Since the initially episode of WE tv's truth show Brat Loves Judy starring Platinum rapper Da Brat and also her girlfrifinish, Jesseca "Judy" Dupart, Judy has actually been planning to propose to the artist at a fake surpclimb birthday. Audiences who have actually tuned in to the present have viewed Judy pick out engagements rings, pick a venue, and make out a guest list, all in preparation for the substantial day. One of those guests that Judy invited was Brat's sister, actress LisaRaye McCoy.

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Brat's girlfrifinish completely wanted LisaRaye to be there for the massive occasion, yet she wasn't certain if she would come given that there's been some stress and anxiety in between the hip-hop artist and also her sister. In 2020, a birthday surpclimb turned sour. In celebration of her sister’s 5third birthday, Brat essentially appeared on LisaRaye's Fox Soul streaming talk present, Cocktails With Queens, via her sister's co-hosts to wish her a happy birthday. As Brat doted on her big sister, LisaRaye became incredibly emotional.


While providing LisaRaye her praises, Brat hinted that she and her sister had actually not remained in communication for rather some time and that they have a strained connection. Instantly LisaRaye’s tears dried up, and she had actually a frvery own on her face. It was obvious that as soon as LisaRaye began to respond to her sister that those tears were from frustration and also not of joy. These two have actually had their ups and also downs over the years however have actually constantly stayed closed. Keep reading to discover out why Brat has beef with her sister.

Why tright here is beef between Da Brat and LisaRaye hregarding execute somewhat through her relationship through Judy. LisaRaye appeared on the premiere of Season 8 of OWN's hit tv series, Iyanla, Fix My Life, and also let it all out to views around why she and Brat have actually beef. The actress talked around why she's upcollection through her sister.

She mutual, "My upsetness is actually my feelings is hurt. When she came out to the public, I know she's going with a change and also stuff, yet she have a brand-new relationship, yet this specific relationship, I haven't heard anything. And as soon as I say anything, I intend anypoint." LisaRaye stated on Cocktails With Queens that she never before spoke with Brat about her being in a relationship via Jesseca yet rather heard around it in the blogs.

LisaRaye and also Judy had actually a functioning connection with one another, and Brat actually met her girlfrifinish via her sister. While on Fix My Life, LisaRaye additionally questioned Brat surpincreasing her for her birthday. She declared, "And then as soon as they tried to surpincrease me on my show, I was shocked that she had actually also agreed to come on to say happy birthday."

She included, "Then she said we've had actually some distance in our relationship, and also then once she sassist that, it was like, I don't even want, I don't also understand how to think about this."

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In Episode 3 of Brat Loves Judy that aired on Aug. 26, audiences saw Brat and also her sister adopt in a loving hug at her surpincrease party. It was the first time the two of them had actually been challenge to face in quite a while. In the forthcoming episode, the sisters will gain together to hash out every little thing. Hopefully, Brat and LisaRaye have the right to make amends and also get their relationship back on track.

Brat Loves Judy airs on Thursdays at 9 p.m. EST on WE tv.

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