When you move on indigenous the much more common cheddar, Swiss, or mozzarella come what many speak to the "stinky" cheeses, it have the right to be challenging to know the difference. In the situation of feta cheese and also goat cheese, over there are plenty of distinctions.

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The biggest difference in between feta cheese and goat cheese is the type of milk they are made from. Goat cheese is, unsurprisingly, made completely with goat milk, if feta cheese deserve to be made completely from sheep"s milk, however can additionally have a small percentage that goat milk. If goat milk is used, it can"t make up much more than 30 percent that the cheese product, or the cheese deserve to no much longer be classified as feta cheese (via Panlasang Pinoy).

As far as feta goes, it has three types: French, Bulgarian, and also Greek. French feta cheese is made v 100 percent sheep"s milk often tends to it is in creamier than other varieties. Bulgarian feta is additionally made from 100 percent sheep"s milk, and also it"s additionally creamy, yet is saltier than French feta. Greek feta is taken into consideration "real" feta. As with the means that Champagne refers to sparkling wine made in the Champagne region, feta, as characterized by the europe Union, refers to Greek feta. This version is commonly made v a mix of sheep and goat"s milk, through a relationship of 70 percent or much more of sheep"s milk. It is really creamy and also salty (via Tastessence).

Both cheeses have actually slightly various nutrition profiles as well. Feta cheese contains probiotics — in various other words, a form of bacteria that can kill harmful bacteria, such together E. coli or Listeria (via Healthline). It likewise contains more cholesterol, sodium, and carbohydrates 보다 goat cheese. However, goat cheese is higher in calories and saturated fat than feta cheese.

Many civilization like or dislike certain varieties of cheese since of their texture. While goat and also feta cheese are comparable in texture, feta cheese often tends to it is in chunkier if goat cheese is usually much more crumbly.

When it concerns taste, there are likewise some differences. Feta cheese is salty and also can be a little bitter. Goat cheese is even saltier 보다 feta, v a flavor much more similar come cream cheese.

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The price of cheese deserve to play a far-ranging role in the form consumers pick to purchase. Feta cheese, i m sorry is usually an ext readily obtainable than goat cheese, is usually less expensive. However, goat cheese has become much more available recently, which has caused it come drop in price. While castle are an in similar way priced, goat cheese is still commonly slightly an ext expensive 보다 feta cheese. 

If you"re feather to shot one or both, these types of cheeses space generally accessible in the gourmet cheese ar of any kind of grocery store.