While both are commodities of recorded music released because that promotional purposes there is a difference in between mixtape and album jobs which we space going to look at in detail.

In today’s digital landscape service providers such together Apple music, Spotify and Tidal carry out music streaming solutions to enhance their consumer insatiable appetite for new music. Because that the most component this requires artists release albums come the platform and also not mixtapes because of the mixtapes not being official releases associated to a document label.

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This for most human being is a clean indicator that the subtle yet apparent difference between mixtape and album projects. Because that example, consumers will certainly be cost-free to stream Lil Wayne’s Carter series albums on certain streaming solutions while Da drought mixtapes probably unavailable.

What’s even more interesting is that now artists in the i know well hop neighborhood are proceeding to name jobs with initial music “mixtapes” which would be understood as albums a couple of years ago, which further adds come the confusion about this topic.


Here is the difference between an Album & Mixtape


What is an album?


Typically, one album is created due come contractual agreements in which an artist guarantees to deliver new music to a record label which will certainly then it is in marketed, distributed and also sold to the masses.

The album is viewed as an all-round experience with whatever being intertwined together from the tune structure and style, album cover, music production, selected guest attributes to the tour. Albums is exactly how an artist reflects growth, experimentation, storytelling abilities and also musical influences which are all important aspects in hip hop culture.

To amount it up,

Albums contain original music and also normally have actually 7-10 songs.They are commercial products easily accessible in digital formats, CD or Vinyl.Samples should be cleared if one artist choose to usage existing music in their work.Artists have the possibility to offer merchandise linked to the album.

Album sales are recorded and given an sector standard rating such together certified gold or Platinum. Streams additionally count together sales and first week numbers are likewise recorded.

The artist will additionally follow details protocols and procedures when gearing up to release an album which tends to it is in recording, transforming album in to the label, marketing the album and also release date, offering the album & walking on nationwide or worldwide tours to support the album.

Record labels have an invested attention in albums as multiple components go into ensuring the job succeeds i m sorry is no the case when it involves mixtapes.


What is a mixtape?


A mixtape is a compilation the pre-existing music taped over by an artist because that 2 different reasons

Established Artists – for the developed artists mixtapes are created to generate buzz approximately their upcoming album, introduce brand-new artists ~ above their record label & carry out fans v music unofficially without any type of legal obligations to a label.

Upcoming artists – for artists wanting to acquire exposure in the music sector mixtapes are developed in bespeak to construct an underground pan base, display screen lyrical ability & many importantly present themselves come the masses. For example, think the J Cole’s very first mixtape the warm up released back in 2007, this enabled J Cole the freedom as one artist come showcase his skills, construct a fan base & get more awareness which would eventually result into the signing a deal with Jay-Z.

Regardless as to whether a mixtape is created by J Cole or her next-door neighbour make the efforts to make it in the music industry these frequently tend to it is in free.

Sites such as datpiff, livemixtapes, YouTube and also SoundCloud enable for quick uploads direct to the customer to hear to the music at your disposal

To sum it up,

Mixtapes are usually freeDo not function a command singleAre a compilation of pre-existing music taped over by another artistUsed to create buzz & construct fan baseUsually no legal obligations linked to a record labelSongs on a mixtape perform not require to complement each other sequence wiseAllows an artist 100% an imaginative control


The grey area the the mixtape


Now the you understand the difference between mixtape and album projects it have to be worth noting there room grey locations surrounding this discussion.

In hip hop this day multiple artists space labelling brand-new original music mixtapes and also by our meaning these would certainly be thought about albums, i m sorry raises the question deserve to original music it is in mixtapes?

While it might be tough to pin allude exactly why particular artists select to perform so we are going to take an educated guess and also say this pattern proceeds to happen since the mixtape way artistic freedom, and also that enables artists to no feel press from doubters which is something that is unpreventable while recording an album.

Artists titling brand-new music mixtapes allows them to bring on the mixtape legacy which is to have fun, showcase lyrical capability without the included pressures that comes from albums such together deadlines, self-doubt, critics and also ultimately the marketing of documents to accomplish agreements.


Final Words

The mixtape has deep root in hip hop society and has developed over time. What at first started together blend & cut mixes by the DJ introducing artists trying to break the industry developed into mini artist albums thanks to 50 Cent.

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From the brand perspective that is business, indigenous a pan perspective it’s simply music on various platforms and also from the artist view making the conscious choice to provide the best possible work regardless regarding whether that a mixtape or album will be a priority.

We hope this write-up has allowed you to recognize the difference in between mixtape and album projects. Albums & mixtapes serve different purposes and also as lengthy as music is being consumed the 2 will co-exist!




Are mixtapes free?

Mixtapes space typically cost-free as they cannot be offered for a fee due to the nature the the recording. Mixtapes incorporate artists recording music over official pre-existing music which because of this cannot it is in sold. So, mixtapes are cost-free and have the right to be found online at datpiff, livemixtapes, YouTube and also SoundCloud

What is the purpose of a mixtape?

The mixtape serves multiple functions such together showcasing lyrical ability, building buzz and also fan base, enable 100% an imaginative freedom, introduce brand-new artists on brand & acquire signed to a major label.