Everyone knows the tell-tale indicators that summer is finally taking off. In between the barbecues, picnics, coast trips, and also camping plans, annually the warmer weather brings funny outdoor activities filled with an excellent food. 

And through the an excellent food always come particular warnings: drink plenty of water, keep your ice cream in a high-quality cooler, and also don’t leave your mayonnaise out in the sun. 

That critical instruction (which usually comes from an overly-concerned mother) always tends to cause a bit of controversy.

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So the concern remains: exactly how long does mayo last unrefrigerated?

It’s constantly a an excellent idea to recognize what the mayo shelf life is, but how long is it safe to keep it the end of the refrigerator – even if it is it’s in your potato salad or sit in the cooler? 

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The Myth
some Background
The Truth
So exactly how Long Does mei Last Unrefrigerated?

The Myth

People frequently assume the mayonnaise is the resource of potential food-borne illnesses.

The id is that once you let mayo sit outside, unrefrigerated and also unprotected, that becomes an ext and more susceptible to bacteria.

Some Background

The myth of mayo stems indigenous the reality that mayonnaise consists of egg. The FDA offers solid recommendations for food safety when it pertains to eggs and also foods include eggs.

Since this chicken by-product have the right to contain Salmonella, lock advise individuals to not just keep eggs refrigerated, yet to ensure the they are fully cooked prior to eating. 

Salmonella is a team of bacteria the is usual in leading to food poisoning, i beg your pardon can result in fever, ab pain, diarrhea, and vomiting. In some rare excessive cases, it have the right to even reason death. 

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Likewise, the FDA additionally provides strictly serving guides when it comes to eggs and also egg dishes. These professionals say that is finest to serve any foods made with eggs automatically after serving.

If you intended to offer them later on, climate they must be refrigerated until then.

Furthermore, any kind of egg food that requirements to it is in served warm should it is in reheated to a temperature the 165 degrees prior to serving. 

To take points a action further, the FDA states that cooking eggs need to never be left out of the refrigerator for more than two hours – and just one hour in really hot temperatures.

The reason behind this is that bacteria will grow more quickly in heat temperatures, enhancing the threat of food poisoning. 

When we take all of that info into consideration, it renders sense why people would jump to the conclusion that mayonnaise, which includes eggs, would loss under this very same category and also rules.

The Truth

The reality of the issue is that your potato salad containing mayonnaise will be simply fine to leave out at her next family members picnic, and also there’s a very, an extremely slim possibility that it will injury anyone in ~ all.

Although the product does usage eggs, the does no follow the exact same rules together eggs ~ above their own do. 

Generic, typical, store-bought mayo is generally made with some type of acid – many commonly, vinegar or lemon juice.

Because the product is acidified, it in reality kills any type of food-borne pathogens it come into call with. 

So not only will there not be any Salmonella in your mayo, however your mayo will certainly prevent any other bacteria from forming.

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In a way, the mayonnaise is actually protecting you and also your family. The very same is true for other dressings together well.

If someone gets sick from eating potato salad outdoors, it’s more likely the the potatoes led to it and not the mayo.

So just how Long Does mei Last Unrefrigerated?

You’ve more than likely noticed that mayo is not preserved in the refrigerator ar of the grocery store store.

Because it has actually been pasteurized, it has a decently lengthy shelf life when the container is quiet sealed.

You’re safe to store it unopened and also sealed in her pantry for about three or 4 months after its “best provided by” date.

If for some reason you’re looking to store mayo because that longer, you have the right to refrigerate the unopened and sealed for as much as a year.

Even though mayonnaise includes acids the will aid kill turn off bacteria, the still need to be refrigerated ~ opening.

So lengthy as you execute this, it’ll store for a an excellent two or 3 months.

However, unrefrigerated, your open up jar the mayonnaise will most likely be bad after about eight hours.

If did you do it accidentally left it the end on the counter overnight, the safety choice is come toss it. 

Some easy indications to phone call if your mayo has actually gone poor is indications of mold or spore growth, or a awful smell. Her mayonnaise may also be a pair shades darker 보다 usual, too. 


There might be foods at the barbecue that can potentially home harmful bacteria, but your mayonnaise is not to be blamed for any type of food-borne illnesses.

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With the quantity of acid added to this product, not only is it for sure to save outside, yet it has actually a long shelf life, too. 

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You can definitely leave assets with mayo outside at an occasion for a couple of hours, but it’s additionally a good idea to keep a cooler handy for particularly long, warm days.

Your potato salad will taste much better cool, anyway!

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