They say the the couple that theatre together, stays together. While that adorable to have some cutesy moments, gift gushy mushy no all the couples have the right to do together. We absolutely love a pair who deserve to laugh in ~ themselves and each other, and also it just brings them also closer. Sharing a good laugh and doing an excellent prank on your boyfriend is a fun method of reflecting him a various side to your personality, particularly if he think you’re a sweet and also nice girl. Cause if friend both have the right to giggle it the end together, you deserve to do practically everything together.

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Pranks come Play On her Boyfriend In Person

There’s simply something hilarious around playing pranks on friend in person, you get to see the magic unfold appropriate in prior of your eyes. You can see his expression that utter confusion, and also best that all, after all of it is over, you guys deserve to break right into fits of laughter together. For this reason for all you females looking to traction a prank on boyfriend in the great old-fashioned manner, we’ve obtained some silly but hilarious ones because that you.

Silly Pranks to Play On her Boyfriend

Sew the Up!


Just sew increase the fly on a clean pair of her boyfriend’s boxers, and also make certain that he drinks plenty that water the morning the wears it. Now, isn’t just the believed of him struggling to discover the feet to pull the end his device in the men’s washroom just SO amusing?! We have the right to just imagine the look of utter confusion on his face however don’t perform it top top his favourite pair, us don’t desire him come actually gain angry now, execute we?

Show Me her Balancing an abilities Baby!

This is a superb method to prank her crush! once you males visit a bar, difficulty him by saying the he absolutely can’t balance a mug that beer at the earlier of every hand while they’re placed on the table. What wake up next? He will attempt come prove you wrong by doing the precise same thing! and also what do you do? simply walk away, leave him like that! The only question the arises is- would he waste two beers or bend and uncomfortably sip them down? ours bets room on the latter.

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Now That’s part Phoney Business


When he isn’t around, simply sneakily adjust your name on her boyfriend’s mobile call to among his finest friends. Climate ring the every few seconds and also hang up. The who name would certainly flash top top his display screen every couple of seconds, stroked nerves him. Finally, ring him again and also let the ring because that long sufficient for him to take it the call and give his bestie a piece of his mind… only to discover out that it’s friend on the other line!

Screenshot Humour Prank To execute on your BF over Phone

Give your boyfriend a hilariously hard time by acquisition a screenshot that his phone’s residence screen, then set that photo as the mobile background. Simply swap around the apps ~ above his phone, leaving gaps in part places, therefore that once he tries to usage then – he’s selecting a blank screen! This one is a really genius plan!

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Fake the Till You actually Dent It

This one is simple. Just borrow your boyfriend’s car for a rapid chore and also then park it exterior his place and head home. Prior to leaving, leave a small note on the auto saying ‘Sorry around the dent, honey.’ trust me, he’ll go crazy inspecting his car and trying to find the dent!

P.S. Simply make sure there no an really dent or else you may obtain blamed for it!

For The Love that Gadgets

Here room some facts: The planet is round, dinosaurs are extinct, and also men love their gadgets. So what you have to do is find a cheap replica of his phone, stop its screen completely, and replace it with his actual phone call (which girlfriend should closely hide in a for sure place). And…That’s it! What next? just wait for him to view his smashed Phone and save your laughter for his million-dollar reaction! If you desire to go all out through your joke, shot to replicate his screensaver on the cracked phone, this will certainly make it yes, really authentic.

Hole-y Smoke!

The next time you males go top top a coast holiday, this is a prank you definitely must try. On a clear day, as soon as you both room sunbathing and lying ~ above towels end the sand by… just wait for your boyfriend to leave you alone because that a few minutes. Usage that time to destruction a hole of sand under his towel, ar it back onto the hole and also wait because that him to come back and fall into it. Currently wouldn’t that be therefore funny? for you, obviously. He might not gain it together much… 

Girlfriend Prank Boyfriend with The bathing Drama

To traction this shower prank on her boyfriend you have the right to cover up all his toiletries v the plastic plunder so the he can’t open it all while bathing. Make sure that the edge of the plastic pave are fully covered by the covering of the bottles. Well, nothing forget the body wash, shampoo, and conditioner specifically.

(Note- This is a yes, really annoying prank that can make him it is in in a disastrous mood every day long. So carry out it on your own risk!)

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The Serious conversation Prank To perform On Boyfriend

Tell her boyfriend that you have to talk around something yes, really important and also serious, i m sorry you definitely cannot perform without his advice as it is a hard decision. Sit silently because that a while and also when he agrees to help you out, ask that something minor choose which colour dress have to you wear or even your lipstick shade.

50 very first Dates motivated Prank

There’s no method to end up off this list without stating a movie based prank. Similar to the movie, readjust the dates and times together if you reliving the work before. Walk to the same places with your male that you checked out the critical day, offer him the newspaper of the ahead date and also repeat the cuisines come make reference to the events that happened yesterday. Doing every one of it will certainly confuse him and also make him examine for the really date, but you need to make certain to not to break the character to let the prank going.

Food Pranks to Play top top Boyfriend

Is he a real foodie? If yes, then these room some amazing pranks for a boyfriend who have the right to eat anything, anytime and anywhere. So, acquire ready come pull part super funny food pranks top top him.

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You Love Him soy Much!

Who i will not ~ love a glass of chill coke ~ work? be the girl to pamper her guy…but only rather of constant coke, to fill the glass with 7-Up, then include as lot soy sauce as essential to do the color of the drink complement that that Coke. Voila, the ‘perfect’ drink to serve to your man to wake him increase after a long, tiring day!

Make Him walk Do-nuts


Buy a couple of plain doughnuts native the keep or if you’re really prepared to go all the way, bake some yourself. Tease her boo through the odor of sugary goodness throughout the day and let him be begging have a taste. Sound delicious? no so soon. Because that the filling, usage mayonnaise rather of cream cheese and just permit him take it that an initial bite.

Shake the Up!

We all surely love fizzy drinks, but the worst component is that as quickly as we pop open a have the right to the fizz spreads all over the place. But it have the right to surely be funny to pull one such prank on her boyfriend. So, shower up all the soda or fizzy drink bottles and also let science execute it’s work-related wisely