As her thoughts turn to holiday enjoy the meal planning, friend may also be thinking around which dishes deserve to be made ahead and how you have the right to safely store them, both prior to the meal and afterwards. Desserts, most notably sweet potato pies, are always top ~ above the perform of items to it is in made in advance, for this reason you desire to be certain you keep them properly to store them as fresh as possible. Uneven you serve your pie directly out that the oven, below are a few safety advice to monitor to make certain your guests enjoy every single bite of her sweet potato pie.

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Sweet potato pies commonly contain milk and eggs, so they are basically baked custard pies and should it is in stored in the refrigerator. Dominion of thumb: If a pie includes milk, cream and/or eggs, refrigerate it. You'll additionally want to refrigerate pies containing evaporated or condensed milk products. Those ingredient contain high level of protein and also moisture the are fertile grounds because that the growth of bacteria.

After baking her pie, let that cool completely. This might take 2 to three hrs – you don't want to feel also a hint of warmth as soon as you touch the bottom that the pie pan. Loose cover the pie v aluminum foil prior to refrigerating for up to three days.

While you deserve to freeze a sweet potato or pumpkin pie for up to three months, keep in mind that the texture may adjust slightly. Once your pie has completely cooled, wrap that securely in a couple of layers of plastic wrap, then wrap again in aluminum silver paper or ar in an airtight freezer container. Come thaw, place in the frozen refrigerator overnight.

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If reheating straight from the freezer, ar the frozen pie top top a baking sheet and also heat in ~ 300° because that 40-50 minutes. If your pie has a prebaked crust, keep the pie loosely covered with foil covered until the critical 10 minutes. If your sweet potato pie has actually thawed in the refrigerator, ar the chilled pie ~ above the baking sheet and also bake in ~ 300° for less time, for around 30 minutes, again maintaining the edge of the tardy covered. Insert the tip of a knife right into the center of the pie to check out if the pie has warmed up. 



You might prefer to offer the pie room temperature. As soon as the pie is totally thawed, put it top top the kitchen counter and let it with the preferred temperature. The plastic wrap might leave a few marks on the pie together it is removed; simply cover lock up with a dollop that whipped cream or a sprinkling of cinnamon-sugar.