Some world think functions and methods space same and also use the terms interchangeably. But, this two room slightly different. \"Methods belong to classes, structs, and enums, whereas functions do not.\"


Let\"s check out some differences in between a function and a method:

Functions have actually independent existence. You can specify them outside of the class.

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Methods execute not have independent existence. Lock are always defined within a class, struct, or enum.
Functions space the properties of structured languages prefer C, C++, Pascal and object based language like JavaScript. Note: there is no principle of duty in Java.Methods space the properties of Object-oriented language prefer C#, Java, Swift etc.
Functions don\"t have any reference variables.Methods are dubbed using referral variables.
Functions space a me describing piece of code.Methods are used to manipulate circumstances variable that a class.
Functions are dubbed independently.

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Methods are referred to as using circumstances or object.

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