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April 1967

Introduction: Satan’s favorite TV ShowBarnabas Collins shows up at the White home to frighten underprivileged children.

Episode 210: Opening package We break into the mausoleum, uncover the an enig room and open the mystery box.

Episode 211: assumption: v Who’s comes to Dinner Jason access time the cemetery and also makes a new friend.

Episode 212: The Collins Blood We find out several factors why girlfriend shouldn’t pat in a haunted house.

Episode 213: I’m Upset around SomethingI describe why Dark Shadows is as with Melrose Place, Happy Days and Family Matters. But in a good way.

Episode 214: an extremely Much AliveBarnabas talks around pyramids and also plaster for a while. Then he loses track of what he’s talking around and never really recovers.

Episode 215: Where’s Willie?Somebody’s going around perforating cows, and Jason’s walking to obtain to the bottom the it.

Episode 216: ns Don’t destruction You OutWe get instances of various acting techniques, including backacting and also pretending come be fear of portraits.

Episode 217: Not sufficient Vampire in your Vampire ShowJason gives his professional opinion re: eight blood, we think about the consequences of dude-on-dude vampire action, and Stanley Kubrick gets a an excellent idea.

Episode 218: Madman through a BoxRoger opens and also closes doors, Jason dram Where’s Willie, and also Barnabas hangs out under the boom mic for a while.

Episode 219: Addled QuacksRoger talks to Willie, Jason, Sheriff Patterson and Dr. Woodard. The illustration stops when he runs out of people to it is in sarcastic to.

May 1967

Episode 220: never ever Drink WineWillie demonstrates a usual soap opera malady dubbed EPCP, or excessive Pre-Commercial Pausing. It’s important!

Episode 221: an enig DateMaggie meets a tall, dark stranger, and also Barnabas gets cane-blocked.

Episode 222: whom It WasBarnabas makes a social call, and we learn why castles don’t gain stormed really often. Also, Sam Evans has 22 words come say; let’s watch how countless he can remember prior to the end of the scene.

Episode 223: The Me/You funny GapThe AFTRA strike of April 1967 takes its toy fee on the Dark Shadows cast, together Liz putters around, Burke sets his wristwatch, and also David complains around the air.

Episode 224: The late ShiftDavid hears dogs, Jason makes insinuations, and Maggie has some nice sweet dreams.

Episode 225/226: Fangs for Nothing The finish of today’s episode is a large exciting milestone, which they screw up completely. Also: Barnabas, Sam and also Burke play dialogue chicken.

Episode 227: ailing DayMaggie feeling drained this morning. Us go through the Dracula checklist, plus: triple backacting.

Episode 228: Those things in that RoomWhat things? girlfriend know, those things in that room in the basement. What room? and also so on.

Epsiode 229: Thirst world ProblemsMaggie’s shed a the majority of blood. She’ll probably uncover it in the last location she looks.

Episode 230: The Transylvania TwistMaggie’s in a cemetery v a vampire and also a fog machine and a brand brand-new hairstyle.

Episode 231: Bedside MannersThe medical professional regenerates, and we break brand-new ground in the field of recaps. Also: I have actually a question for women.

Episode 232: Just add WaterA bunch the recap conversations, to add a thunderstorm.

Episode 233: every WetIt’s raining, so Vicki and Carolyn sit around in the illustration room and talk about how fear they are.

Episode 234: Adventures in BabysittingDr. Woodard tells Sam that Maggie’s walking to it is in hit by a car. Or something. Ns wasn’t yes, really paying attention.

Episode 235: The wait RoomMaggie loses blood, and also then Dr. Woodard loser Maggie.

Episode 236: extreme MakeoverMaggie’s disappeared indigenous the hospital, yet the many pressing questions are: Why is over there a camera in the hallway, and why go everybody keep touching Sam?

Episode 237: Cold CaseSheriff Patterson was up all night trying to find Maggie. Now he’s sitting on the couch and also talking about how discouraged he is.

Episode 238: Unreal EstateVicki and also Carolyn simply walk right right into the Old House and look around. This is technically suspenseful yet you have to be nice generous about it.

Episode 239: local Girl Mysteriously DisappearsAn undead ghoul indigenous the 18th century kidnaps a waitress native the regional coffee shop, puts her in his dead girlfriend’s wedding dress and takes she on a make-believe date. Partnership status: It’s complicated.

Episode 240: open up HouseWe evaluation the appropriate security protocol because that vampires who have actually a hypnotized girl ~ above the premises.

Episode 241: Mrs. SnuffleupagusAnother etiquette lesson because that the criminally insane: exactly how to react once you find uninvited guest hanging the end in your house with her brainwashed girlfriend.

Episode 242: A mystery in ScienceDr. Woodard think he’s walking to uncover out who kidnapped Maggie by looking at she blood tests. Burke is concerned, however not enough to psychic his lines previous sentence four. Let’s see what happens.

Episode 243: Blood DriveDr. Woodard shows up at the Old House and also asks Willie for another blood sample, which is a entirely normal thing that medical professionals do.

June 1967

Episode 244: Indecent ProposalThis episode is basically a series of escalating dares in between Liz and Jason, choose a very slow and also dramatic video game of chicken.

Episode 245: catastrophic MaladyAnother great example of how Barnabas takes end the show, by being way more exciting than anyone rather has ever before been.

Episode 246: household PlanningWe check out the an extremely last lawyer to show up on the present who doesn’t end up possessed by a witch. Also: 2 minutes spent opening and also closing doors.

Episode 247: I’m someone ElseBurke touch Sam again, Maggie invents thinks, and the director tries to number out how to shoot a scene where a get an impression man has a conversation while lie on his back in a coffin, there is no looking silly.

Episode 248: Damsel in This Dress Maggie walked indigenous Collinwood every the method down the hill to her father’s house, wearing a bright white wedding gown and also holding a pipe, and attracted no fist at all. What are civilization doing in Collinsport the they’re as well busy to notification that?

Episode 249: the Room with Those ThingsLiz and Jason ultimately let Carolyn and Roger right into that room in the basement, and everybody walks about on Paul’s grave.

Episode 250: exit StrategyMaggie the Vampire Slayer takes action, recruiting Willie right into helping she knock part sense into Barnabas.

Episode 251: nearby to killing YouWhat perform you do as soon as your abduction storyline has run that course? You take it the exact same girl and lock her up in a various room. It’s the simple!

Episode 252: how to destroy Your LifeCarolyn has a pleasant evening out through an agreeable and attentive young man. Everyone else needs to lighten the hell up.

Episode 253: Alive and also SomeplaceMaggie is quiet spitballing escape plans, while David continues his power as World’s Noisiest Intruder.

Episode 254: The Summer of LoveCarolyn has an additional awesome evening with her dreamboat beatnik boyfriend.

Episode 255: job Interview through the VampireBarnabas touch Maggie’s hand, and also without thinking, she recoils. That’s what we contact a career-limiting move.

Episode 256: falling DownLondon bridge is fallout’s down, falling down, fall down. London bridge is falling down, my fair lady.

Episode 257: Bachelor PartyJason has a quiet word v Carolyn’s boyfriend. That doesn’t go the well.

Episode 258: The Casual GhostMaggie renders a new friend, who happens to be a dead nine-year-old obsessed with singing “London Bridge”. Jealous?

Episode 259: cell BlockedCarolyn decides that now she’s the lead character in an educational short around juvenile delinquency.

Episode 260: The secret of mine Suspense It’s a Friday afternoon on the critical day the school, and also the Dark Shadows writers finally figure out what suspense means, simply in time to fear the hell the end of the kids.

Episode 261: larger on the InsideMaggie is discovered alive top top the beach, and Dr. Woodard comes up through a crazy idea: call everybody she’s dead, and hope for the best.

Episode 262: Feelin’ GloomyVicki tells everybody the Maggie is dead, individually and also in slow motion.

Episode 263: Don’t to speak AnythingVicki access time Maggie’s dad to view if parking it s her on his couch helps at all, with predictable results.

Episode 264: UnconscienceBarnabas faces off versus Jason, together the writers begin to number out how to keep the vampire on the show.

Episode 265: medical professional StrangeWe fall under the hypnotic spell of Doc-tor Hoff-man.

July 1967

Episode 266: jump StartPeople save walking approximately Elizabeth and also telling her what time that is. It’s no a surprise that she’s began considering suicide as one option.

Episode 267: The the very least TormentBarnabas and also Liz stand on a cliff and talk around life and also death, and also then Vicki and also Burke dance.

Episode 268: suicide Is PainfulElizabeth has made decision to kill herself. I don’t understand why the rest of us need to suffer, however that’s life, ns suppose.

Episode 269: loving the Monster Vicki do the efforts to talk Liz out of suicide, and also I try to number out why ns love this television present when ns can’t was standing the key character.

Episode 270: here Comes the BrideCarolyn is established to prevent her mother’s wedding. If anybody have the right to do it, she can.

Episode 271: I eliminated Paul StoddardThe wedding guests clear the room for a flashback to 1949, wherein Elizabeth choose up a poker and just walk what comes naturally.

Episode 272: Bourne Yesterday A procedural concern for Burke and Roger: Why room you shooting in ~ Jason? He has no history of violence, he’s unarmed, his earlier is turned, and also you’re guest at his wedding.

Episode 273: all These YearsBurke and the Sheriff go downstairs to destruction up some trouble.

Episode 274: The BachelorBarnabas and also Willie have actually one of their regular staff meetings, whereby they evaluation their progress and collection goals because that the following quarter.

Episode 275: The Last normal DayJason go treasure-hunting in a haunted house. That doesn’t go that well.

Episode 276: Crime ScenesIt’s Barnabas’ very first actual murder, which for a vampire is usually his bar mitzvah.

Episode 277: about the SunThis is the episode where Barnabas precise transitions native a psychopathic killer come a romantic love-triangle rival in the middle of a scene.

Episode 278: that Course! A Costume Party!Barnabas and also Willie arrangement a pleasant social engagement, because that is what vampires do.

Episode 279: Party AnimalsThe upcoming costume party pipeline everyone with vague, unexplained feelings of dread.

Episode 280: Costume DramaEveryone reflects up at Barnabas’ costume party, and there’s nothing to do yet sip claret cup and also talk about how much you look like dead people. Therefore obviously they have actually a seance.

Episode 281: genealogical ExercisesBarnabas throws a party to acquire closer to Vicki, yet then his ex-girlfriend mirrors up and also tells everyone what a jerk he is. I think we’ve all had nights favor that.

Episode 282: The check LifeJulia make the efforts to aid Maggie number out why she has that track stuck in she head.

Episode 283: role PlayingJulia and Dr. Woodard swap personalities, and it sticks that way.

Episode 284: medical professional WhoJulia speak her means into a lifetime invitation come Collinwood.

Episode 285: Kandor CrushThe chilling story that what happens as soon as the life dead involves your home to lend you a book.

Episode 286: Slumber PartyAnother instance of great Moments in Time-Filling: Vicki walks approximately Josette’s room for two minutes, bright candles and also then punch them the end again.

August 1967

Episode 287: note on Camp Julia can make more than 20 different facial expressions in 60 seconds. We comment on mythopoetic trickster-figures for a while, and also then it’s back to Julia making faces.

Episode 288: The UnreflectedJulia lies come everyone about everything.

Episode 289: that Hoffman WomanVicki and Carolyn talk about the weather, while Julia quiet takes end the show.

Episode 290: The old TruceSomething in the studio captures on fire during the show, and also they store the scene going. Seriously, that in reality happens. It’s amazing.

Episode 291: The AlchemistIn a excellent plot twist, Dr. Julia Hoffman uses Barnabas both a material and a spiritual relax from the vampire curse. This requires “purging the arterial system” and also other make-believe science phrases.

Episode 292: I know Who’s DeadJulia lies come Woodard, buy it tells David the Maggie isn’t dead, and also Vicki drops in love through a house. It’s less facility than the sounds.

Episode 293: UntouchedVicki is walking to store telling affluent guys about this residence that she likes until one of them ultimately buys it for her. This is a surprisingly effective strategy.

Episode 294: residence PartyVicki and also her two suitors walk approximately “the house” and also talk about “the past”. Meanwhile, the heart of a girl who died in the 18th century breaks Maggie the end of an insane asylum. It’s a weird show, is what I’m saying.

Episode 295: Nothing yet LiesThe thrililng advance today is that the present is now broadcast in beautiful, muddy, low-definition color. Today’s episode includes little cups of things, a one-sided phone call conversation and a prescription-strength medallion.

Episode 296: united Stakes Julia keeps lying come everyone, and then lamp a cigarette off among Barnabas’ candleabras. Julia is a rock star.

Episode 297: The honest TruthSarah access time Maggie, and also demands her doll back.

Episode 298: Dread AlertCarolyn, Liz and also Burke shuffle around an north house, and also then Julia come in and also lies to everybody again.

Episode 299: A human being LifeJulia is in love v Barnabas, but Barnabas wastes his time standing in the moonlight with somebody else.

Episode 300: The other WomanBoring, boring, boring, Julia scene, boring, boring.

Episode 301: Burke Devlin must DieBarnabas talks like a bond villain, and disputes Burke’s similes.

Episode 302: The SerpentBarnabas and Julia invest a quiet evening at home, chasing each other approximately the life room and asking daunting questions.

Episode 303: The back of mine MindBurke and also Dr. Woodard review the case, again.

Episode 304: Scooby-Doo should DieBurke stand behind a tree all night, the town hall the Old House. Climate he walk around and also asks civilization if they think Barnabas is a little bit odd.

Episode 305: Paranormal ActivityDavid take away a faster way through a Chromakey forest, on his way to a playdate at the crypt.

Episode 306: out of OrderSarah brings David to the mystery room in the mausoleum, because that no details reason except to collection up a story suggest for later this week.

Episode 307: complete RecallEverybody sits about in the Blue Whale and also does an epos recap the the last 2 months that the show.

Episode 308: In CirclesSam and Joe try to investigate what’s occurred to Maggie, and then Julia lies to everybody.

Episode 309: The Finger that SuspicionIt’s the critical day because that writer Malcolm Marmorstein, and he’s cooked up something distinct for us.

September 1967

Episode 310: GhostbustedDavid looks into his crystal round to discover out whereby Sarah is. It transforms out she’s in the last ar he observed her anyway.

Episode 311: A tomb of One’s OwnYoung man, you space giong to obtain trapped in that mystery room, and you’re going to continue to be there, whether it makes sense or not.

Episode 312: search PartyDavid is missing, critical seen trying to find Sarah. Barnabas doesn’t take it the news really well.

Episode 313: Old FriendsDavid’s tho locked increase in a dark room, yet there are lots of other things to look in ~ today.

Episode 314: A reasonable ExplanationJoe, Dr. Woodard and Maggie all believe that there’s gained to be a reasonable explanation for all of this.

Episode 315: between Sentiment and SurvivalThe main character of one increasingly famous daytime television display decides to killing a ten-year-old child.

Episode 316: The large BadBarnabas thinks that David knows the Barnabas is a vampire, yet he doesn’t, although David does understand that Barnabas think David knows much more than he’s saying that he knows, which that does.

Episode 317: The X-FilesSam and also Dr. Woodard are still walking around and also asking questions, prefer there’s any type of chance the they will ever learn anything.

Episode 318: amazing TimesBarnabas impulsively strangles Julia, and finds the end that “secret panel” does not necessarily average “soundproof”.

Episode 319: This ManiacDr. Woodard has actually a setup to capture this madman that’s terrorizing the town. It’s no a good plan, naturally, yet it’s quite to see him having fun.

Episode 320: This method Your LifeDavid has a Chromakey nightmare, when Julia and Willie try, as soon as again, to talk Barnabas out of death somebody.

Episode 321: What we Talk around When us Talk around GhostsIt’s Monday, which way that Barnabas has had actually the entirety weekend to think points over, and also he still has actually the very same stupid plan.

Episode 322: to Bite or no to BiteBarnabas do the efforts to number out if Julia has actually created a letter, or if she’s just lying again.

Episode 323: Fire in ~ WillGuess who ends up with five bullets in the back.

Episode 324: The wrong ManWe don’t have a vampire on the present today, yet we have actually the next best thing: an oil painting.

Episode 325: The Spirited ChildDavid looks at Barnabas’ portrait, and also freaks the hell out. Then Barnabas comes right into his bedroom and shows the a knife.

Episode 326: A Time prefer ThisThis article includes the following: goldfish, Nazis, Nick and also Nora, The City on the leaf of Forever, butter-colored pillowcases, German Expressionism, and also the line “This is just an ordinary medallion.”

Episode 327: David vs the Goldfish People The story the a young boy cursed through the capacity to remember things for much more than five seconds.

Episode 328: Look! A Ring!Once again, the slow progress of Barnabas’ moral breakthrough skids turn off the highway and also into a tree.

Episode 329: Willie Loomis should DieJulia has to decide even if it is to death Willie by remove his IV, or by smoking in his hospital room.

Episode 330: Twenty-two Minutes An examination of the five an easy types that Dark Shadows cliffhangers.

October 1967

Episode 331: Bat’s EntertainmentRoger and Barnabas’ scene is just one of those an excellent old-fashioned slow-motion disasters that make watching Dark Shadows together an invigorating experience.

Episode 332: Safe? Safe!Barnabas and Julia do another improv strangling scene, and also Sarah breaks the sound result rules.

Episode 333: Those Meddling KidsThe Scooby gang drives the Mystery device over to the Old House. It doesn’t go the well.

Episode 334: every Those Dead PeopleIf the internet had actually existed in October 1967, climate #nuBurkeFail would be trending this week.

Episode 335: The zero He CastsA psychiatrist defines to us that the entire display is a an allegory for itself.

Episode 336: talk ShowDr. Woodard channels Art Linkletter, and also discovers that ghost children say the darnedest things.

Episode 337: Time to KillDr. Woodard is the undisputed front-runner because that America’s next Vampire Victim.

Episode 338: Think favor a WomanA critique that what Barnabas supplies right currently as a potential life partner, namely: strangling and fretting.

Episode 339: The finish of EverythingDr. Woodard sneaks right into Julia’s room and also spends pretty lot the entire episode trying to find her notebook.

Episode 340: Dave Woodard must DieDr. Woodard has actually opened up another box.

Episode 341: The Night of the DoctorBarnabas and also Julia death Dr. Woodard. Sorry, ns should have said spoiler alert.

Episode 342: shadow of the BatBaffling scene featuring world wearing baffling outfits.

Episode 343: The ApparatusJulia cranks up the foolish science, and Barnabas do the efforts to obtain a love triangle going.

Episode 344: HauntedEveryone is worried around David.

Episode 345: rest in PiecesVicki gets some negative news around Burke.

Episode 346: The Shipping NewsWe take a look at the function of “love” in an open-ended narrative. Also: why girlfriend can’t send Julia to the farm.

Episode 347: mad ScienceJulia claims it’s too early on for the vampire cure, but Barnabas insists they walk ahead v it. What could possibly go wrong?

Episode 348: Mission AccomplishedBarnabas and also Julia fire up the device for an additional round of foolish science.

Episode 349: an enig Aging ManBarnabas has actually been a person for, like, ten seconds, and all he deserve to do is complain.

Episode 350: the personality is bad Old ManIf Barnabas wants to look at young again, then he requirements to drink somebody’s blood. Two candidates present themselves.

Episode 351: The thankful DeadCarolyn has actually a post-biting leave interview.

Episode 352: Disturbed ChildrenIt’s Halloween 1967, and also Carolyn celebrate by waking David up early and also telling him lies.

November 1967

Episode 353: The “I have a Dream” SpeechCarolyn is suspicious the Julia’s been hypnotizing Vicki ~ above the sly.

Episode 354: Haunted house of CardsJulia hypnotizes Vicki again, and leads her all the means over come the Old house basement and back. I don’t know why she can’t do every one of these in one trip.

Episode 355: Julia Hoffman should DieBarnabas decides that he needs to kill Julia… eventually.

Episode 356: to win the ClockJulia has whole mansion full of hiding places, yet she decides to hide her notebook in the middle of Collinwood’s busiest transportation hub.

Episode 357: When human beings Collide There’s a brand-new writer ~ above the show, and he’s lugged a friend.

Episode 358: boy Meets GhoulA seafarer suit, a very first date, a hypodermic needle and the mystery magic number of the universe.

Episode 359: Love and also DeathThis episode poses the vital etiquette problem: how crazy deserve to a home guest be, prior to you start carelessly leave train schedule around, and talking about how nice that is in Boston currently of year?

Episode 360: stunner Lady on the LooseThe people of Collinsport are living their lives in peace, until: sudden-onset crazy lady.

Episode 361: The One wherein Julia Loses her Mind I can’t watch this episode objectively, for this reason I speak to in backup.

Episode 362: The day AfterThis is the thing about Julia: she goes to eleven. And she doesn’t also work her means up come it — today, she starts at eleven, and also builds indigenous there. Twelve is an option.

Episode 363: Anyone however YouThe vampire, the doctor, the lawyer, the governess, the niece and the tiny boy who talks to dead people. For months, they’ve been scrambling roughly each other, and it’s time to lug this era that the display to a close.

Episode 364: boom Goes the DynamiteBarnabas thinks that every little thing will be fine, now that Sarah’s come back. He requirements to shift out of the idea in a hurry.

Episode 365: closing TimeThe Collins family has a problem, and once again, there’s just one point to do: hold a seance, and also talk to the dead.

Episode 366: The Phantom MenaceVictoria Winters begins a strange and terrifying journey right into the past, which will certainly redefine the show and also reboot the main characters.

Episode 367: do HistoryVicki wakes increase from a strange dream, and finds the end that it’s true: she yes, really is stuck in 1795, and everyone hates her.

Episode 368/369: A angry WomanHere comes trouble: Angelique come at the Old House, and nothing will ever before be the same.

Time Travel, component 1: Mist Opportunities A pre-emption Thanksgiving special! us travel with time come 1991, to watch the first episode the the Dark Shadows revival.

Episode 370: A mrs ScornedAngelique is angry, and you know what that means. It’s a negative day to it is in a toy soldier.

Episode 371: cursed the TorpedoesVicki make the efforts to number out exactly how time travel works. This is not a typical soap opera question.

Episode 372: one more CountryAngelique casts a order on Ben Stokes, forcing him to work for her. Now the guy has actually two bosses that he can’t stand.

Episode 373: The devil Wears PradaIt’s Ben’s an initial day on the job, and Angelique has actually some ambitious first-quarter objectives. Also: hat parties.

Episode 374: The Wedding PresenceBen was standing by together Angelique delivers an additional spontaneous TED talk about how amazing she is.

December 1967

Episode 375: danger LiaisonsAngelique stage-manages Josette and also Jeremiah’s infidelity.

Episode 376: card TricksThe story’s stuck in neutral for a day, therefore Natalie busts the end the tarot cards together a plot accelerator.

Episode 377: rate DatingLove is in the air, together Josette and also Jeremiah are drawn together by a spell, and also Nathan falls head over heels because that Millicent’s money.

Episode 378: Resistance Is Useful Angelique transforms Joshua into a cat. This episode has something because that everyone, especially human being who choose deeply goofy tv shows.

Episode 379: Nine resides to LiveNathan come on to Vicki, and Joshua is quiet a cat.

Episode 380: other Borrowed Barnabas and also Josette have actually a traditional soap opera wedding.

Episode 381: Runaway BrideAs Barnabas is searching in the woods for Josette and Jeremiah, that runs throughout some black box speculative theater.

Episode 382: A Witch in TimeAbigail is certain that there’s miscellaneous strange about the cat, and there’s other strange around Vicki. She is one hundreds percent correct.

Episode 383: The Newlywed Game Ladies and gentlemen, please join me in toasting the happy couple, together they reap their very first and just dance together Mr. And also Mrs. Jeremiah Collins.

Episode 384: Life after ~ LoveBarnabas has a duel v Jeremiah, and he asks the huge question that blows the totality family come pieces.

Episode 385: The end of HistoryReverend Trask accuses Vicki of gift a witch, and then he simply stands there and also hollers at she for the remainder of the episode.

Episode 386: Make like a TreeReverend Trask lies Vicki to a tree and leaves her there. I know, it sounds crazy, but let’s watch where he’s going with this.

Episode 387: reality or DareAngelique and Reverend Trask get along prefer a residence on fire. Have actually you ever seen a residence that’s top top fire?

Episode 388: The negative IdeasBarnabas has actually a lot of feelings around Josette and also Jeremiah’s marriage. Angelique is more than likely not the finest person come share lock with.

Episode 389: It’s ComplicatedAngelique is disappointed with Barnabas again, and when she has hurt feelings, she tends to to speak it v voodoo.

Episode 390/391: The PrincessBarnabas tries come weasel the end of his promise to marry Angelique.

Time Travel, component 2: Blood, Sweat and TearsA pre-emption Christmas special! we travel v time come 1991, to clock the second episode that the Dark Shadows revival. The sunlight shines all night, subtext is dead, and I finally define the real reason why Dan Curtis do House the Dark Shadows.

Episode 392: Christmas Stalking“Fear not! for behold, I carry you tidings of great joy, which shall it is in to all my people.”

Episode 393: Tell castle We space RisingThere’s tho 10 months till George Romero invents zombie — so what’s that crawling the end of Jeremiah’s grave?

Episode 394: rule of EngagementAngelique can make the dead increase from their graves, she can speak a word and also stop a man’s heart — yet nobody can attend to Abigail.

Episode 395: cleaning HouseThe finest thing around 1795 is that there’s no shortage of yelling.

January 1968

Episode 396: conversation of the DeadAngelique woke up Zombie Jeremiah, and also now that can’t get ago to sleep.

Episode 397: mr of the FliesAngelique is still gift haunted by Z-Jay.

Episode 398: No rest for the WickedSpecial guest blogger Charlie Mason gets all up in Angelique’s face.

Episode 399: Hide and SeekWe spend a totality episode in search of Vicki, and when they acquire up to her room, she isn’t even there. Typical.

Episode 400: Playing through FireAngelique and also Reverend Trask just go ahead and burn under the entirety damn show.

Episode 401: BewitchedDarrin wonders what life would certainly be choose if he and also Angelique had actually never met.

Episode 402: arrangement ABarnabas decides that the best means to attend to his troubles is to poison his wife’s sherry.

Episode 403: but I loved You, and Other ExcusesBarnabas is stop a knife come Angelique, and she’s quiet doing a sales pitch.

Episode 404: five My God, Vicki Is an Idiot Vicki has actually been accused the witchcraft, and she’s no super fitted to safeguard herself. Special a special appearance through the Worst Actor that Ever appeared on Dark Shadows.

Episode 405: ever before AfterIt’s Curse Day! Barnabas shoot Angelique, and also she curses him through eternal life.

Episode 406: Unbreak mine HeartBen walks right into the Old House, and finds both that his employers bleeding the end on the carpet.

Episode 407: Bram Stoker’s ns Love Lucy Put-upon Angelique battles with those stubborn post-murder-attempt bloodstains, and also then who should come along but her mother-in-law!

Episode 408: A Compromising PhysicianAnother clinical school dropout makes a haunted house call.

Episode 409: SpoilersJosette and also Natalie get their hands on an illustration guide.

Episode 410: NightfallBut first, on planet as vampire sent, her corse shall from its tomb be rent: then ghastly haunt thy native place, and suck the blood of every thy race.

Episode 411: various other People’s BloodWe open the an enig box when again, and also something destructive is loosed ~ above the world.

Episode 412: You’ve got to believe MeVicki is gift tried follow to the producers of soap opera justice, which means that everybody needs to say every little thing they think the end loud, till someone starts come cry and then the attempt is over.

Episode 413: The brand-new BlackSarah runs out of the house in she pajamas, and runs every the method to the Eagle Hill cemetery, which is reportedly in her front yard.

Episode 414: That thing You DoBarnabas goes under to the docks for a bite come eat. It’s been a unstable week for the women of Collinsport.

Episode 415: close up door the LoopAs we begin today’s episode, sarah Collins is alive. Remain tuned for much more updates ~ above this arising situation.

Episode 416: stone ColdAnother day, another funeral, plus a vampire self-destruction pact. Call me crazy, yet I think the display has end up being a small morbid lately.

Episode 417: also SoonThis is the 2nd of three right Sproat scripts, and it’s obtaining me down. Special the return of ours old friend, the practically Rooster.

Episode 418: A Dark and Stormy Night (Varney the Vampire, part 1)I can’t take another episode through Ron Sproat, so i go to my emergency backup plan — the landmark 1840s vampire coin dreadful, Varney the Vampire.

February 1968

Episode 419: lose My NumberJosette gets clingy, and I define why Twilight is the worst story in the world.

Episode 420: The Stalking DeadA cap walks in, and also under the hat is Suki Forbes.

Episode 421: Bird PlanesJosette wakes up v a track in her heart, and a brand-new neck wound.

Episode 422: Confining WomenRon Sproat finds another excuse come lock a mrs in a room. He need to probably try to construct other interests.

Episode 423: TwistedWhat Dark Shadows lacks in romance, it makes up for in insane plot contrivances. Below are numerous of them, in a row.

Episode 424: pursued By a BearIt’s pure chaos about here, v subplots just ricocheting anywhere the place.

Episode 425: jump StreetJosette takes a paris leap.

Episode 426: Rosencrantz & GuildensternThe royal family members thinks they’re for this reason great, however the B-story go away with today’s episode.

Episode 427: Disorder in the CourtHear ye, listen ye! The Collinsport imagine Witchcraft Court is currently in session.

Episode 428: Duel that YourselfFeaturing an explanation the why soap operas can’t do a decent murder mystery storyline.

Episode 429: Destruction, EverywhereDark Shadows single-handedly invents cut fiction, plus: Barnabas comes up v his really worst idea ever.

Episode 430: Dark ConquestAt a particular point, one of two people your present is walk to carry out a two-part illustration at Disney human being or it’s not.

Episode 431: The Catcher in the RyeBarnabas Collins, the eternal moody adolescent, moves ago into his parents’ basement.

Episode 432: The period of KaijuWe’ve spent three month investigating Barnabas’ past. What’s his future going to be?

Episode 433: regulation of the JungleIt transforms out that some TV mirrors know exactly how to do trial scenes, and also some simply don’t.

Episode 434: under Our Throats Nathan lied. You want to understand why. That concern doesn’t get an ext interesting just due to the fact that you’ve relocated to the various other side of the room.

Episode 435: following Stop KansasThis is the third trial illustration in a row. I think it’s time because that Dorothy come wrap things up and head back home.

Episode 436: Quivering through Emotion (Varney the Vampire, part 2)I get a day release from witchcraft jail.

Episode 437: There’s just UsShe’s female, she’s in a stressful situation, she’s expressing how she feels, and also it’s 1968. What do you think wake up next?

Episode 438: traction Me to HellBarnabas opened up his strength of Darkness membership kit, and also found a bunch of brand-new tricks for tormenting world he disapproves of.

Episode 439: Something around That HateIt’s February 1968. The Beatles room going come India to study Transcendental Meditation. And also yet the single most popular television display for young females is around a male planning to assassinate a Reverend. Exactly how is that possible?

March 1968

Episode 440: The Seven habits of Highly effective VampiresBarnabas requirements to discover one that the basic rules the crime: If you’re walk to go out and also attack people, leave your identifiable accessories at home.

Episode 441: Weekend in ~ Maudie’sThe display goes from the man to the sublime — or, in this case, indigenous the man to the even much more ridiculous.

Episode 442: Cask PartyTRUE! — concerned — very, very dreadfully nervous I had been and also am; but why will certainly you say that ns am mad?

Episode 443: fan ClubI think the 1795 storyline is running out of characters. This illustration is mostly simply carrying props native one room come another.

Episode 444: Anatomy that a speed BumpThey’ve obtained some time to fill, and also unfortunately, they to fill it with Noah Gifford, the world’s worst henchman.

Episode 445: Generation GapAccording to the rule of 1968, the children should be spreading Love and also Peace, and also the aging tyrant should be close up door his mind come the truth. However this is Dark Shadows, whereby the normal rules don’t apply.

Episode 446: The Son likewise RisesJoshua goes down to the basement, and also finds Barnabas in his coffin. Let’s go the end there and readjust some games.

Episode 447: my Family, and also Other Crazed AnimalsIt’s day 2 of the Joshua/Barnabas conversation, with no end in sight.

Episode 448: hit the TowerWe acquire some new architecture.

Episode 449: miscellaneous Nasty in the WoodshedRituals, locked rooms, vampire attacks and also magical portraits — this episode has everything, except sense.

Episode 450: Scary GodmotherHer surname is Bathia Mapes. Even that doesn’t do sense.

Episode 451: Exorcise in FutilityWe now join this exorcism, currently in progress.

Episode 452: The an excellent EscapeOh, great! an ext of this.

Episode 453: Born come RunWho’s up because that a great old-fashioned teens on the run story?

Episode 454: Mission: ImpossibleVicki finally numbers out that time is a thing.

Episode 455: Food and also Medicine and a PlanVicki point out a loaded gun at a ten-year-old for basically the whole episode.

Episode 456: an Illogical ExplanationIt’s the final week in 1795, and also the personalities have moved right into a new level the nonsensical behavior. There’s obtained to be an illogical explanation for all of this.

Episode 457: MisdirectionToday it’s Take her Executive Producer to job-related Day, together Dan Curtis make the efforts directing an illustration for the an initial time.

Episode 458: Don’t Love MeNaomi take away a hit turn off her large novelty margarita glass filled v poison lemonade.

Episode 459: Nathan Forbest must DieIt’s time because that a showdown.

Episode 460: Eats, Shoots and LeavesWe finally learn the true secret of the chained coffin, and also it’s no what we expected.

April 1968

Episode 461: leaving Me HangingWe come back to the existing day, specifically where we left it 4 months ago. But how execute we revolve this broken storyline into a sustainable show?

Episode 462: No ar Like HomeThe most necessary event in Dark Shadows because Barnabas climbed the end of the mystery box: Julia it s okay a haircut.

Episode 463: Meanwhile, in the PastWe’ve got five female personalities to mess v Barnabas, throw him off balance in unpredictable ways. They’ve obtained him surrounded.

Episode 464: an initial Wife’s ClubAnother lunatic joins the menagerie — the eccentric Professor Stokes.

Episode 465: The best of All feasible WorldsQ: Why doesn’t Barnabas psychic Vicki indigenous his past? A: What makes you think this is the exact same Barnabas?

Episode 466: Welcome come the HellmouthBarnabas and Vicki journey off the road, and into a whole brand-new storyline. Presenting Dr. Eric Lang, played by the Worst Actor who Ever appeared on Dark Shadows.

Episode 467: Physician, **** ThyselfDr. Lang chews on all of the accessible scenery.

Episode 468: The strange CoupleDr. Lang proceeds his reign of terror, acquisition a supervisor creepy interest in Vicki.

Episode 469: Dr. NoDr. Lang pretends the he’s smarter 보다 Julia. There will be consequences.

Episode 470: mad MenIt’s simply Vicki and also four men today, each one nuttier 보다 the last.

Episode 471: A Farewell come ArmsThe write-up that answers the critical question: Is Dark Shadows much more like The Munsters, or The Addams Family?

Episode 472: Lethal WeaponBarnabas and Julia ultimately have a conversation the isn’t around Barnabas and also Julia. Also: a harpoon attack.

Episode 473: The twin DilemmaLadies and also gentlemen, I’d prefer to present to girlfriend the brand-new Mrs. Collins.

Episode 474: You just Live TwiceThis isn’t the silliest thing that Angelique has done — she turn a dude into a cat last year, i m sorry is hard to beat — however it’s in the top three.

Episode 475: Witch DoctorProfessor Stokes is loud, and disruptive, and he plays to the balcony. No this balcony, naturally; I median the balcony in the theater following door.

Episode 476: Monster MashDr. Lang supplies Barnabas the opportunity of a lifetime. Two lifetimes, actually.

Episode 477: We’ve Warned YouAngelique introduce the following thrilling storyline: a Dream Curse!

Episode 478: What dreams May ComeThe Dream Curse begins!

Episode 479: Face/OffSo, okay. Jeff’s crotch. Let’s begin there.

Episode 480: One more LifeThis illustration asks the an essential question: have the right to Julia Hoffman it is in nerfed?

Episode 481: mental SomeoneThere’s a high stakes, dramatic cliffhanger that deserve to be addressed with three words, and also Barnabas trips up on word two.

Episode 482: Witches be CrazyMore fashion, much more shouting, much more acting, much more rummaging, an ext dreaming, an ext doors and an ext neckties. Mostly it’s neckties.

May 1968

Episode 483: totally free WillieBarnabas and also Julia rewrite some history.

Episode 484: Chekhov’s GunIt’s time for an additional turn ~ above the Dream Curse merry-go-round.

Episode 485: A substantial Naked Dead GuyToday’s the work we’ve every been wait for — it’s Experiment Day!

Episode 486: If they Both LiveThe experiment to be an unbelievable success; now all they have to do is prepare their Nobel Prize acceptance speech.

Episode 487: priceless MomentsA time-wasting episode around a bunch of personalities who space worried that they’re wasting time.

Episode 488: Pretty human being in destructive TroubleIt’s time for another good Moment in Monster Medicine.

Episode 489: Bein’ GreenLook the end — David’s back, and also he’s acquired a Nehru jacket.

Episode 490: What come Expect when You’re ExpectingWell, God’s domain isn’t going come tamper in itself.

Sam Hall: In appreciationA tribute come Sam Hall, the biggest Dark Shadows writer.

Episode 491: The Wonder YearsSo here they are, the new Normal: a vampire, his foolish scientist festival pal and their an extremely own Frankenchild.

Episode 492: The terrible TwosBarnabas and also Julia face their very first crisis as new parents.

Episode 493: Revenge the the Baby-SatOf food you don’t raise your children yourself. That’s what servants are for.

Episode 494: come Your teeth (Varney the Vampire, part 3)We take one much more trip back to 1845, to witness the strange beginnings of vampire fiction.

Episode 495: The talk DeadDark Shadows lastly picks a side.

Episode 496: dad of the YearSometimes there’s just no logical reason why this collection of world would even be talking to every other. This is why you don’t watch a most jolly soap opera writers.

Episode 497: Frid’s huge Week We follow Jonathan Frid top top a week-long promotional expedition to uncover the true darkness at the heart of America. Specifically, the Glenbrook purchase Mall.

Episode 498: Diff’rent StrokesThe four words that deserve to topple civilizations: Barnabas has actually a plan.

Episode 499: A an elderly MomentCassandra ages to a crisp.

Episode 500: Really large BrotherWillie faces his best challenge: babysitter of the Damned.

Episode 501: Say mine NameBarnabas, Barnabas, you’re no thinking. Oh, Barnabas! Let him disappear! Barnabas!

Episode 502: Gentlemen favor BlondesOh, prefer you’ve never had actually a weird an initial date.

Episode 503: Lock her UpRon Sproat: Threat, or menace?

Episode 504: The LadykillerWe take a break from the show to look at the Dark Shadows romance novels, i beg your pardon exist in your own unique bubble that lunacy.

Episode 505: The Sinking DetectivePolice officers on Dark Shadows combine the inadequacy of soap opera cops with the inadequacy the monster movie cops. Watch the technique.

June 1968

Episode 506: after ~ the FallCarolyn recovers from critical week’s ordeal, just in time for this week’s ordeal.

Episode 507: The heart of St. GeorgeI’m holding the end for a hero.

Episode 508: Dream BeaterProfessor Stokes exposes the Dream Curse story together the prolonged knock-knock joke the it yes, really is.

Time Travel, component 3: Blood ChemistryA pre-emption special, watching illustration 3 the the 1991 Dark Shadows revival. Hot tentacles stretch upwards!

Episode 509: remote DateSam transforms right into a miracle charity elf.

Episode 510: part Enchanted EveningWhen a visitor shows up uneasy, friend should automatically assume that he’s to plan to murder you. That’s just an easy hospitality.

Episode 511: Séance FictionProfessor Stokes provides a very huge mistake.

Episode 512: everyone RiseIt’s Jonathan Frid’s worst nightmare: he’s chained up and also can’t watch the teleprompter.

Episode 513: Thirty Two brief Films about Episode 513Try not to panic, Mr. Peterson. The dreadful fact the the issue is the something has gone wrong.

Episode 514: That limitless SummerIn which the is proven that Dark Shadows is more complicated than The Sopranos.

Episode 515: as soon as Adam AttacksPolice are trying to find a tall, dark man with a restricted vocabulary and an also more limited wardrobe. But, hey — that isn’t?

Episode 516: The UnimmuredBarnabas has disappeared, shed in severe home makeover, however Julia and also Willie pertained to the rescue the their former tormentor and new best friend.

Episode 517: Burn NoticeCassandra is determined to wreck Elizabeth’s day, but the heart of Reverend Trask is top top the witch’s trail.

Episode 518: In MemoriamA meditation top top death, loss, renewal and teleprompters.

Episode 519: Ex WifeCassandra and Reverend Trask walk head come head in a full-on kaiju battle.

Episode 520: What Dead human being DoBarnabas and Julia talk about Cassandra and Trask’s location bout like they’re act a post-game wrap-up on ESPN, if Liz’s drink problem records up with her.

Episode 521: look Who’s TalkingBarnabas and also Julia play small detectives again, ~ above the trail of the absent Cassandra, while Professor Stokes home-schools a Frankenstein.

Episode 522: brothers From AnotherNicholas Blair walks ~ above the set, and takes over. Who the Hell is this guy?

Episode 523: The devil You KnowNicholas struts around, and puts Reverend Trask in his place.

Episode 524: Dead man WalkingThe Jeff/Vicki storyline is wrapped increase in twenty-eight seconds. Then it’s unwrapped again.


July 1968

Episode 525: The Blair Witch ProjectNicholas calls upon all the dark pressures of daytime television production to help him in recognize the lacking Cassandra.

Episode 526: Nothing however VengeanceNicholas walked into the woods and turned a pile of ashes right into a person, and now he’s act a performance review. Nicholas is a baller.

Episode 527: Ride, Car, House.A power art item in one act.

Episode 528: This Tawdry AffairNicholas and also Cassandra have actually a strategy session, which turns right into a film noir sequence right out of The Maltese Falcon.

Episode 529: missing AdventuresIt’s time for adventure under the sea, with the first issue of gold Key’s Dark Shadows comic book.

Episode 530: Requiem because that a DreamThe Dream Curse storyline hurtles in the direction of a spine-tingling conclusion. No really.

Episode 531: The interpretation of DreamsThe girl from the dream is dreaming again.

Episode 532/533: In Darkest HourBarnabas renders Cassandra an market to end the Dream Curse, and I really want her to take him up on it.

Episode 534: The step of the CrimeCarolyn find Adam hiding in the root cellar, killing time between sprees.

Episode 535: The suggest of ReturnClinical notes of Dr. Julian Hoffman, abc Daytime. Session recorded on June 28, 1968, for broadcast on July 12th.

Episode 536: breakthrough DirectivesBarnabas Collins is dead, and also Julia and also Willie dare each various other to journey a stake with his heart. Also: crucial lesson around televisual literacy.

Episode 537: Life without BarnabasJulia and also Willie challenge an gift dilemma in today’s tragicomedy, the Dark Shadows version of Waiting for Godot.

Episode 538: The Shaggy DogJulia hidden Barnabas yesterday, and also now she needs to dig him increase again. This is no a scaleable service plan.

Episode 539: Grieve a little GrieveBarnabas is dead (not really), and Nicholas comforts Vicki (not really).

Episode 540: Mission: InscrutableThe authors have had the better part of 3 months to figure out what they to be going to perform with Angelique ~ the Dream Curse storyline. They have actually not used that time effectively.

Episode 541: death of a MacGuffinIn which we comment on Dr. Lang’s tape recording, the Maltese Falcon, the Ark of the Covenant, and also the champion of every MacGuffins — the pen.

Episode 542: The Diary of ann FrankensteinIs Adam a vicious monster, or a sensitive grad student?

Episode 543: The Trouble with HarryAn episode concentrated on Mrs. Johnson’s son Harry, who’s play by the least likeable gibbs in Dark Shadows history.

Episode 544: The facts of LifeAdam tries out the Green-Skinned room Babe exercise on Carolyn, utilizing a standard reverse-Kirk formation.

Episode 545: Teacher’s PetNicholas Blair has actually a brand-new project to work on, while Angelique gropes for something substantial to do.

Episode 546: A tiny BoredA discussion of why General Hospital and Dark Shadows are basically the same show.

Episode 547: justice in HellPart 2 the the compare and also contrast exercise in between Dark Shadows and General Hospital.

Episode 548: Bleak resides MatterFor his following trick, the an excellent Nicholas transforms his lover assistant Angelique into a prune.

August 1968

Episode 549: take it What you WantAdam’s homeschooling curriculum bring away a dark turn.

Episode 550: The Afternoon AfterCarolyn is assaulted by Adam, and she transforms to Professor Stokes to figure out what to do about it.

Episode 551: cruel WorldAs Adam proceeds to dominate the storyline, we perform a review of what Barnabas has actually been up to because Vicki came back from 1795.

Episode 552: Hooked top top PhonicsAdam’s got brand-new things to say, and a new vocabulary come say them with.

Episode 553: What not to DoVicki’s trapped in Adam’s room, and also so are we, apparently forever.

Episode 554: new BloodWhat execute you do when America drops in love through your vampire show, and also you don’t have actually a vampire anymore?

Episode 555: all Tied UpNicholas and Adam stand approximately in a dirty room and talk around what they’re walk to do with a kidnapped governess.

Episode 556: ApotheosisA good-looking Deputy meets a seductive lady vampire, as Dark Shadows numbers out what it’s for.

Episode 557: A race of MonstersBarnabas and also Julia take time the end from a liven storyline for a small Detectives meeting.

Episode 558: The Long, warm SummerI ultimately get around to writing around the Civil legal rights Movement, and also its connection to The Bride the Frankenstein.

Episode 559: whatever You DeserveNicholas, Joe and Maggie space locked in battle, fighting end who’s the most exciting person in the scene.

Episode 560: Messing approximately with Dead PeopleWoe depend them that look for deep come hide your counsel from the Lord.

Episode 561: The large SleepAngelique lures Joe into her clutches, in yet another scene that reminds me the The Maltese Falcon.

Episode 562: He’s simply Not That into Being Supernaturally managed By YouWe research the show’s brand-new “pretty boy in peril” motif, together vampire Angelique turns Joe into a hunk the meat.

Episode 563: A sense of ThemselvesA perform of 32 things that i like about this episode, in order of appearance, v a special focus on pretty boys in peril, and introducing miss out on Beverly Atkinson.

Episode 564: destruction DugBarnabas, Julia and Willie have actually a household outing in ~ the cemetery.

Episode 565: monster ScienceBarnabas and also Julia argue around which storyline to care about.

Another new Beginning (Bloodlust)An irresponsible troupe that time-travelers has actually been fooling about with the seals and sigils, recklessly summoning a new nightmare into our world.

Episode 566: The HangoverBarnabas make the efforts to number out what’s occurred to Julia, who’s the recent vampire victim.

Episode 567: The display Goes OnAdam throws Jeff head-first ~ above a part of the collection that girlfriend shouldn’t be thrown at, and I invest the rest of the illustration wondering if he’s okay.

Episode 568: carry out You want Vicki to DieJeff find the an enig murder rap in the Old home basement, and also winds up in an involuntary late-night project interview.

Episode 569: Liz MisérablesElizabeth is cursed and also Julia is vampire-bitten, for this reason they theorem an intramural spookiness competition.

Episode 570: Fridspeak FridayBarnabas tracks down one of the rogue vampires in a particuarly error-prone episode.

The British intrusion (Bloodlust)Here room some more thoughts about big Finish’s brand-new Dark Shadows audio drama, due to the fact that I have some and also you might as well hear about them.

September 1968

Episode 571: increasing the StakesBarnabas fights Tom in an additional unfortunate instance of Drac-on-Drac violence.

Episode 572: small DetectivesBarnabas and also Julia acquire to play their favorite game, together they inspection the spooky happenings in ~ the home by the Sea.

Episode 573: This Strange way That You’ve been BehavingStrung out on vampire feedings, Joe asks Maggie to assist him kick the habit.

Episode 574: profession SecretsA look in ~ the gum cards, which readily available precious pieces of Dark Shadows’ life force for only five cents, plus a pole of balloon gum.

Episode 575: crazy TalkThe display just walk nuts again, v vampires, Frankenstein monsters, time travelers and grave-robbers.

Episode 576: when They Think I’m DeadThose scaredy-cats in ~ CBS move The secret Storm out of the 4:00pm timeslot, so that it doesn’t have actually to complete with the unstoppable ratings juggernaut the is Dark Shadows.

Episode 577: fabricated IntelligenceCarolyn doesn’t know what to perform with Adam, and also neither do the writers. Negative planning is type of an epidemic approximately here.

Episode 578: The UnderstudySomething devastating has taken place to Carolyn.

Episode 579: Sproatinger’s CatIt’s one of those episodes whereby Jeff’s in the basement talk to Barnabas about Vicki, and also Vicki’s upstairs talking to Julia around Professor Stokes.

Episode 580: temporary SanityJeff is compelled to help build another Frankenstein monster.

Episode 581: irradiate My FireIt doesn’t look prefer a Frankenstein movie, and also Lord knows it doesn’t look prefer a soap opera, so why does Angelique’s life pressure experiment look therefore familiar?

Episode 582: The Can’t allow Me know What SceneBarnabas desires an explanation.

Episode 583: Every Woman we Know“I have decided,” Barnabas says, “the body who gives the life pressure will be…”

Episode 584: The FugitivesLife in the Dark Shadows studio is even much more fraught 보다 usual; this is the one whereby they had actually to ice cream the dress rehearsal.

Episode 585: The battle on HalloweenWith the Bride that Frankenstein story dragging on, us ditch the show and spend the day playing the Dark Shadows plank game.

Episode 586: The Invisible WomanAdam do the efforts to killing Vicki, without lot success.

Episode 587: In i m sorry I just Can’t even With ThisHow perform you even start to define why a Frankenstein monster is play a heated game of passive-aggressive solitaire while a vampire describes his victim choice process?

Episode 588: Maggie EvidenceWillie and also Maggie are stuck in the mausoleum, reviewing old business.

Episode 589: In the Fewest native PossibleVicki tries to explain things to Roger, without much success.

13 factors Why You need to Buy “Bloodlust”Explaining why huge Finish’s Dark Shadows audio drama miniseries should be a component of her life.

Episode 590: This Old HouseThe whole episode this particular day is civilization arguing around whether they must go maximum floor or downstairs.

Episode 591: The Sound that ScienceBarnabas and Julia operation the Bride that Frankenstein experiment all over again, this time through Carolyn in the command role.

October 1968

Episode 592: and the Walls fell DownAdam tries to tuck Carolyn’s life force back inside her body, however it’s like trying to gain toothpaste earlier in the tube. It’s a one-way street.

Episode 593: absent PersonsAdam is on his means to massacre the whole family. Springing into action, Barnabas drinks a glass that water.

Episode 594: Weak Shoddy AdversaryNicholas summons the most evil mrs in history to be the Bride’s life force, and also uses the Satanic power of anagrams come cover his tracks.

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Episode 595: electrical LadylandJulia flips some switches, twiddles some knobs, and brings Adam’s mate to life.

Episode 596: The Spook FortressEve opens up her eyes — the experiment is a success! — bu