The sex-related Boundary issue That's Seldom questioned

many men have actually a request the confounds numerous women.

posted March 2, 2015 | the review by Lybi Ma

You desire what? Every pair must negotiate sexual limits both civilization can live with. There"s no appropriate or wrong, just what the two civilization need or want and hope that the other is willing.

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Fifty years ago, a significant boundary worry was dental sex. Earlier then, "sex" expected vaginal intercourse and only that. But slowly fellatio and also cunnilingus became more accepted. Today, oral sex is by no way universal, yet it"s a rare lover who has not experimented through it, and most American lovers now communicate in dental play at least occasionally.

However, based on the questions I"ve received on GreatSexAfter40, one element of oral play continues to existing a challenge: many men would love to ejaculate in women’s mouths and have their lover swallow the semen. Yet many ladies object come a mouthful that ejaculate and can’t imagine swallowing. Here are some thoughts on solving conflict.

No Coercion

The very first rule: nobody should ever before feel pressured or coerced into being sex-related in ways they discover disagreeable. If women are okay with guys ejaculating in their mouths and swallowing, climate fine, reap yourselves.

But if not, guys should not press women, or must they rotate either of this requests into tests of their lovers’ commitment and also devotion. Many of women space madly in love through their men, and they tho don’t want a mouthful the semen. Lovers should always respect every other’s erotic boundaries, and if for any kind of reason, women draw a boundary, they have actually every right to feel that way. Guys shouldn’t offer them a hard time.

Of course, if guys feel strongly around this, lock are cost-free to rest up v lovers who refuse, but in 40 year of writing around sexuality, I"ve never ever heard of anyone finishing things end this issue.

STI Transmission?

That said, countless women who object to semen in the mouth have specific fears and objections that may not it is in valid. One typical fear is the it might spread sexuallytransfer infections (STIs). It is feasible to transmit one STI this way—gonorrhea (pharyngeal gonorrhea). This may cause a sick throat, but typically pharyngeal gonorrhea reasons no symptoms. Ladies concerned around gonorrhea risk have every right to decrease until their lovers test an adverse for gonorrhea.

A bigger fear is the dental transmission the HIV/AIDS. Actually, the AIDS virus is very unlikely to spread out orally, unless the woman has bleeding gums, a canker sore, or part other dental wound that permits infected-semen-to-blood contact. Men should have no objection to getting tested.

Meanwhile, one method around any type of STI issue is utilizing a condom. Guys ejaculate in women’s mouths but not into them.

Rifle Shot?

Some women are afraid injury from the force of ejaculation. In plenty of literary explanation of lovemaking, men don’t just come, lock “explode” or “shoot” semen together though the dick were a rifle and ejaculate bullets.

It’s not like that. Ejaculation may feel explosive to the males experiencing it, but to females who get it orally, it’s no at all choose a gunshot but much more like biting under on a warmth cherry tomato.

Another are afraid is the women might gag on a substantial volume that semen. But most guys don’t ejaculate buckets. The volume the the typical ejaculation is somewhere in between a teaspoon and a tablespoon. (An old slang term for it was “the loving spoonful,” i beg your pardon was exactly how some resources say the 1960s folk-rock band, The Lovin’ Spoonful, obtained its name.)

Meanwhile, as guys age beyond their reproductive years, semen manufacturing declines. Males in their 50s ejaculate much less semen 보다 younger men, and also by the time men hit their mid-60s, they ejaculate only a little amount. So women that objected during their 20s may feel in different way with males over 60, who don’t produce much.

97 Percent Water

Many ladies object to the taste of semen, which some say tastes odd, while rather deem that foul, gross, or disgusting. Due to the fact that of the taste, part women fear that semen has ingredients that might harm them. No.

Semen is consisted of of:

Water—97 percent of seminal volume.Sperm—2 percent. Sperm cells are largely protein.Fructose, fruit sugar, i m sorry nourishes sperm.Vitamin C.Sodium bicarbonate, better known together “baking soda,” a compound that protects sperm from the acidic atmosphere of the vagina and also uterus.Magnesium, phosphorus, potassium, and also zinc.Various proteins, amino acids, and enzymes.

It’s the zinc that offers semen its unexplained metallic flavor. Zinc helps nourish sperm. In the human diet, zinc is crucial trace mineral. Women face no damage from eat semen, also if castle swallow frequently.

Again, a great way approximately the odd-taste trouble is utilizing a condom.


Some women are afraid that swallowing semen reasons weight gain. No. The usual ejaculate includes only roughly 20 calories, about as lot as a lifesaver.

Better-Tasting Semen

Some urologists claim that, since semen has a an accurate mixture that ingredients necessary to assistance sperm, the taste can not be changed.

However, plenty of women insist that diet makes a large difference. Former porn star, Annie Sprinkle, who claims to have actually tasted the semen the 1,000 men, states vegetarians taste best, the the taste enhances if men drink a most fruit juice (particularly apple and also pineapple), and that smoking, alcohol, meats, and also asparagus damn it the taste.

Internet discussions generally agree the semen deserve to be sweetened through a diet high in fruit and also fruit juices. They also generally agree top top the foods that foul the taste: broccoli, cauliflower, Brussels sprouts, deep-fried foods, meats, dairy products foods, alcohol, coffee, and also asparagus (which provides sense since of its well-known capability to change the aroma the urine). Cigarettes additionally make semen much less palatable. While over there is no authoritative research study on the subject, it’s an excellent for health to battered smoking and also to consume much more fruit and also less meat, fried foods, and alcohol.

Massage Lotion?

In porn, the women seldom swallow. Instead, they do a great show that letting semen dribble out of their mouths and massaging it right into their skin. Some men uncover this erotic, and also even preferable to swallowing.

Did I miss anything? If you’ve ever before struggled through this issue, how have you addressed the conflict?


Michael Castleman, M.A.

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, is a mountain Francisco-based journalist. He has written around sexuality for 36 years.





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