In this section, you will certainly learn just how to transform fractions right into decimals, through ( dfrac58 ) as an example.

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Once you gain the ideas in place, girlfriend will likewise learn exactly how to fix the practice interactive inquiries at the end of this lesson.

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Lesson Plan

1.How To compose 5/8 together a Decimal?
2.Tips and also Tricks
3.Solved examples on 5/8 as a Decimal
4.Interactive concerns on 5/8 together a Decimal
5.Challenging questions on 5/8 as a Decimal

The portion ( dfrac58 ) is a proper fraction, together the numerator is less than the denominator.

It deserve to be representedthrough the below-given diagram:


To transform the fraction( dfrac58 ) as a decimal number we use the adhering to steps:

Step 1

Write the given portion in long division format.

Here 8 is the divisor and 5 is the dividend.



The long division is lugged subsequently, which provides the output of ( dfrac58 ) as a decimal.


As we see, department leaves remainder 0 offering a quotient 0.625

Hence ( dfrac58 ) together a decimal is given as 0.625

What is ( frac58 ) together a Decimal and also Percent?

5/8 together a Decimal Number

( dfrac58 )as a decimal pointis offered as 0.625

The fraction ( dfrac58 ) as a decimal rounded to two digits will certainly be 0.63The decimal number 0.625 lies in between 0.62 and 0.63


The fraction( dfrac58 ) as a decimal number is 0.625 which can be converted from decimal to fraction in the following way:


( frac58 ) together Percent

To create any portion as percent, just multiply the fraction by 100

( dfrac58 imes 100)

The value of portion can be composed as ( dfrac5008)

The fraction ( dfrac5008 ) is simplified as ( dfrac1252 ) i m sorry can additional be convert to a decimal.


The fraction ( dfrac58 ) deserve to be written as 62.5%


Tips and also Tricks

How do You Make( frac58 ) into a Percent?

The portion ( dfrac58 ) deserve to be expressed into percent in 2 ways:

Method 1: multiply the fraction directly through 100Method 2: convert the fraction to a decimal number and also then multiplying it by 100

Method 1:Multiplying the fraction directly by 100

The fraction ( dfrac58 ) is directly multiplied by 100, which gives 62.5%

Method 2:Converting the fraction to a decimal number and also then multiply it through 100

The fraction( dfrac58 ) is converted to decimal which gives the worth 0.625

On multiplying the converted worth to 100 us get,

( 0.625 imes 100 = 62.5%)

Solved Examples

Example 1

Jenny, Kaley, Penny and Amy ordered 1pizzafor themselves each. If every one can eat just five-eighth of their pizzas, what is the percentage of pizza spend by each?



Each one of them can eat just five-eighth of your pizzas.

Five-eighth together a decimal suggest is 0.625

To discover the percentage of pizza spend by each among them, multiply the decimal value to 100

The derived value is 62.5%

( herefore) Each one of them ate just 62.5% of your pizza.

Example 2

Claire experienced somestatistical data that check out that85 the end of 136 people prefer gift awake in ~ night than waking increase early. Assist her uncover the percentage of people who favor waking up at an early stage in morning.



85 out of 136 peopleprefer being awake at night. This shows the fraction ( dfrac58) prefersbeing awake in ~ night.

The portion of people who favor being awake in ~ night is provided as,

( dfrac58 imes 100 = 62.5%)

The percentage of world who choose waking up at an early stage is given as,

(100- 62.5= 37.5)

( herefore) 37.5% people prefer waking up early on in morning.
Example 3

What will Valerie provide the answer for below given questions?

( dfrac58 ) together a decimalrounded turn off to 2 decimal places.( dfrac58 ) as a decimal point expressed in percentage and its nearest rounded turn off value.


Valerie will resolve the concerns in the complying with way:

( dfrac58 ) as a decimal rounded off to two decimal places:

( dfrac58 ) can be composed as a decimal as 0.625


Valerie to know 0.625 lies between 0.62 and also 0.63.Any decimal number which ends in 5 gets rounded turn off to next higher number.

( dfrac58) together a decimal rounded off to 2 decimal places offers value 0.63

Part 2: ( dfrac58) together a decimal allude expressed in percentage and its nearest rounded off value.

The fraction( dfrac58) together a decimal allude expressed in portion is provided as 62.5%

To round off this worth to its nearest value, the worth is rounded turn off to 63%, due to the visibility of 5 in the end.

( herefore) The answers provided by Valerie will certainly be:


2. 63%

Interactive Questions

Here room a couple of activities because that you come practice.

Select/Type your answer and also click the "Check Answer" button to check out the result.


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Frequently Asked questions (FAQs)

1. What is ( dfrac920 ) together a decimal?

( dfrac920 ) together decimal is 0.45