I simply finished watching the anime. Indigenous what I have the right to remember, the critical we check out of Misa she is stand on the rooftop, previous the security rails, as if she was about to jump.

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In the manga volume 13 Misa's status is presented dead therefore yes, she committed suicide.

Manga Misa died on February 14th, 2011. Her cause of fatality is unknown (may or might not it is in suicide).

Anime Misa's fate continue to be unknown (according to HTR14: official Guidebook to the death Note Animation; her 'death day 命日' is mentioned as 'cannot be recognized 不明'.).

Some theories indicate Anime Misa commited self-destruction on January 28th, 2013.

i would guess yes, after all the one human being she loved simply died and also all, after ~ what she walk through, she most most likely did

though i don't think its feasible to check it one of two people way

I would certainly guess so. She literally loved just one person and it to be Light. After ~ Light's death, It had actually no allude for she to remain alive. Also if she did, her life would have actually been really really small cause she sold fifty percent of her life TWICE! even if originally she was an alleged to live because that 100 years, she would have been left v 25 years to live and also she was favor minimum 19? No function for she to live after ~ Light's death.

She gave up 3 quarters of she life however she inherited Rem's lifespan as soon as Rem passed away saving Misa. So arguably she had a quite lengthy lifespan. Due to the fact that Rem had actually her own lifespan add to the persons she adquired from death the male Higuchi request Misa to kill as evidence of she being the 2nd Kira, add to Watari's, to add L's.

The inquiry that remains is... Go a suicide overrides the fated expectancy a person has? since if not then every one of those three humans didn't had much time left alive.

interesting , no ! DN anime used this theory perfectly . Notification in the last episode Misa travel to a pre-destined place and also committed suicide . Or at the very least it looked choose that . Currently I am not a suicide specialist , but wasn't it monster to walk to a ar far means that you need to take train to suicide . One more thing Misa was awfully calm as soon as she traveled , which surely wasn't in her character , especially if she heard light was dead . Also I think the fact that light to be kira and dead would certainly be hidden from Misa for fairly some time . Also , every one of those scene was in afternoon , Light and also Nears confrontation to be also set in afternoon .

Now my last reason Misa committed self-destruction , was because her name could had been created in death note by close to . Now Light can have easily beaten near if he used misa . Choose make Mikami phone call names and also send pics the nears team come misa , whereby she can kill lock . The would have actually been a perfect backup setup , and knowing light he can have done that .

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The only way , near can have escaped that by death misa . Knowing him , he would 2nd thought about making his hand dirty . For this reason he killed misa and make the look prefer an suicide .