Main difference – quick Story vs Novel

Short story and also novel space both narrative fiction written in prose. The key difference between short story and novel is your length; a short story is generally much shorter than a novel as it is intended to be read in a solitary setting.

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brief stories generally variety anywhere from 1,500 to 30,000 native whereas novels start from around 50,000 words. This word counts are only pointed out to give you a general idea about the length; over there is no strict dominion saying that these 2 categories must stay within these boundaries. As result of this difference in length, part other far-ranging differences arise in between short stories and also novels.

What is a brief Story

A short story is a quick narrative in prose that defines fictional characters and also events. Quick stories have no collection length, but most publisher guidelines suggest the word variety to be anywhere from 1,500 come 30,000 words. The most notable characteristics of brief stories is that they space meant come be check out in a single sitting and also designed to develop a solitary effect.

Short stories have plots and characters, just as novels; however, castle are minimal in limit in comparison come novels. There space fewer characters and almost no subplots. The action or the occasions in a brief story takes place within a short duration of time. Therefore, it may only contain a single setup and few scenes.

The modern short story kind emerged in the 19th century and was affected by oral story-telling traditions, short moralistic narratives of parables and fables.


What is a Novel

Novel is the longest genre of stare prose fiction in contemporary literature. It is a long narrative in prose that defines fictional characters and also events. According to part publishers’ guidelines, words count the a novel starts native 50,000. This word counting will provide you a basic idea the the length of a novel. A novel is not necessarily intended come be review in a solitary sitting or to create a solitary effect.

When criticizing and also appreciating a novel, unique attention is paid to plot, characterization, setting, and also themes. Since a novel is lengthier than various other prose fiction, it have the right to contain many characters, themes, and also subplots which make the contents more facility than other literary genres. A novel can additionally cover a long period of time; some novels expectations several generations. Unlike a brief story, a novel can be divided into chapters and also sometimes volumes. Novels can additionally be categorized into various genres such as supernatural, thriller, fantasy, romance, western, paranormal, etc.


Difference between Short Story and Novel


Short Stories are shorter than novels.

Novels are longer than quick stories.

Sitting and Effect

Short Stories room intended come be review in a solitary sitting and also designed to produce a single effect.

Novels are not intended come be read in a solitary sitting and also not design to develop a solitary effect.


Short Story has one an easy plot.

Novels have the right to contain countless subplots and also a complex main plot.


Short Stories emphasis on one or 2 characters.

Novels can emphasis on lot of characters.

Time period

Short Stories generally cover a an extremely short time period.

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Novels can cover really long periods.


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