If you’re not familiar with the Mandela Effect, it’s basically as soon as your brain creates false memories, making you think you’ve seen, heard, or known certain things that room in fact completely untrue. Remember thinking the Berenstain bears were in reality the Berenstein Bears? That’s the Mandela Effect. How around spelling Looney Tunes together Looney Toons? You gain the picture. The Mandela result is called for the false storage some civilization share of Nelson Mandela dying in prison in the 1980s, once in truth he passed away in 2013.

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Twitter user
NickHintonn gave us one more crazy instance of the Mandela result last Friday once he pointed out that the Fruit the the loom logo, which functions various fruit in prior of a little bit of environment-friendly foliage, absolutely doesn’t have actually a cornucopia, regardless of people really much believing it did.

The Fruit that the loom logo has never had a cornucopia in the background!! This is another mind bending Mandela Effect. The ‘real’ logo just doesn’t feel ideal to me. Pic.twitter.com/dvF8nQgAIT

— Nick Hinton (
NickHintonn) October 4, 2019

“The Fruit that the impend logo has never had a cornucopia in the background!! This is an additional mind-bending Mandela Effect. The ‘real’ logo simply doesn’t feel right to me,” the wrote.

Hinton determined to destruction a tiny deeper, unearthing a history of the Fruit the the Loom logo dating all the means back come 1893. No incarnation of the brand’s logo design ever had a cornucopia, so every little thing we’ve ever before known is a lie. That, or we’ve to be transported from one more dimension in i beg your pardon the cornucopia was undoubtedly present.

History of Fruit the the Loom’s logo design pic.twitter.com/JGxkIHmHRx

— Nick Hinton (
NickHintonn) October 4, 2019

Hinton even discovered a newspaper recommendation to a variation of the logo with a cornucopia and also an to apologize (the visibility of i m sorry can’t it is in proven), top him to question whether it might be “residue indigenous the other timeline.”

It wasn’t long before the responses began rolling in, with basically everyone admitting the their minds have been blown by establish they’d been imagining the Fruit that the Loom logo design wrong usually their entire lives.

“This is the first Mandela effect to get me. WTF?” one user wrote.

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Another added in frustration, “Ugh, why carry out you perform this to me Twitter?”

Residue native the other timeline? pic.twitter.com/FFQpS3ALfi

— Nick Hinton (
NickHintonn) October 4, 2019

After reading this, one thing’s for sure: you can’t to trust your brain to tell friend the truth. What the hell?!

My shirt has actually without the cornucopia pic.twitter.com/FbpNeENiMw

— Ichiikuu Ichimoku (
Ichiikuu) October 4, 2019

The mandella impact is whack, cant it carry out something cool like adjust my bank account number, “oh wow i coulda sworn i only had actually $5 how’d this 100,000 obtain in there” thats the mandella effect i need

— Jordan (
JordanBerryII) October 6, 2019

I psychic there gift a cornucopia. World asking what is this claimed to average or prove… Personally, what i have learned is the it shows proof that the universe has actually dimensions/realities the branch off and also time is no really linear. Many “realities” exist at once.

— anon | #SaveTheOA (
MyBroJoe) October 4, 2019

I remember a commercial wherein dudes dressed as fruit were walking the end of the horn

— D(isg)ustin (
bloopiness) October 5, 2019

I specifically remember my elementary teacher teaching us about cornucopias due to the fact that we to be in November and also she said, “A cornucopia is the thing behind the fruit ~ above the Fruit the the loom underwear” and literally all the children went “OOOOhhhhhhh”