46 Lounge is an ultra-chic lounge with spices of Manhattan, Miami and Los Angeles packed right into one interesting venue. Through trendy modern Design special Metallic Tile, Brazilian Cherry run Floor, Posh VIP Area, custom Lighting, Granite, Slate and also Steel Bathrooms, 3 Designer Martini & alcohol Bars and also a Tropical outdoor Patio v 2 outdoor Bars & Lounge Furniture, 46 Lounge is the most upscale & i know good bar/restaurant/nightclub exterior of Manhattan.

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We feature an global Sharing menu with American, Latin, Asian, Italian & Mediterranean Influence. Our dishes room tailored come compliment cocktails & wines and are as perfect for a irradiate dinner together they room for a high power night that partying.

Combine every that specifies 46 Lounge… The Ambiance the our internal with Soothing earth Tones and also LED atmosphere Lighting – contemporary yet diverse Appetizer an option – award Winning Signature Martini & Cocktail menu – Approachable Wine choice with 10 easily accessible by the Glass – unparalleled VIP Bottle organization …and you get exquisite NYC style without the NYC commute.


Conveniently situated at 300 route 46 east in Totowa, 46 Lounge is the perfect ar to be if you looking to have actually some night fun. Open up Tuesday-Saturday until at least 1 a.m. Every night, 46 is a gorgeous, trendy establishment with numerous bars, a dance floor, a slew that lounge areas to sit ago and hang through your friends, an the end patio and also more. This year, 46 Lounge introduced their brand-new Outdoor Biergarten through 36 various kinds that beers including summer ales, lagers, fruit & craft beers, multicolored glow tables, hookahs, new frozen drinks and more. Through their distinctive happy hour specials and also popular occasions like Ultra Fridays and also Latin Saturdays, it’s no wonder why I’ve viewed this place absolutely packed with world just dice to gain in. Examine it out at rebab.net
"Sick of the so-called upscale lounges that offer crappy beer in plastic cups? We sure as shit are, Steve. Salvation come in the type of 46 Lounge in Totowa, i beg your pardon is definitely the actual deal. Top top Thursday, July 13, that officially opened up its doors. Route 46 travelers could know the building better its old moniker, Sportsexy Cafe, but think me, the a brand brand-new place. Gone space the wet T-shirt girls acquisition showers for patrons" amusement; 46 Lounge is a city-style lounge, the sort of ar you view on TV yet are never ever able to locate. The inside has been fully redone through bright paint, several classy bars and couches galore. It consists of a big patio through seating and yet an additional bar because that those heat summer evenings. The heat to acquire in to be well over 100 world long on opening night, and as word it s okay out around this gem its popular will certainly increase."
46 Lounge patrons aren"t bar hoppers; they often tend to remain all night, and also not only due to the fact that the only other late night option would it is in the Ihop following door. The Totowa spot creates its very own bar hopping suffer as a quiet lounge, an the end party and a vibrant dance hall.Dim lights and also a mellow atmosphere permit patrons to enjoy the club"s lounge every Tuesday. People come right here to relax through a cocktail and maybe an appetizer — hummus and or Cuban spring rolls. A mix that latin and mainstream music takes location on Wednesday night, a mix of home music and also dance access time on Thursday through $5 martinis from till 11 p.m. ~ above Friday, happy hour is from 5 come 9pm through a free dinner buffet. The run floor opens up at 9pm for a night the house and also dance. Saturday is Latin night through $5 mojitos and apple martinis it rotates midnight.

“46 Lounge, a brilliantly vogue club the ironically, incorporates aspects of Manhattan, Miami and also Los Angeles is located right off new Jersey’s very own Route 46 and is a location where diversity is encouraged, and also the party never ends. Follow to owner, Hendrick, it’s important to welcome “people of various races, ethnicities and also backgrounds” to 46 Lounge. Hendrick’s agree attitude emerged as he, an Asian-American, prospered up in an Italian neighborhood. ​ as soon as he opened up the club just over a year ago, Hendrick

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“46 Lounge, a brilliantly vogue club the ironically, incorporates facets of Manhattan, Miami and Los Angeles is located right off brand-new Jersey’s very own Route 46 and also is a ar where diversity is encouraged, and the party never ends. Follow to owner, Hendrick, it’s crucial to welcome “people of different races, ethnicities and backgrounds” come 46 Lounge. Hendrick’s agree attitude occurred as he, one Asian-American, thrived up in one Italian neighborhood.​When he opened up the club just over a year ago, Hendrick to plan to create a chic, upscale New-York-esque venue there is no the new York commute. Judging by the line outside and also the wild crowd inside, his mission to be successful. With 3 martini and wine bars and also a style that consists of Italian metallic tile, an off-set VIP area made for the rich and famous and an ideal for anyone, a organic earth-toned setting (bathrooms are consisted of of elements such as slate and also steel), the society is guarantee to make any party-goer feeling A-list…but yes sir even more where that come from. The little plate menu is to dice for, featuring what Hendrick explained as “Modern American, with Mediterranean, Italian, Asian, and also Latin influence.​Hendrick is so interested in diversifying his crowd, he made decision to do more than simply celebrating America top top July 4. Not only did he develop the largest and also most entertaining event for the holiday, he likewise decided come celebrate nations from approximately the civilization (of course, making America the main event), and decorated the whole venue with flags of various countries, streamers, and, that course, the eccentric Lounge 46 crowd with plenty that panache to walk around. The staff deserves plenty of credit, too. Also with continuous business, they’re constantly offering a great service if simultaneously having a an excellent time themselves.And be warned, this no a ar for a wallflower. The high power club absolutely made for those who dress to impress (Ladies, look fabulous! HotShotz is generally there to take it a photo of you and also your friends having actually a blast) and want to have a good time, whether by sit on the posh couches along the walls and also enjoying the chic atmosphere and also the handsome crowd, or through dancing every night..indoors or out. The music is typically house, hip-hop, or reggaeton, therefore anyone looking come dance will literally have a ball…and there’s plenty of music to run to!​Some the the many events that take location at the lounge are: Afterwork Fridays, the lounge’s this firm happy hour v DJ Joey C (who spins a selection of music from current Top 40 hits to music indigenous the 80s and 90s) and free hors d’oeurves from 6-8 pm. Fridays also offer $5 martinis, specialty cocktails, and also $3 beers until 9 pm; condition Thursdays v DJ Joey C and DJ Todd George; Latino or not, you every will gain Latin Saturdays featuring several of the ideal Latin DJs in the area, through music that has salsa, merengue, bachata, freestyle, house and Spanish rock. Gain the sounds while sipping $5 Mojitos and Apple Martinis until midnight.In the past, the lounge has thrown parties with appearances by Danity Kane, Lumidee, and also even a “Teacher appreciation Night.”

– Chantel Gabel, Steppin’ out Magazine

“Whoosh. Whoosh. Close your eyes. Visualize. Tide lapping in ~ the Shore? An ever so-slight similarity walk exist between smooth-flowing traffic and also the gentle role of the ocean. The outdoor patio, courtesy of 46 Lounge in Totowa, provides the reassuring sound of traffic among endless various other tropical experiences affiliated with warm, summer nights. “You wouldn’t think the it looked favor this inside, from passing it on the road,” stated Will Morel that West Orange . Yes the former Sport Sexy Café has actually experienced

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“Whoosh. Whoosh.Close your eyes. Visualize. Tide lapping at the Shore?An ever before so-slight similarity does exist between smooth-flowing traffic and the gentle roll of the ocean.The out patio, courtesy the 46 Lounge in Totowa, provides the soothing sound of traffic among endless other tropical experiences affiliated through warm, summer nights.“You wouldn’t think the it looked favor this inside, from passing it on the road,” claimed Will Morel the West Orange .Yes the former Sport Sexy Café has actually experienced a transformation. Still sexy, as in the décor and well-dressed patrons and also employees; tho sporty, as in the flat-screens all around, consisting of two patio side. Yet, this facility offers tasteful equal opportunity scoping for men and women.Sandwiched in between a 24-hour International house of Pancakes and also bagel shop, the straightforward name speak volumes but not as much as an outing come witness the wow-appeal inside.“It’s an extremely elegant and also chic,” claimed Elizabeth Morel, Will’s wife.Equally impressed through the décor to be her friend Jasleen Kurain, that was returning because that her second time- this time through first-timers in tow. ~ above a pursuit for tropic concoction, the trio bellied increase to among three bars and also pored over the considerable drink menu.Relaxing with pomegranate martinis, the trio drank in the surroundings.Three metallic bars accented by cherry wood and also seductive lantern-style lighting, the global wattage that lounges. Then there’s the lounging, made possible by cushy, earth-tone sofas- the sort you just fall into- a bonus for dates going well. Accompanying each couch, a candle lit table, topped turn off by a bunch that white balloons.“I believed there to be a private party here,” Elizabeth Morel said.Party yes. Exclusive no.The balloons to be a celebratory gesture made on behalf of the staff to ring in condition Thursdays.Those in the recognize are privy come an everlasting happy hour indigenous 5 to 11 p.m. The six-hour home window of opportunity has specials such as $5 martinis and cost-free appetizers.“Free?” Such was the in-stereo reaction of 4 patrons once the bartender notified them that the food lottery in ~ hand. And we’re not talkin’ oiled-down pot-stickers or pigs in blankets warmed over.Does coconut shrimp, fried calamari and Mediterranean hummus whet her appetite? How around a rotating buffet the music from popular music to absent to residence music & run hits?Having polished off some appetizers and deep right into drink specials, a group of co-workers native an unnamed near-by retail keep jump-started your party once the clock win 5.Mango martinis every around, please.The drinks and also ambiance to be the draw for Maria Chrishoidis that Bergenfield , Brenda Walshe that Elizabeth and also Regina Madsen of tiny Falls.“They have great drinks, music and good décor,” Walshe said.The atmosphere and also convenience deserve an same nod from the male contingent of this group.“It’s close come work, it’s a good atmosphere and they have a an excellent happy hour,” claimed Danny Hatizkonstinos of queens , N.Y.While this crowd own the prior bar, rather headed directly for the door-as in the out-doors.The balmy night beckoned later on arrivals to the patio to soak increase the moon and stars.Whoosh. Whoosh,It really does type of sound like the ocean.”

– Ellen S.Wilkowe, daily Record

The temperature is obtaining hotter and any that us v a pulse room fantasizing about warm Florida sun, crisp fresh cocktails and also scantily clad the contrary sexes. But, climate we open our eyes and also in Jersey us stay! say thanks to our sweet stars that someone’s answered our hedonistic prayers with 46 Lounge’s new Miami Summer Patio. Currently Miami isn’t a airplane flight and also ostentatious hotel far it’s however a mere auto ride. ​ I newly visited 46 Lounge ~ above a Friday night and was

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The temperature is obtaining hotter and also any that us v a pulse room fantasizing about warm Florida sun, fresh fresh cocktails and scantily clad opposite sexes. But, climate we open our eyes and also in Jersey us stay! give thanks to our sweet stars the someone’s answered our hedonistic prayers with 46 Lounge’s brand-new Miami Summer Patio. Now Miami isn’t a airplane flight and ostentatious hotel away it’s but a mere automobile ride.​I newly visited 46 Lounge ~ above a Friday night and was blown away with the energy and vibe there. Totally renovating the exterior, 46 Lounge has brought hot Miami nights to Jersey and keeps that warm going Wednesday through Saturday 7pm it rotates 3am. Act a little people watching, i observed that getting a tiny wild is no a problem and also there’s no have to stress having actually warm fireball shots either, yuck! there is a brand spanking brand-new fireball chiller the keeps those shots at a frosty 20 degrees. Castle also included a Malibu Bar to allow you to sip fun concoctions through drink specials every night. Quench her thirst top top Friday nights for Mango Mojito and Italian ice Martini deals. If fruity umbrella topped drink don’t tickle your pickle, beer aficionados can bask in the glory of the Heineken Airless Tap system for NJ’s freshest draft. However if drink specials aren’t her thing, the Patio in ~ 46 Lounge offers complete outdoor VIP bottle service, so speak to to reserve a table.While wetting your whistle with great drinks, you can enjoy one ambiance the is every little thing you would expect from a Miami Night out. Hang by the bar, dance, or feel free to sit earlier in the Cabana and also enjoy flavored Hookahs. Complete with palm tree and new bars, plush lounge areas and white linen whatever you’ll it is in in the sunshine state the mind.​And simply incase the patio overwhelms you with its Miami Heat, cool under inside for a totality other experience. With two Dj’s pumping the beats, you have the right to switch it up from within to out. Remember, this is no dive bar, dress trendy, this is basically like Miami, you have to fit in through the chic crowd and you also have no fickle Florida rain to worry about. The patio has a full LED lit canopy not to cite the rain can’t even stop your cool entrance because the entrance line area is also fully covered and LED lit of course! therefore forget the airport and get your Miami on right here with the best outdoor warm spot north Jersey has to offer.

Christine Simmons, Metropolis Nights Magazine

Location300 us Highway 46Totowa, NJ, 07512​


For lost & Found: 973-890-9699 or text 973-986-6330

Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesday & Thursday indigenous 12pm-4pm.


Monday: CLOSEDFriday: 8p – 3aTuesday: CLOSEDSaturday: 8p – 3aWednesday: contact USSunday: CLOSEDThursday: 8p – 3a

*Please note, we are not open every Wednesday.

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