Well, Ancillary indication means a subordinate or "back" upindicator. For this reason a Direction Ancillary clues would mean asupported, low grade "backup" clues of her direction.

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If you average Driection Ancillary Indicator: the is a straightforward tool,mainly provided in the outdoors, that tells direction.

Many come on a multi-tool. It"s a one hole with in aflat piece of a hard material like steel, titanium, plastic..etc,with increments etched around it"s edge.

1.You ar this level on a flat surface.

2. You drop a couple of drops that water in that center.

3. Magnetize a very light item of metal.( So that it will floaton the surface tension of the water. This deserve to be done by a magnet,but I"vealso hear you deserve to magnetize that by rubbing that on her hair.Odd, because I"d think you"d only develop static electricity, buteh,..I"ll check that once I get an indicator.)

4. Lay shaving, pin..etc. On peak of water.

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5. An outcome should it is in the end pointing towards magnetic phibìc andsouth.

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