MxPx prefer Sand through The Hourglass... So room The job Of our Livesso are the days of out lives'it seems like every time i get something goingit falls apart right in my handsit seems like every time i get it figured out andi have no doubt, that's when i'm farthest from the truthmy world is breaking down around mei see my destroyed world in front of meany and every thing i trustedi weep for my world disgustedi always learn the hard way, there ain't an easy way to learnthat's what i've learnedwas i tought the right things tought the right?i don't know and that is all i know

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MxPxTeenage PoliticsAlbum songs1.Sugarcoated poison Apple2.Do & Don"t3.Teenage Politics4.Punk Rawk Show5.The the contrary Of Intellect6.False Fiction7.Falling Down8.Money Tree9.Rainy Day10.Like Sand v The Hourglass... So are The work Of Our resides (Modify)11.Democracy12.Something More13.Different Things14.Misunderstanding15.Study Humans16.Inquiring Minds want To Know17.I"m The poor Guy18.Americanism19.Delores
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