Smiling from ear come ear since your sisters or bestie just asked you come be her Matron the Honor? together the name suggests, it is one honor to it is in asked to play such critical role. 

But do you recognize what it actually means? 

What does a matron of honor do? What will you be responsible for? What space you intended to salary for?

Today, we’re diving deep into what it means to be a matron of honor. Examine out this list of matron of honor duties come learn exactly what you must do before and also during your friend’s wedding.

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What Is a Matron that Honor?

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A matron of honor is essentially the HBIC (head bridesmaid in charge). The fact is, that no various than being the maid that honor. The only difference is that a matron of respect is a married woman.

A the majority of brides have actually a maid of honor and a matron that honor, and it’s usually since they can’t pick just one girlfriend to it is in the MOH. As long as one of the bride’s near friends is married, she can quickly have two ladies of honor play special roles in her large day.

Not sure if girlfriend should have a matron and an MOH? Learn whatever you require to understand in our ultimate guide on How to have actually Two Maids that Honor.

Is the Matron the Honor an ext Important than the Maid of Honor?

The matron of honor is no much more important (or less important) 보다 the maid the honor. The job is exactly the exact same — the only real difference is the title.

And while you may not want to share the spotlight v a other bridesmaid, the truth is, gift a matron of honor alongside a fellow maid the honor in reality takes some of the burden off the you.

MOHs have a lot of responsibility, for this reason it’s great having who to re-publishing the workload with!

What walk the Matron of honor Do?

So what exactly is a matron of honor’s job?

Matron and maid of respect duties include:

Lending the bride your ear and being her assistance systemAssisting she if she decides to make DIY wedding favors or decorationsHelping her shop because that a wedding dressPlanning pre-wedding eventsActing together the allude person for guests top top the wedding day 

All of these are duties that the whole bridal party can take component in. However, together matron the honor, you will do it be the one the she depends on the most.

Note: It’s no necessarily the matron the honor’s task to help the bride through wedding planning. Part brides don’t want any aid with the part. But, you have to be all set to help out in instance she asks.

What occasions Does the Matron of respect Host?

Matrons and also maids of honor have traditionally been intended to plan specific pre-wedding events, consisting of the bridal shower and the bachelorette party.

And if you’re lucky enough to have actually a maid of respect by her side, friend can break-up the duties so every of girlfriend is responsible for planning one huge event.

As a married woman, you might not desire to it is in the one to setup a cheeky bachelorette party. And also that’s totally understandable — you can handle the bridal shower arrangements and also let the maid of honor take care of the bachelorette plans.

If you expecting a child and will be pregnant throughout the wedding, check out our arsenal of maternity bridesmaid dresses!

What go the Matron of honor Pay For?

If you’ve ever before been component of a wedding party before, you already know the there are rather a couple of costs you will do it incur. Here’s what matrons the honor deserve to expect to buy and also pay for:

A bridal shower head giftA wedding giftA part of the expense of the bridal showerA part of the expense of the bachelorette partyTravel expenses if the wedding is the end of town

The entire bridal party have to chip in ~ above the bridal shower and bachelorette party. Uneven you’ve got unlimited dollars come spend, create a budget plan that the entire bridal party is comfortable with and split the cost among the whole group.

Just since you’re the matron of honor doesn’t median you need to shoulder the entire cost for the events you plan!

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What walk the Matron of Honor execute on the Wedding Day?

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The bridal shower and bachelorette party room your moments to shine. The much better the party, the more happiness she’ll be the she determined you to take fee of these vital events! yet your real job is come be her right-hand-woman top top the large day.

Here are just a few of the things you have to be ready to perform on the wedding day:

Keep the bride calm!Be the go-between (along through the best man) for the bride and groom if they arrangement to send each various other love letters or gifts prior to the wedding ceremonyHold her bouquet while she claims her vowsGive a good maid of respect speech in ~ the wedding receptionDo anything rather she asks you to do, consisting of holding her dress as soon as nature calls!

As a matron that honor, you’ll easily learn the your duties never ever end. However that’s what makes it therefore fun! The bride is relying on you because she knows you deserve to handle it. She knows you’ll do everything it takes to do her wedding day walk off without a hitch.

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Our suggestion? do a checklist of your duties so friend don’t miss a beat!


Your occupational starts as shortly as your ideal friend asks you come be she matron the honor. Indigenous shopping for bridesmaid dresses to arranging her train to obtain those perfect “I Do” photos, your project doesn’t finish until the wedding is over.

But assumption: v what? It’s one of the finest jobs you’ll ever before have!

The most important thing to remember is this:

It’s no just around what friend pay for or what form of pre-wedding occasions you plan. It’s around being there because that her. 

So it is in her support system. It is in the shoulder she leans on once wedding planning gets tough. And, most of all, keep reminding her the she’s the many beautiful bride ever!

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