In general, the toilet rough-in distance is 12″ native the facility of the toilet flange come the back wall for a typical toilet. Over there should additionally be a minimum that 15″ indigenous the centerline the the toilet come any wall or object on either next of the toilet. Finally, there have to be a 21″ minimum clearance from the front of the toilet come any wall or object.

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These restrictions come from the worldwide Plumbing password (IPC). Not all says follow the IPC, though.

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International plumbing Code

According to the International password Council, 35 states follow the global Plumbing Code. If you live in among the complying with states the does not follow the IPC, please inspect with your regional state password for the forced minimum clearances:

Alaska—California—Hawaii—Idaho—Kentucky—Louisiana—Main—Massachussets—Minnesota—Montana—New Jersey—North Dakota—Oregon—South Dakota—Wisconsin


The IPC also states the there should be a minimum of 21″ in prior of the toilet to any wall, partition, vanity, or various other obstruction.

To number this out when roughing in your flange, measure the street from the center of the feet on the bottom that the toilet come the front leaf of the toilet.

Then, include 21″ come this number. Stop say you gain 30″. Now, you should make sure the center of your toilet flange is at the very least 30″ away from noþeles that will be in prior of the toilet.

Note the is not forced to have actually a 21″ minimum clearance once the door is open, only once it is shut. Through that being said, make sure you have sufficient room to open up the door without it hitting the toilet.

Toilet to Fixture Clearance

The IPC additionally states the there should be 30″ minimum from the facility of the toilet to the center of another toilet, urinal, shower, or sink.

Toilet Compartment Minimum Size

The toilet compartment is the area the toilet is in. Think that it as a stall. The minimum size based in the IPC are:

30″ wide by 60″ deep for floor an installed toilets30″ wide by 56″ deep because that wall placed toilets

Waste Line

When installing your waste heat for your toilet, psychic to offer it sufficient slope to prevent clogs and backups. Use the drainpipe pipe steep calculator for an ext details.

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For an ext information on installing or instead of a toilet, view Lowe’s toilet environment guide.