There are eight planets orbiting around the sun in our Solar System and also they space categorized right into inner and also outer planets. Each classification is characterized by certain planetary features and also characteristics which this article aims to list and also explain.

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Inner PlanetsOuter Planets
Mercury, Venus, Earth, and also MarsJupiter, Saturn, Uranus, and also Neptune
Heavy, slow-spinningLight, quick-spinning
Characterized by slim atmospheres and also high temperaturesCharacterized by thick atmospheres and cold temperatures


The inner and also outer planets are split by an asteroid belt

The inner planets are the planets in our Solar device that lied close to the sun. This planets are Mercury, Venus, Earth, and also Mars. Likewise called terrestrial planets, these planetary body are mostly made the end of hard materials and also various heavy metals such as nickel and also iron.

Inner planets are reasonably small in size and do not have actually rings. Scientists believe that inner planets were developed out that a huge cloud that gas and also dust referred to as a nebula. Together the nebula collapsed, many of these materials gathered in the facility to form the sun. The rest of the products rotated and contracted till they flattened into disks referred to as protoplanetary disks. The sun’s radiation swept the irradiate gas away while heavy materials in the protoplanetary disks ended up being planetesimals, i beg your pardon later developed into the within planets.

The within planets lie in ~ the asteroid belt and are identified by countless land features such as volcanoes, mountains, and also craters. Together inner planets room composed the rock and also heavy metals, they are heavy and also dense. These planets rotate progressively on their axis however travel quickly approximately the sun.

The outer planets room planets in our Solar system that are farther far from the sun. These space Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, and also Neptune. These room the light gases and also ice the were swept to the outer part of the protoplanetary decaying which formed into the external planets. Thus, external planets are greatly composed that gases such together helium and also hydrogen. External planets are huge, averaging 300,000 mile (480,000 kilometers) in diameter. Although these planets room big, their composition permits them come spin swiftly on their axis. A single day top top Jupiter is tantamount to just 10 earth hours. Due to the fact that of their street from the sun, external planets take much longer to orbit roughly it. For instance, Saturn bring away 29 planet years come circle the sun.

The outer planets usually have multiple moons; Jupiter has actually 63, Saturn has 60, Uranus has 27, and also Neptune is well-known to have actually 13 orbiting moons. This planets additionally have rings comparable to the rings around Saturn.

Inner vs external Planets

So what’s the in between inner and outer planets? The within planets space planetary bodies in our Solar device that orbit close come the sun. Additionally referred to together terrestrial planets, these space Mercury, Venus, Earth, and also Mars. The outer planets of our Solar system (i.e. Jovian planets) – specific Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, and Neptune – are the planets the lie the furthest from the sun.

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The inner planets are believed to have come from materials from a broke down nebula that developed near the sun. Rocks, heavy metals, and other hard materials comprise the composition of this inner planets. Other materials such together gas the was swept halfway throughout the Solar System created the outer planets. This is the key reason external planets are mostly made up of gases such together helium hydrogen, and methane.