In this article, we’re going come answer the question “what shade does red and blue make when mixed?”

When girlfriend think that the color red, what involves your mind? You most likely think the things prefer power, a avoid sign, one apple, or even maybe a fall of blood.

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What involves mind as soon as you think that the color blue? execute you think of the sky, water, or have a feeling of calmness? all of these pertained to our mind.

Individually, each of these colors is vibrant and an effective in their very own ways, however what happens once you mix red and also blue together? Does that create one more beautiful shade or something much less desirable?

Today we’re going to explore what happens as soon as red and blue are mixed, and even go into some color theories for this reason you gain a deeper understanding of exactly how it all works. Let’s get started.

Mixing repaint Colors in School

Think back for a second when you were in elementary school. Execute you remember as soon as your teacher to be talking about art and how come paint? friend were most likely looking forward to making your very first masterpiece.


When mix the colors red and blue in the RGB shade wheel, you obtain magenta. Confuse right!?

You have to be certain about what color theory you’re talk about. If you’re asking around mixing major paint colors then red and also blue make violet together we described above.

But, once you’re talking about the RGB shade scale then together we described mixing red and blue offers you magenta.

Now the you recognize this, you might be wondering why schools teach the red, blue and yellow are the main hues. The basic answer come this is this: your first exposure to color theory is not with the irradiate spectrum but with coloring materials like crayons or paint.

While the light spectrum develops hues by including or individually light, the pigment spectrum depends on the frequencies that light that bounce turn off the surface into your eyes. In addition, the is easier to combine paint rather of adding and subtracting light.

Bottom Line

With a small understanding of how paint works, and also additive and subtractive hues, the is less complicated to understand exactly how colors space created.

Whether you space a artist who combined colors on your palette or a digital artist who works on your computer to develop masterpieces, this will definitely help you understand the scientific research of experimenting with colors.

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We hope you learned something brand-new and that you took pleasure in discovering what color blue and red actually makes.