the assumed of his cumming everywhere me is a revolve on...but if he really did i think i wouldn't be able to stop laughing and then i wouldn't it is in happy cause I understand he won't let me kiss that after :(he doesn't even wanna kiss or smell my breath after! the sadddd!cum isn't yes, really tasty. However its naught if you don't think about it ;oi do recognize I love watching him cum. Renders me wanna suck it more! but its too sensitive after so i can't :(

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i LOVE it. The taste comes i do not have anything close come the amazing feeling/look the cum. I love it as soon as a guy cums on mine face, chest, lips, and so on it's a an excellent feeling and the method a face/body covered in come looks is simply so great and erotic.

i love it, but not in itself. Like, ns wouldn't to buy a come smoothie due to the fact that it tastes great or anything prefer that :P Tasting it and also feeling it as a an outcome of a blowjob/handjob/whatever is what renders it great.
Girls, just how do you explain the feeling of a cock ejaculating sperm in your mouth in ~ the conclusion the a blowjob?

i think it is great. Love sucking a guy and also getting every that an excellent stuff in my mouth which i swallow. I also love the feeling of a man cumming within me, together a heavy load will feel warmth in mine vagina

i love taking complete loads in my mouth and also swallow. I don't recognize if it's the taste that I choose or the feeling of arousal. Ns have certainly tasted numerous not really nice cum, however even those i didn't have actually a problem swallowing. The emotion of having a man's cum passing v the insides of my body is addictive!
mine friends say it tastes favor sh*t, however they simply do the (serious relationships) due to the fact that they desire to please their significant other. Someone stated that if you required him come eat fruit the whole day it would taste better.
i love come any method I can acquire it! on mine face, stomach, t*ts however in mine mouth is my fave location for it. Spitting is together a waste...dont carry out it!
The taste is not an extremely pleasing. I try to prevent the mouth if possible. However, it is a rotate on to feeling it on my skin all warm and sticky. I love the when males pull it out and also come on me.
I have actually heard citrus fruits can assist the taste. Additionally switching come an all vegetarian diet has actually been claimed to improve the taste. I have actually no idea if the is true though.

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an initial time ns tasted cum i was 15. I LOVED it from the beginning. It has a weird texture, tastes like warm yogurt.