What are Molecular Compounds

Molecular compounds are created by covalently bound atoms and is likewise referred to as ‘covalent compounds’. Covalent binding are lot weaker 보다 ionic binding and, therefore, most of the molecule compounds exist in the gaseous phase. As discussed above, the require for atom to type compounds is to attain a stable electronic configuration. And the third way of obtaining this (apart from providing away and accepting electron as pointed out in the case of the ionic bonds) is through the sharing of electrons.

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In this manner, both atoms that take part in the formation of the compound obtain to re-superstructure the required variety of electrons (usually v one donor atom and also an agree atom looking for the exact same amount of electrons) in a typical overlapped orbital space. Before the electron sharing takes place, the is essential for the atoms to come into close proximity that each other for the orbital overlap. Consequently, no atom will be electrically charged; castle will stay neutral. The overlapping deserve to take ar in a straight fashion or in a parallel manner. Once it is directed in a straight fashion, the bond form is referred to as a “σ bond” and also in the various other case, the is a “π bond”. In addition, the sharing of electrons have the right to take place between similar type of atoms and also different species of atoms. Once the involved atoms space similar, the resulting compound is dubbed a ‘diatomic molecule.’ H2O, CO2, etc. Room some typical examples. Given below is a 3D illustration that H2O molecule.


Difference between Ionic and Molecular Compounds


Ionic compounds room made that ionic bonds where the atoms room electrostatically attracted towards each other.

Molecular compounds space made that covalent bonds wherein the electrons room shared in between the atoms involved in the formation.

Species involved

Ionic compounds occur through the interaction in between cations and anions.

Molecular compounds occur through the interaction of neutral atoms.

Electrical Conductivity

Ionic compounds act as a good conducting medium in the fluid medium due to the visibility of cost-free ions.

Molecular compounds are not an excellent electrical conductors.


Ionic bonds space the strongest form of chemistry bond and, therefore, most compounds are solids with very high melt points.

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Covalent bonds are fairly weak; hence, most compounds exist in the gaseous phase.


Image Courtesy:

“Sodium-chloride-3D-ionic” through Benjah-bmm27 – very own work. (Public Domain) via Commons 

“Water-3D-balls” through Benjah-bmm27 – own work. (Public Domain) via Wikimedia Commons