Soy sauce easily keeps for months or even years previous the day on the label. It’s loaded v sodium, so it’s complicated for any virus to develop and also grow in together a braided environment.

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So if you discovered a party of soy sauce that expired a couple of months earlier (or more), opportunities are it’s still it s okay to use.

But prior to you usage it, you need to offer it a good check and know what come look because that in one old soybean beans sauce.

That’s what this post is every about: shelf life, spoilage signs, and storage techniques for soybean beans sauce.

Want to discover more? read on.

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How To keep Soy Sauce

While your party of soybean beans sauce is unopened, you need to store it in a cool, dried area. The pantry appears to be the ideal place to save the unopened soy sauce.

Once you open the bottle, you have to store it one of two people in the pantry or the fridge. If you store it in the refrigerator, it will certainly retain that is taste because that longer. If you plan to use the whole bottle within a couple of months, feel totally free to store it in the pantry.


Please remember that the party should always be sealed tightly.

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How long Does soybean beans Sauce Last

Soy sauce, and other soy sauce-based condiments choose teriyaki sauce, last quite a lengthy time.

Even though soy sauce won’t go poor for a lengthy time, it has a “use-by” or “best-by” date on that label. That day informs you exactly how long the product need to be at its ideal quality (according come the manufacturer’s data). That way that after ~ that date the product have to start to gradually lose that is quality, and also its odor won’t it is in as great as if is was fresh.

Once you open up the bottle, manufacturers recommend the you must use this salty condiment rather quickly. The ax “quickly” differs between brands and it commonly falls in between a month and also up to 6 months.

That gift said, soy sauce stays safe to use years after the “best by” date. By for sure to use I mean it won’t do you ailing or anything, simply its taste can be slightly weaker. As currently mentioned earlier, to maintain its flavor because that longer, you have the right to store the soybean beans sauce in the refrigerator.

Soy Sauce (Unopened)“Best by” + 2 years“Best by” + 2 years
Soy Sauce (Opened)“Best by” + 6 months“Best by” + 1 year

Please note that the dates over are approximate and are for the ideal quality. Soy sauce will quickly last months and also years longer.

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How come Tell If soy Sauce Is Bad?

As pointed out on the Kikkoman’s website, soy sauce won’t damn “as lengthy as no water or various other ingredients have actually been added”. That method that keeping it closeup of the door tightly pretty much avoids it native going bad.

If you notice that the smell or taste of this condiment beginning to transform slightly, you have actually a choice to make.

You can either keep on making use of it (it’s still safe to use) or decide to eliminate it for quality reasons. If girlfriend go v the former, make sure to taste your dishes prior to serving, together they might need a bit much more soy sauce 보다 they typically do.

You already know that soy sauce is i can not qualify to spoil uneven tampered with. Unfortunately, i can’t guarantee you the it will certainly be good forever.

If her soy sauce smells off, litter it away. It more than likely isn’t spoiled so eat it won’t carry out you any kind of harm, however it can ruin your sushi (or what have actually you), and you don’t desire to take any type of chances ~ above that.

If girlfriend noticed that the bottle wasn’t sealed, or some contaminants acquired inside the container, this are great enough factors to discard it. Same thing if you an alert anything about the sauce that’s not right. If that’s the case, it’s better to trust her gut and get rid the the sauce.

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Soy Sauce FAQ

Does soybean beans sauce go bad if not refrigerated?

No. Soy sauce, also after opening, does not require refrigeration. If you keep it in the fridge, it will certainly retain its taste for longer, but that’s about it.

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Is soy sauce gluten-free?

Traditional soybean beans sauce consists of gluten since wheat is among the main ingredients in soy sauce. Countless brands offer gluten-free soybean beans sauce, that’s very similar in taste to the classic one. Due to the fact that of that, if you’re allergy to gluten, make certain to check the bottle before buying. Together an alternative to soybean beans sauce, you can select tamari sauce, which usually is gluten-free (check the label).