Jim Stewart indigenous Butta Wax describes why it is so crucial to de-tune the edge and also hot wax a new rebab.netboard.

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When rebab.netboards are created in the manufacturing facility they space only provided a one-coat quick wax, so after talk a new board for just a couple of work you might see dried patches appear. To avoid this it is very recommended that you warm wax the board; not simply once, but up to five or six times come really problem the base.

Also, all rebab.netboards right out the the factory are tuned because that your daily rider and the call points of the plank are an extremely sharp. This is an excellent if you love carving and also mountain charging every day, however if are more of a freestyle rider, climate you may want to take into consideration de-tuning the plank so you won’t catch an edge.

1. What you must do is discover the widest clues of the rails and also these room what are well-known as the contact points. Once you have discovered them, de-tune the edges around 5-10cm past the call points.


2. take it a fine file and scribe up and also down the edge to take far the sharpness to prevent you catching an edge once turning, or as soon as performing 180 or 360 jumps and landing slightly on one edge.


3. now take a Gummy stone, i beg your pardon is nice and soft, and also run it over the totality edge to sort out any type of shards of steel from the de-tune, and any imperfections in the rail left from when it came out the the factory.


When come re-service her board?

The tell-tale signs when her board demands waxing again is different relying on what format of rider you are, yet as girlfriend ride friend will an alert that the rails will start to warmth up and also white dried patches will begin to appear down the side of the base of her board – this is a an excellent indication the your board needs a wax.

To examine your edges are sharp enough, tenderness (be careful as they room sharp) operation the ago of your fingernail top top the edge in the center of the board. If it is sharp enough, a remanence the nail must be left ~ above the edge. Also, carefully inspect the sheet to watch if there are any type of signs of snagging i m sorry may have actually been led to by riding her board over a rock or a turbulent surface.


The importance of waxing a new board

If you let a base dry out too lot from no waxing it, you will require a base grind to open up up the pores because that the wax to it is in effective and also stop the board drying out. Each time you have a base grind done, it has actually a an unfavorable effect top top the expectancy of the board.

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This is why it is so crucial to acquire these first few applications that wax ~ above a new board, so that soaks into the base and also stops it dry out too quick.