The network dipole moment of CCl4 is zero because four C−Cl bond dipoles cancel every other. In the Chloromethane molecule (CH3Cl), chlorine is an ext electronegative than carbon, for this reason attracting the electrons in the C—Cl bond towards itself.

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In CH3Cl, the result of 3C−H bond dipoles are reduced by one C-Cl shortcut dipole.

In CH2Cl, the resultant 2C−H bond dipoles are lessened by the resultant 2 C-Cl bond dipoles. Hence, the dipole minute of CH2Cl2 is reduced than the dipole minute of CH3Cl.Similarly, CHCl3 has a lower dipole moment than In CH2Cl2,The network dipole moment of CCl4 is zero because four C−Cl bond dipoles cancel every other.

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