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The advocates of airsoft and also the advocates of paintball have actually long been rivals, and this rivalry goes earlier to the inception of these gamings as their fans dispute one’s superiority end the other.

One of the points that players love to number out is just how much pains you need to suffer if you gain hit throughout a video game of airsoft or paintball.

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We all choose to protect against physical discomfort, yet when it pertains to playing airsoft or paintball, a small bit of pains is part of the fun.

Even though these balls space so tiny, getting hit by castle is still no the finest feeling in the world. Few of the places that you need to be wary around getting hurt include:

Eyes FingersGroinNeckLipsEarsThe ago or height of the head

As because that which kind of ball damages the most, many playersare unanimous in saying paintball have the right to pack quite a punch.

Where Does the Hurt an ext to gain Hit by one Airsoft or aPaintball

If friend ask die-hard pan of airsoft or paintball whether getting hit by the balls hurt, lock will more than likely answer, “no, it simply stings a bit.”

But like acquiring an injection, part places deserve to hurt an ext than others. We have narrowed down the list to these vulnerable areas so that you have the right to be extra ready to stop being struggle in these places.

The Eyes


We all know exactly how painful the is to obtain a serial of sand or a soup bubble in our eye, therefore imagine if you obtain an eyeful of paintball or airsoft?

You have the right to bet it will hurt choose anything.

Since her eye is one of the many sensitive and also vulnerable places in her body, you deserve to actually do permanent damage to the if the round hits you difficult enough.

So it is in careful and wear protective gear to conserve yourself native lifelong damage.



Your hands and fingers, specifically the knuckles, are among the many painful locations to gain hit — they are likewise the most usual places to sustain one injury throughout airsoft or paintball games.

That might be since your hands are wrapped roughly your gun and are particularly exposed and also vulnerable.

To prevent the pain, invest in some specialized airsoft or paintballing gloves to cushion girlfriend from the impact.





Getting konked on the back or height of the head deserve to make you check out stars in the daytime.

A hit on the head have the right to make you feel dizzy and also disoriented because that a couple of seconds. Make sure to wear your mask and also safety goggles to minimize this risk.

Which damages More: one Airsoft or a Paintball?

You might think that the pain of being hit by one airsoft BB and also a paintball should be a deterrent, but most fans take into consideration it a badge of honor.

However, gift hit through a paintball or an airsoft pellet has the potential of leaving welts, break skins, and also drawing blood.

A many players wonder whether airsoft or a paintballhurts more. To recognize this, us go ago to straightforward physics and do the math tosee i beg your pardon one harms more.

Although a straight hit native either type of pellet canhurt quite a bit, airsoft pellets have a softer impact than paintballs.

Airshot weapons use small 66mm plastic pellets the weigh about 0.20 to 0.28 grams and also travel in ~ 300 to 400 feet per 2nd (FPS).

A hit from an airsoft pellet can result in about 1 joule of kinetic energy, despite the affect will be considerably lesser if the shooting is from much away since much that the power will be shed covering the distance.

So, if you are hit from far enough, you may feel aslight sting and also get a tiny welt v your clothing, or the shot may simplybounce turn off your garments without you even feeling a thing.

However, being hit by a paintball can be a whole various story.

Paintballs space much larger than airsoft pellets, measuring around 0.68 mm and weighing 3.5 grams. Compared to the 0.20 grams airsoft pellet, paintballs are over 17 time the weight.

Because that their bigger size and also mass, paintballs have a slow speed and also can launch at around 290 to 300 FPS. The also method they an outcome in lot larger quantities of kinetic energy at around 13 joules.

This is 13 time the quantity of kinetic energy produced by an airsoft ball.

Additionally, the surface ar area the a paintball is significantly bigger 보다 an airsoft ball.

So once a paintball slams into your body, it will certainly not just hurt a lot more than one airsoft pellet, however it will type a bigger bruise together well.

Being hit with a paintball at close range on bare skincan leave large and ache welts and also break skin.

Additionally, paintball does not have a minimum engagement distance, so plenty of unscrupulous players may practice “bunkering.”

This involves capturing a player turn off guard and also offloading a huge number of pellets to ensure the the player gets hit and remains down.

The player that is bombarded through paintballs will certainly be covered with a big number of pains bruises.

However, this is no considered an excellent sportsmanship and also can acquire you in problem on the field.

What Factors affect Pain In Airsoft and Paintball

There are a couple of factors which determine how much painyou have the right to receive native an airsoft pellet or a paintball:

The distance in between the shooter andthe player that is gift shot atThe FPS rating the the gunThe weight and also mass that the ammoThe wind conditionThe amount of clothing andprotective equipment that shields friend from impact

Distance matters

The higher the rate of the airsoft pellet or the paintball, the harder will certainly be the impact, and the much more pain you will certainly feel.

The speed of her ball counts on the distance.

If you are shooting from afar, her pellet will certainly decrease in velocity before it will its target.

For example, if a human targets girlfriend from a distance of 130 come 150 feet, you may not also feel the impact.

However, if someone access time you from less than 50 feet, you will certainly definitely an alert it. You constantly keep your street to stay safe and also avoiding pain.

The Wind have the right to Favor friend —or Not

Which direction the wind is punch in deserve to have a significant impact on her shots.

Paintball players engage at a near distance, so the wind variable may not impact them as much as longer-distant games like airsoft.

If youshoot versus the wind, the pressure of the wind will certainly make you battle to reachyour target. It will certainly decrease the speed and also distance spanned by her ball, andmay likewise pull her ball right into an entirely different direction.

However, if you space shooting with the wind, it is a different story.

The wind will make her pellet travel quicker to your target and also hit the with an ext impact.

But again, the can likewise make your shot go awry. For this reason if you are playing outdoors, it can be a little bit tricky to gain regulate of the game.

To lessenthe influence of the wind, you can use heavier airsoft pellets or try to obtain closeto the enemy so that your shot doesn’t shed power prior to it will its target.

How to protect against Pain during Airsoftor Paintball

If airsoft or paintball access time you at close soldier at high velocity, they will certainly hurt.

However, this have the right to be avoided if friend wear the right form of clothing and also protective gear.

It is a typical that girlfriend wear goggles and headgear to safeguard your eyes, nose, face, and also head native injury when paintballing.

You should additionally wear more thick sweatshirts and also padded trousers to stop bruising.

However, inairsoft, most players forego attract pain-prevention clothing and simulatemilitary soldiers. This pipeline them breakable to sharp stings, and if lock areshot at close quarters, pellets may also get lodged in your skin.

You shouldalso take treatment to wear special gloves to safeguard your hands since they areclosest to your enemy and hurt favor anything if they gain hit.

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Parting Shot

While that is agreed the paintballs hurt an ext than airsoft pellets, come die-hard fans, that hardly matters.

What is crucial that girlfriend wear as lot protective clothing and also gear together possible.

Unless you are hit in a specifically sensitive area — which need to not it is in the situation if you are wearing the right garments — the pain girlfriend feel during the game shouldn’t amount to much, and should not hinder you from playing.

In case of significant pain though, do see a doctor.

If it does hurt, laugh the off. It may notseem funny in ~ the minute you gain hurt, however days later, you can look ago andlaugh in ~ yourself.