Is bath & Body works Cruelty-Free?

Is bathtub & Body works cruelty-free? The pet testing standing of the brand is unclear.

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Is bathtub & human body Works marketed in China?

Do bath & human body Works offer in China? Yes, bathtub & Body works is offered in mainland China.

Do bath & Body functions test ~ above animals?

According to their website, lock are part of a pilot regimen in China where animal testing can be bypassed if the products are made in China.



Is bath & Body functions owned by a parental company?

Bath & Body functions is owned by l Brands.

Bath & human body Works animal testing policy

Bath & Body functions does not test any kind of of our products, formulations or ingredients on animals. Period.”

What they sell

Bath & Body works sells fragrance, skincare and also body care.

Is bath & Body functions vegan?

No, bath & Body works is not 100% vegan definition some that their products contain ingredients acquired from animals or your by-products.

I love this brand, what have the right to I do?

Try reaching out and respectfully questioning brands friend love to reconsider their pet testing policies and selling in the Chinese industry until the post and also pre-market pet testing laws have changed.

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Looking because that beauty brands marketing vegan assets only?

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