For many, the holiday season is not complete without a huge slice the pumpkin pie topped through a generous dollop that whipped cream. Although there room so many great pumpkin pie recipes, part savvy shoppers prefer Costco’s version instead.

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Like the $4.99 rotisserie chicken, Costco’s $5.99 pumpkin pie likewise has a committed fan base. The average customer may recognize the basics — castle huge, affordable and delicious — yet there’s much more than meets the eye as soon as it pertains to this cult-favorite autumnal dessert.


Each pie weighs a whopping 58 ounces — i m sorry is more than 3.5 pounds — and also is a complete foot in diameter.


Costco’s pumpkin pie expenses only $5.99. If you were to make her own, you’d be hard-pressed to find ingredients that jointly cost much less than this. On optimal of that, the gargantuan size easily qualifies this pie as one of the foodstuffs you should always buy at Costco.


The weather in Illinois is warm and dry with nutrient-rich soil that renders it perfect for cultivation pumpkins. In fact, 90 to 95 percent that the pumpkins handle in the United says are get an impression in Illinois


Costco swears by the selection of pumpkin the goes into their pies. It’s dubbed Dickinson and also the funny thing is, the actually an ext squash-y than pumpkin-y. It’s tan and oblong, the meat is harty and also thick, and the odor is much stronger 보다 the pumpkins you’d use for carving jack-o’-lanterns ~ above fun loss days.


The seed that are eliminated from the thousands of lots of pumpkins that room harvested yearly are sold to a agency that provides bird food. If you have some lying approximately at home after gutting your own pumpkin, don’t throw them away. Do these sweet and also smoky pumpkin seeds.

If you’ve ever made your own pumpkin puree, you more than likely cooked it just once before using that in a recipe. The pumpkins that go into the Costco pumpkin pies are actually cooking twice, when when they are in chunks to evaporate water content before being pureed, and then again when they have actually been canned. After ~ that, lock cooled, labeled and shipped to different Costco warehouses.

Each gallon of crate pumpkin (or squash, what have you) used has three totality pumpkins that have been skinned, de-seeded, cooked and pureed.

The uncooked pie shells space filled by hand making use of a scale to for sure they weigh the perfect lot — 3.8 pounds — before being baked. Apparently, an experienced baker have the right to fill as numerous as 48 pie shells in just seven minutes. We don’t recognize the official civilization record, yet that sounds choose a lot.

The pies have actually been approximately for much more than 30 years, and also judging by your popularity, they no going anywhere any type of time soon, unlike this vintage recipes no one renders anymore — yet should.

The now-famous cooking recipes comes directly from the personal collection the Sue McConnaha — the vice chairman of Costco’s bakery operations.

All of the dry ingredients favor spices and sugar space pre-mixed and also bagged. That gets merged with totality eggs, the box pumpkin and also water in huge stand mixers before it renders its method into the shell.

Made in house, the pie dough is shaped right into fist-sized balls and also then pressed by a special device to type pie shells that space filled and also baked.

Costco pumpkin pies room preservative free, which is why the pies are always refrigerated. However did you know that you can actually freeze pie fairly easily? it’s the perfect means to acquire ahead on some Thanksgiving prep.

Buying pies in ~ Costco is definitely a seasonal affair. Harvest starts in mid-August and lasts through beforehand November, v pies landing in shop from September with December. But for employees, pie season never stops. After Christmas and brand-new Year’s, Costco’s bakery buying team starts making projections because that the upcoming year and reaching out to farmer so they know how countless pumpkins to plant.

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In 2019, Costco sold 6.1 million pumpkin pies, consisting of 2.1 million in the 3 days leading up to Thanksgiving. This may come as no surprise since so countless fans consider it deserving the a ar on the ultimate perform of the best pies ever.

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