What is Thai Iced Tea?

Thai iced tea periodically referred to together “Thai Tea”, is a well-known drink the originates indigenous Thailand. It have the right to be found in almost all boba shops and also most Thai restaurants in the joined States.

Thai iced tea is do from strongly brewed black tea, sweetened with sugar and/or condensed milk, and also a splash of dairy or creamer. And of course, the usually offered over ice.

Sounds remarkable right?

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Why is Thai Iced Tea Orange?

If you don’t know, Thai iced tea has actually a an extremely distinct amber/orange color. Friend can’t really mistake it. This color is completed when solid black tea meets a smooth dairy. The dairy offered for Thai iced tea is typically evaporated milk, whole milk, half and half, or coconut milk.

Don’t be alarmed by the orange shade of Thai iced tea. The color is completed naturally and is completely safe come consume!

However, occasionally tea leaves provided for Thai iced tea have the right to be dyed v food coloring. This is provided to provide Thai iced tea an even much more intense amber/orange color. And also of course, the colour is harmless. Nothing let it prevent you indigenous trying this exceptional boba flavor!

Does Thai Iced Tea have actually Caffeine?

A lot of our pendant ask us if Thai iced tea has actually a lot of caffeine, and that price is yes and also no. It really relies on the form of method used to make the tea.

For example, if you were to usage decaffeinated tea climate there will certainly not be any noticeable caffeine. In other words, decaf teas or coffee still have actually traces of caffeine but not enough to suffer its effects. That very difficult to accomplish 0% caffeine in an already caffeinated beverage.

On the various other hand, if you were to use continual black tea leaves, then there is likely caffeine in the Thai iced tea. However there wouldn’t be as much as coffee. Generally, boba shops will use constant black tea leaves, so it’s for sure to assume her Thai iced tea will have actually caffeine.

How numerous Calories walk Thai Iced Tea Have?

Unfortunately, Thai iced tea contains much more creamer and sugar than traditional boba flavors. This provides it usually less healthy and balanced than various other drinks.

The precise calorie selection of Thai iced tea have the right to vary greatly depending upon how much sugar and cream room used. To put it into perspective, usually, Thai iced tea will certainly have more calories than a can of Coca Cola. The number of calories every serving can obtain even higher if you’re drinking Thai iced tea with boba pearls.

So… if you thinking around achieving that summer body quickly Thai iced tea might not it is in so friendly.

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How to do Thai Iced Tea in ~ Home

This is a an easy recipe because that making delicious Thai iced tea in ~ home. This is actually the Thai tea recipe the team at speak Boba uses and we think it really replicates what girlfriend can obtain at many authentic Thai restaurants in the unified States.

Ingredients because that Thai Iced tea.

Tea FilterSugar (optional)Handful of ice

Steps to do Thai Iced Tea

Bring water come a cook and include the Tea pipeline to the water.Allow the tea to steep because that at least 30 minutes (the longer you enable it come steep, the an ext flavorful and also bold the Thai tea will taste). Generally, the much more concentrated the tea tastes the better, so it is in patient v this step!Once the tea has actually chilled come at least room temperature, put the Thai tea into the fridge until time come serve.Once you’re ready to serve, to fill the glasses through as lot condensed milk (or half and half) together you’d like, put in ice cream (make certain to leave an are for your tea), and also fill v Thai tea

Note: Stirring warm water because that sweetened condensed milk provides it simpler to mix.

That’s it! the is all you should do to make restaurant-style Thai iced tea. This Thai iced tea cooking recipes is simply a baseline recipe; you can modify this formula to make it suitable for your very own tastes!