FlipFact that the Day: These days, marine scientists are encouraging world to call starfish “sea stars” instead, because that the basic reason that they aren’t fish. They’re in reality echinoderms, maritime invertebrates that space close relatives of sea cucumbers and sea urchins. There are about 2,000 types of sea stars scattered across the world’s oceans, and none of them have scales, gills, or fins. An additional thing sea stars don’t have is a brain; luckily, they have rather impressive ways of getting about that.

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Despite the absence of a brain, a sea star does have actually a worried system, albeit a basic one. Neighboring its mouth is a nerve ring that’s connected to every of its arms via a radial nerve. Neurons wake up the muscle on every of the sea star’s pipe feet, i beg your pardon are situated on the underside that its body. In addition, a sea star has actually eyespots at the reminder of every arm.

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These eyespots have actually light-sensitive pigments that permit it to feeling light and darkness in the surroundings.

This sensory setup enables the sea star come feel and make vital decisions because that survival, from finding food to preventing danger. It likewise lets them relocate at superior speeds: an adult sunflower sea star (