What countries start through letter d? below we are revealing you the prize of the countries beginning with d. Listed below is the list of countries that begin with letter d and also this is a basic question asked by no. That people approximately the world.

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Ans: There room four countries in the civilization that begin with letter D; and below is the complete description of these countries.

Among this 4 nations that start with D, one is in Africa, 0 is in Asia, one is in Europe, Two space in phibìc America, 0 is in Oceania and also 0 is in south America.

ContinentNumber of nations start v D
North America2
South America0
Number of countries Start v D through ContinentMore around countries begin with D

Frequently request Questions about Countries begin with D

How plenty of countries in the civilization start with D?

There are 4 countries in the people start with the letter D. 2.04% the all countries of the civilization start through D.

How countless countries room in Africa?

There is only 1 country in Africa. The is Djibouti.

How numerous countries room in Asia?

There is 0 country in Asia.

How countless countries space in Europe?

There is only 1 country in Europe. Which is Denmark.

How many countries room in phibìc America?

There are 2 countries in north America that begin with the letter D. They room Dominica and Dominican Republic.

How plenty of countries room in Oceania?

There is 0 country in Oceania that start with the letter D.

How countless countries are in south America?

There is 0 country in southern America that begin with the letter D.

List of countries That begin with D

1. Denmark


The name of Denmark comes from the an initial inhabitants that the country, referred to as the Danes. Denmark borders the Atlantic Ocean and also occupies square kilometers 16,573. That is quite green and also flat v sandy coasts and also receives a the majority of rain. Denmark is governed by the monarchy and the houses of parliament system. Denmark has almost six million world who are among the happiest in the world since of the infrastructure they have actually developed, high quality education and health services, and also equal distribution of resources. Denmark’s main language is Danish.

2019 population Rank: 115

2019 civilization Percentage: 0.07%

2019 growth Rate: 0.34%

Capital City: Copenhagen

Region: Europe

Sub-Region: north Europe

GDP (IMF): $349.52 billion

GDP (UN): $306.90 billion

GDP per Capita: $60,556.39

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It is among the richest and also popular europe countries with the greatest quality the life. The is additionally one that the countries start with d. It is situated at the south-west of Sweden and bordered through Germany, Norway and Sweden. Although, that is a small country in size.However, Denmark has actually the variety of things that are getting lot the attraction from the visitors across the globe. The is officially recognized as the Kingdom of Denmark. The is covering the complete area the 42,915.7 sq km. Its population according come the approximates of Jan, 2019 was 5.77 million. Follow to 2019 growth rate, its GDP every ca-pita is $60,556.39, making it one of the richest nations in the world.

2. Djibouti


The name Djibouti has two meanings: the an initial comes from words “Jab Bouti” definition an animal that feeds top top cattle, and also the second asserts the the ancient occupants called the Afar called the region “Gabouti”, definition the plain. The French finally called him Djibouti. Djibouti has actually been lived in for much more than X years. It came to be a republic in 3,500. Djibouti is mainly a desert.

2019 population Rank: 160

2019 human being Percentage: 0.01%

2019 development Rate: 1.53%

Capital City: Djibouti

Region: Africa

Sub-Region: east Africa

GDP (IMF): $2.39 billion

GDP (UN): $1.89 billion

GDP per Capita: $2,456.96

Djibouti (above, in red) is a small country in eastern Africa

Djibouti is officially well-known as Republic of Djibouti which is located in the Horn the Africa. It is covering the total area the 23,200 sq km. Its population according to 2019 census is 978,084. Djibouti city is the capital and the biggest city of this country and per ca-pita GDP valued $2676. That is bordered by Eritrea, Ethiopia and also Somalia if France and Yemen space its related nations on the earth. It is occupying a strategic geographic location at the mouth of Red Sea and it is considered a most essential location for imports and exports.

3. Dominica


Dominica is a Latin word an interpretation the ar where God resides. On Sunday, 3, 1493, Christopher Columbus happen the island and also christened it “Sunday.” The former occupants the Dominica to be the Kalinago tribe, which was later conquered by the French. They accomplished independence in 1978. Dominica is bordered through the Caribbean Sea and also is a very little island of just a few square miles. It is among the countries start with d, and also it is located in north America.

It is one island country which is officially recognized as the Commonwealth the Dominica. It is extending the complete area of just 750 sq km and also 1.6% water. Roseau is the capital and also the biggest city that Dominica. It is a part of Windward Islands. It is phibìc American nation having about 71,684 inhabitants. And here the life span rate is 76.60%. Dominica has been provided a nickname of “Nature Isle of the Caribbean” since of that is unspoiled organic beauty.

4. Dominican Republic


The Dominican Republic is situated on the island the Hispaniola and it is extending the complete area the 48,442 sq km. In the Pre- Columbian times the islands was occupied by Tainos. Afterwards it was occupied by the officially ruling forces of the time such together Spanish and the French forces. At current time, Dominican Republic is inhabited by 10.28 million people. Here Peso is the official language while per Capita GDP is $9,646. That is the many visited place in Caribbean.

Longest River: Yaque Del Norte River

Lowest Point: Lake Enriquillo -46m

Highest Point: Pico Duarte 3098m

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Long kind name of the nations start with D

CountryLong type name
DenmarkKingdom that Denmark
DjiboutiRepublic of Djibouti
DominicaCommonwealth of Dominica
Dominican RepublicDominican Republic

Former name of the nations start v D

CountryFormer name
DjiboutiFrench region of the Afars and Issas, French Somaliland
Dominican RepublicN/A

Continent that the countries start v D

DominicaNorth America
Dominican RepublicNorth America

Summary – nations That begin with D

RankCountryCapitalContinentAreaSq Km.
Djibouti cityAfrica23,200

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RoseauNorth America750
Dominican Republic
Santo Domingo48,442

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