Colin Morgan is a famous Irish actor ideal known for his function in The Huntsman: Winter’s War and also Benjamin. Unlike countless of his other actors, he began pursuing acting when he was still 5 years old. Also though that is nice famous, Colin is a very private man, especially about his an individual life and relationship.

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He received numerous prestigious nominations, such together Monte Carlo TV Festival Awards as superb Actor (Drama). But, is there anything that us know around Colin’s lovers? Or anything around his personal life?

Who is Colin Morgan Wife?

Colin Morgan has a perfect personality, and also his fans space curious to know who is the lucky woman to be his wife? He is one of those actors that would save his love life away from the media.

Morgan is no on any type of social media and also has also never mutual his relationship status in windy or during interviews.

The One and also Only woman That’s ever Been attached to Colin: Katie McGrath

Colin Morgan take it his privacy to another level. Not only does he rarely talk around it in his interviews, but he also doesn’t have any presence on society media. The actor doesn’t have Instagram or Facebook, permit alone a Twitter account. But, there’s quiet some info that we can obtain from him.

He is linked with one actress who played in Jurassic World and also Freakdog, Katie McGrath. The two met for the first time on the set of Merlin, for which Colin obtained some nominations.

For some who aren’t familiar with Katie, she is a huge name in the movie industry. She is also an ireland actress, whose performance we can see as Lena Luthor in the superhero series Supergirl, native 2016. Her other influential works incorporate Dracula, Slasher, The Queen, and also many various other movies.

Their chemistry on display was strong until their fans speculated that the two were date in actual life. Katie play Morgana Pendragon in the series, when Colin starred together the young wizard Merlin. Lock starred as a love interest in the series, and not only did their fans believe that the 2 were an object in actual life, too.

Katie and Colin also looked for this reason close whenever they interviewed for the collection together. So, the course, it would be tough not to believe that there to be a romantic sparked in between them.

Colin Morgan and Katie McGrath

Colin and also Katie already Married in Secret?

Many resources even proclaimed that Colin and also his girlfriend had currently moved right into a an ext serious step in your relationship: they acquired engaged and soon married in 2016! some sources also said the they saw Katie and also Colin walk out together to buy a wedding ring. But was this genuine or simply a rumor?

Their pictures also made the rumor become more convincing. Colin and also Katie when took a photo for a TV overview Magazine photoshoot in may 2013, which reflects that castle were much more than “just friends.”

The snapshot was in a black-and-white effect. It is a collage of four photos coming to be one, v Katie placing her arms on Colin’s shoulder countless times.

In the photo, Katie was wearing a an easy yet elegant black color dress. Meanwhile, Colin looked an ext casual v a flannel. Despite it was simply a photograph shoot because that a magazine, human being responded positive in the comment sections.

One of lock commented, “They are simply too gorgeous!!!”. So that shows that Colin and Katie room everyone’s favorites.

Not just that, yet some that them likewise said, “THEY space TOO CUTE!!”. Yes, lock are. Understandably, everybody desires them to it is in a couple even once the camera’s not around.

Here’s a video of she at a fan convention Q&A whereby she talks about Morgan and also says he is choose a small brother come her.

Katie McGrath in ~ a panel for Supergirl 2018

However, no of them check nor deny anything. Katie, on the various other hand, addressed Colin together “a small brother” to her. But, the absence of clarity indigenous them suggests that they permit people, specifically their fans, speculate an ext and translate their relationship the means they want.

Other than Katie McGrath, Colin Morgan is not connected with any kind of girl, and also we couldn’t find any kind of other connection throughout his entire career. The absence of Colin’s relationship started to make people type another speculation about his sexuality.

Many people also believe the Colin Morgan is gay, and also he had actually been hiding his friend all along.

Who is Katie McGrath?

An irish actress Katie McGrath was born ~ above 3 January 1983 in Ashford, county Wicklow, Ireland. She is ideal recognized for showing up as Morgana in the BBC One collection Merlin.

She is also famous for her function of Lena Luthor in the superhero collection Supergirl (2016-2021). Her other notable TV roles incorporate Dracula, Slasher, The Queen, and also more.

Colin Morgan had actually a Boyfriend? all Truths Revealed!

The gay rumor didn’t start from Colin’s absence of romantic story only, but additionally Colin’s personality in Benjamin. Colin played it so well in the movie, as with his chemistry with Katie, to the point where people believed that he was a real gay.

Other than Benjamin, the gay rumor likewise referred come his character in Merlin, in i beg your pardon he played alongside Bradley James. Colin and Bradley to be rumored to have actually something special between them. The rumor just spread even faster after ~ they took a photo together, wearing a black color tuxedo in the red carpet events; few of their fans also speculated that the pair came to the event together as a couple.

However, that was more of your fans’ expectations quite than the genuine truth. Both of them didn’t even talk the often and weren’t in call with each other after lock were much longer in the series together. In march 2020, Bradley went Live ~ above his Instagram and revealed that he and also Colin hadn’t been in contact. But, Bradley claimed he want to rekindle the link they provided to have together on the set.

Rather than a romantic partner, Bradley and also Colin were much more of best friends. So, the happy rumor is no valid.

Besides, because we currently know the Colin took his privacy on an additional level, that course, that didn’t stroked nerves to resolve these gay worries by himself.

Colin Morgan is Talented and Serious in Pursuing exhilaration Career due to the fact that He was Little: every one of His Breakthrough and Debuts

Colin Morgan is not only handsome and also talented but also a an extremely hard-working man. In 1997, as soon as Morgan learned at combined College Dungannon, he already starred in several of the collage productions, including Surgical sensations at St. Senapods and also Bad work at black color Frog Creek. So even when he was still young, countless of his counterparts and teachers currently saw good potential in him.

In his senior years as a college student, the manager Rufus Norris decided to join his production, which do him leave three-quarters of the way through his university year to make a professional step as an actor. That then checked out West finish theatre and also began his first debut in Vernon God Little. Fortunately, his outstanding performance in the pat received optimistic feedback. That was later on used as an assessment for his last grade.

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Later in November 2010, he obtained an award from the Belfast urban College, i beg your pardon honored him as distinction for his contribution to the Arts. ~ that, the remainder is history.