While new garlic will constantly infuse the most flavor into a dish, it’s no an enig that garlic salt or garlic powder are the clean winners for added convenience.

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These alternatives are a lifesaver as soon as you must whip up a enjoy the meal or choose to throw in part garlic flavor as a topping to among your favourite dishes.

The battle of garlic flour vs. Garlic salt is a nearby call, as they’re both popularly offered to include flavor to various recipes. Furthermore, lock both have actually dehydrated garlic and sit adjacently come each various other on most grocery stores’ aisles. Nonetheless, it’s precious noting the garlic salt isn’t together strongly flavored as the powder counterpart.

After all, that a mix of salt and garlic powder. Top top the various other hand, garlic flour of fantastic quality is simply carefully ground dehydrated garlic. In this guide, we’ll discover the differences between the two, once to usage one over the other, and much more.


What Is Garlic Powder?

In a nutshell, the pulverized garlic. Do from new garlic that has been dehydrated, garlic powder is commonly soft neck garlic through a easier taste and also aroma. It can be stored for longer contrasted to the hardneck counterpart.

Once the garlic has been harvested, the cloves room peeled, sliced, and also heated to temperatures soaring as much as 320°F that gets to escape of most if no all the water content. The garlic deserve to then be sliced more or minced come the compelled size. Larger garlic particles room usually packaged as granulated garlic, vice versa, finer grinding is vital to do the garlic powder.

Contrary to new garlic, this powder has actually a longevity period of about four years and is quiet fit for consumption well ~ its expiration date. However, it may have lost a bit of its solid flavor. As soon as purchasing garlic powder, keep your eyes peeled for superior quality brands as the reduced quality choices may likewise have seasonings or additives quite than simply dehydrated garlic.

The just thing to be conscious of upon using garlic flour is that it won’t provide the same flavor if you add it straight to various other ingredients such together tomatoes. Nonetheless, you can get approximately this by merely measuring the specific amount that garlic you need using great food scale then pouring it right into some water because that a few minutes before including it come the marinara.

What Is Garlic Salt?

It’s nothing an ext than a mix of garlic powder and salt. Granted, this may sound simple. However, the enhancement of salt changes the whole application and concept that the ingredient. The seasonings of garlic powder and garlic salt space strikingly similar, except that one is diluted through salt, and also the other doesn’t.

Garlic salt contains around ¼ that garlic. Therefore, making use of garlic salt as a substitute for garlic flour ushers in the hazard of finishing up through a food that’s too many salt and unpleasant come consume. Furthermore, it’s worth noting that too much salt intake could bring about various ailments such as diabetes and high blood pressure. It just works as suitable substitute if you usage it sparingly and also carefully.

With the distinctive, satisfied kick, and also pungent flavor, garlic salt is perfect all-purpose seasoning for a boatload the recipes. However, in its absence or if you choose to shot out another type of seasoning, there’s variety of replacements because that garlic salt that you may have actually tucked far in your kitchen.

Other than garlic powder, a mix of kosher salt and also minced garlic gets the project done perfectly and spices up your dish. Once it concerns the quantity, one tespoon of garlic salt is same to around one teaspoon of minced garlic coupled v ¾ teaspoon of salt. Save in mind the this substitute pairs well through sautéed or roasted bowl such as honey balsamic chicken and also roasted root vegetables v brown butter.

Alternatively, if you’re prepare a homemade salad dressing, marinade, or soup, salt coupled v garlic juice renders a workable substitute because that garlic salt. Because that the juice extraction, usage a press to make garlic puree and place the in a strainer to suck the juice right into a bowl. Together a rule of thumb, ¾ tespoon of salt and also one teaspoon of garlic juice will work-related wonders together the identical of 1 tespoon of garlic salt.

Pros of Garlic PowderEffective therapy for heart an illness and cholesterolA great immunity boosterEffective in minimizing cancer risks and also treating different cancersRich in vitamins and nutrients such as vitamin B6 and also C, magnesium, iron, protein, calcium, sodium, and also carbohydrates in the form of dietary sugar and also fiberLowers and also controls blood pressureBalances the level of cholesterol in the bodyCons that Garlic PowderWhile that ushers in countless health perks, garlic powder brings the danger of clinical complications, more so for anyone ~ above prescription medicationGarlic powder has actually a an effective smell that additionally causes poor breathPros the Garlic SaltTreatment and prevention the cancerRegularization of the body’s cholesterol levelsBalances off hypertensionAids in better digestionLowers the frequency that a typical coldIts antibacterial properties do it a powerful antibacterial and also a beast at warding off almost all varieties of infectionsCons the Garlic SaltMay cause bloating with excessive consumptionIt can reason an adverse reaction v inflammation medication such together Rofecoxib

Key features of Garlic Powder


Here’s a break down of the crucial attributes of garlic powder that make it the go-to alternative for a multitude the people.

Key functions of Garlic Salt

We’ve rounded increase the main attributes of garlic salt.

It’s make from a mix of one part garlic powder, a dash of an anti-caking agent, and three-part salt. Therefore, this shows that garlic powder represents a fourth of any type of garlic flour portion.The anti-caking certified dealer in garlic salt avoids the salt granules indigenous clumsily difficult to the garlic in a manner that destroys the texture of the mix. It, therefore, identify the last texture the the mix.Garlic salt draws the end the tastes in different foods in the exact same manner together salt and also throws the flavorful garlic spin into the mix. However, it especially falls brief on flavor, nutritional benefits, and aroma, compared to new garlic cloves.While it might be necessary, garlic salt is an insufficient garlic source for key that speak to for a comprehensive amount the garlic in their vital ingredients.

Garlic powder vs. Garlic Salt: Standout Features

While both substances space strikingly similar in assorted aspects, serving as flavors with a garlic flavor, a few differences set them apart.

Versatility: Here’s whereby garlic flour shines through. It remains advantageous in the lack of garlic salt. However, garlic salt cannot offer as a an excellent substitute because that garlic powder.Control: Garlic powder gives you more control over her salt and garlic contents than garlic salt. Therefore, once using garlic salt, it’s difficult to action up the garlic smell in your dish by a couple of notches without increasing its saltiness. Similarly, girlfriend cannot rise the level that salt in your food without intensifying the taste that garlic. Contrarily, with garlic powder, girlfriend can regulate the parts of every or opt because that a different kind of salt.Health Benefits: while garlic salt and also garlic powder usher in plenty of medicinal perks once consumed in considerable proportions. Nevertheless, their downsides are mostly differential as a result of the existence of salt in among the substances. The no secret that salt has actually a couple of traits that degrade human being health. For instance, disproportionate salt usage has to be tied to the heightened likelihood that cardiovascular ailments and also increased blood pressure. Together a result, this makes garlic flour the healthier option of the two.

To Wrap it Up

In the garlic flour vs. Garlic salt debate, it’s evident that both contain dehydrated garlic. While both are fast and also easy come use and perfect for a vast assortment of cook applications, garlic salt has salt. Therefore, if friend only have room because that one seasoned in her kitchen pantry, climate garlic powder would be a far better investment.

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It not only permits you to use it together is but likewise offers much more versatility as you can add your preferred quantity. Friend can additionally use it as a seasoning. For instance, using garlic flour in baking is one of the most foolproof means of illustration out the affluent garlic flavor, contrasted to making use of garlic salt. However, if girlfriend don’t desire garlic in ~ the forefront of your dish, garlic salt is a an excellent option.