Chinchillas are very fluffy, and look like cuddly pets. However experienced owners will certainly tell you that they shouldn’t be cuddled and held close. Is that due to the fact that chinchillas don’t favor being handled?


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Chinchillas are incredibly fluffy, and look prefer cuddly pets. But experienced owners will certainly tell you the they shouldn’t be cuddled and also held close. Is that because chinchillas don’t like being handled?

Chinchillas don’t prefer being handled, although part are more trusting than others. Chinchillas are tiny and have breakable ribs so are skittish when organized close. However, chinchillas enjoy being petted and brushed. You deserve to tame a chinchilla to be handled over time with patience.

This is a shame since chinchillas look therefore fluffy and cuddly. Yet if friend tame her chinchilla and also learn more about it, it might let girlfriend cuddle it… and also that’s what you’ll learn around below.

space Chinchillas Affectionate? picture courtesy Ilya Ktsn, CC by 2.0.

Chinchillas are affectionate pets if they to trust you. They deserve to enjoy gift petted and also stroked. Some gain being handled and held closely, although not too tight.

Chinchillas can also enjoy safety time with you. In ~ first, her pet will desire to perform its very own thing when exterior its cage. But when that trusts you, it may come to spend time close to you or also in her lap.

Do Chinchillas favor to it is in Pet?

Most chinchillas favor to be pet. They gain being pets on their backs, approximately their necks and on the backs of their heads. Chin rubs room a favorite too. Some chinchillas choose belly rubs, yet others space nervous since their bellies space delicate.

But the doesn’t apply all the time, and also it doesn’t apply to every chinchilla.

A chinchilla won’t gain you petting the if girlfriend haven’t cared for it for a lengthy time.

Also, if your chinchilla to be cared for by one inattentive human being or maintained in a pet shop for a lengthy time before you bought it, it won’t be comfortable with rubs yet.

Chinchillas are similar to other family pets. They just like to it is in pet once they desire to, not when you want to. And also some like petting/handling if others like you leave them alone altogether. Attune come the personality of her pet and don’t pressure yourself top top it.

Do Chinchillas choose to be Handled?

There’s a large difference between being pet and also being held. Many chinchillas room comfortable through being scritched and also scratched, but not picked up. This deserve to be a resource of frustration for owners since chinchillas carry out look cuddly.

The factor for this is the a pet is breakable when it’s held. If you’re scratching your pet’s head, it can run far if you hurt the somehow. Yet if you’re holding it, the can’t run away.

Also, chinchillas can’t easily be hosted safely. They have breakable ribs, so once experienced owners have to pick up their pets, they lift castle by the bases of their tails. Chinchillas understand they’re delicate, so don’t generally like gift held.

That being said, some chinchillas are much more trusting 보다 others. These don’t mind gift picked up.

Do Chinchillas like to Cuddle?

Chinchillas shouldn’t be cuddled carefully in the means that various other pets are. You can hurt your pet conveniently if girlfriend do.

But if you avoid snuggling your chinchilla also close, cuddling is fine. Holding her pet in your lap or in her hands i will not ~ hurt it uneven you squeeze the tight.

That gift said, many chinchillas don’t prefer being cuddled close. Yours might fidget until you let it go. Another may sit still and also wait until it’s let walk of, clearly not enjoying being so close. Chinchillas aren’t organic lap pets, therefore don’t gain one if it is a top quality you strictly desire in a pet.

Do Chinchillas choose to be Brushed?

If a chinchilla trusts you, that will enjoy being brushed. It’s a pleasant feeling, therefore in the same means that your pet likes gift scratched, it will reap being brushed.

However, chinchillas shouldn’t have to be brushed. If your pet has constant dust baths, its fur should be grease-free and also clean. And also your pet will certainly groom and barber that own fur (as will certainly its cage-mates).

Also, it’s an overwhelming to find a brush that effectively brushes a chinchilla’s fur. Chinchilla hair is therefore soft and dense that a regular brush isn’t fine sufficient to ease out little tangles. The best an option is a baby’s hair brush. These have actually soft bristles which room close together.

Why nothing Chinchillas favor Being Handled?

There are numerous reasons why chinchillas don’t like being handled. If you think from your pet’s perspective, and also learn much more about them, this provides sense.

1) her Chinchilla thinks You are a Predator

Animals are naturally afraid of other animals, particularly if lock bigger. That’s since a bigger animal is most likely to it is in a predator. Even if the not, it could still be dangerous since of its size and strength.

Also, no other pet interacts v other animals like human being do.

No other animal keeps chinchillas together pets. So, her chinchilla will be puzzled why you communicate with it till it learns to to trust you.

You deserve to unintentionally make her chinchilla an ext afraid of you through poor handling technique. Wild chinchillas are attacked and eaten by bird of prey. Once you reach right into your pet’s enclosure to pick it up from above, it may panic, thinking it’s being struck by a bird.

These reactions room instinctual. There’s nothing you deserve to do however gain your pet’s trust over time.

2) Chinchillas Have delicate Bones

Image courtesy Ernie & Katy Newton Lawley, CC by 2.0.

Chinchillas look prefer they have large bodies, however they don’t. Chinchillas just look large-bodied because of all your fur. Underneath, lock are little and delicate like any other rodent. Girlfriend can easily hurt her pet through accident once picking that up.

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Chinchillas are additionally especially delicate due to the fact that of their unusual skeletal structure. Prefer all mammals, the chinchillas has actually ribs. However these ribs aren’t favor normal ribs; they’re recognized as ‘floating ribs’.