Output i m sorry is comprised of pictures, sounds, and video is called.1). COM2). Hard copy3). Graphics4). Multimedia

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1. Program design is called________

2. NOW() returns

3. In the formula, = B1/B2 + B3. Which of the following is the exactly precedence?

4. I beg your pardon of the following is the exactly sequence, the unit of digital information, the smallest to largest?

5. This dialog box specifies or modifies the worksheet cell variety containing data to it is in charted

6. Complement the following:List-1 List- 2I) Relational Algebra P) Non-Proceclural ask LanguageII) Relational Calculus Q) Procedural ask LanguageIII) Generalization R) Top-Down ApproachIV) expertise S) Bottom-Up Approach

7. What is Linux ?

8. It is a collection of facts and figures

9. Computers use the _____ number device to keep data and perform calculations.

10. The extension of screen Saver record is -----------.

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English Language and also Comprehension

Quantitative Aptitude

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